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The Rich Are Getting Louder and the Eventual Victory of Quiet


The Rich Are Getting Louder and the Eventual Victory of Quiet

Tamara Pearson

While the world thrashes and flounders in injustice, the rich are loud in order to conceal their contribution to it all.

The most obvious example is Donald Trump – rich white man flaunting his racism, sexism, and imperialism in a dull-witted display to entertain and distract from the fact that he has no intention of even trying to do something vaguely beneficial to the 99% of US voters, yet still wants their votes (and their money spent on his narcissistic products).


Beautiful, inspired writing from a Butterfly Sister!

I hope CD publishes more of Ms. Pearson!


Very well written perspicacious and comprehensive article Tamara!

"My father told me that socialism and communism means no one owned anything."

Yes, so sad that your father is just one of millions of Americans that have been brainwashed by the rich, economic, elite to believe that nonsense. That egregious canard has been a part of the MSM lexicon for the last 100 years because the truth is they fear socialism and communism because it is a perceived threat to their wealth because they own everything.


Ms Pearson has been a long time contributor to Znet - providing a street-level view of Venezuela through the heady Chavez days and then the (very loud) backlash. It is good to see her here.


Lovely article, this. And might I add that another silent revolution currently occurring is about the increasing awareness and skill of the “Quiet” w/re to critical thinking and evaluation of media and messages from the “Loud." Public ignorance has been the real power source of the Loud against the Quiet in the Modern Era.

The millennial wake-up call re. how they and others have been overtly and subtly manipulated all these years for the benefit of the Loud is so satisfying to those of us who mostly woke up long ago. A burgeoning progressive movement among the young testifies to an increasing skepticism and sophistication of information evaluation.

That alone, when successful, will be fully enough to reform the US, if not the world. For that is our real power source.


The socialists will make us share even our toothbrushes - the same way that socialistic Amtrak already makes people share tables in the dining car! (Spoken loudly....)


I think one of the reasons there so much seeming support is the same one that has millions of people send pay hundreds of dollars to attend seminars on things like "how to make 10 million flipping Realestate" or "you to can be a millionaire with my secret plan to success".

There just a whole lot of people that believe that since Dondald Trump is rich he can make any that follow and support him rich.


Just like most Trump supporters have been politically conned by him, these seminars are no different, just on a smaller scale. Good analogy.

In reality, they should read: " how to make me 10 million $ selling real estate" or "how you too can make me a millionaire by attending one of my seminars"!


A communist is a worker, soldier or poor person. Anybody you know? See why the rich are out to destroy communist?


There's also a whole mess of those people who mistakenly believe that rich people are obliged to create good paying jobs just because they have more money than they need.


Well, here we have a new term coined for designating the politically active rich- "the Loud."


You must be the dude what takes a four-body table at starbuck's.
Poor frightened child.