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'The Rich Have Class Solidarity': Bezos Party Features Billionaires Rubbing Shoulders With Trump Admin Officials, Journalists

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/27/rich-have-class-solidarity-bezos-party-features-billionaires-rubbing-shoulders-trump

We need to keep in mind that we are many, they are few. Then act accordingly.

Time to sharpen both our wits and our pitchforks.


AND the guillotine blade!


From the headline:

“The Rich Have Class Solidarity”

If only the 99% could put aside their parochial concerns and build that kind of class solidarity…but it seems there’s a multi-trillion-dollar industry devoted to keeping us from doing so.


Very nicely put! Yes, it is class warfare, and, as the walmart owner said, the rich class is winning, despite being massively outnumbered. My wits are about at their end, my pitchfork is dulled and rusty, and, I’m only in tip shape, not quite TipTop shape, but getting there. Not that it has anything to with anything else, made a Cherrie Pie yesterday and it turned out looking kinda rough, but, very tasty indeed. And, since I do not do social media, here is my version of a tweet to all The trumps and all the trumps goons;;Fuck all ya’all"! RIP Kobe Bryant & Gianna, and all else who left us yesterday.


True, but the problem is the 1% like Bezos, own ALL the GOLD MINES and that is why… WE THE 99% ALWAYS ARE GIVEN THE SHAFT!


Bozos owns Washington Post and is the biggest contributor and acts like the owner of NPR. These are two of the biggest “left-wing” media corporations that Republicans complain about. We all remember pics of Obama and W smiling and having a grand time together, but this should remind us that Dems in power feel closer to, and more sympathetic with, Republicans in power, than they do with Democrats not in power, and it’s all about wealth.


This is from Ben Stiller’s wikipedia page:

“Stiller is a supporter of the Democratic Party and donated money to John Kerry’s 2004 U.S. Presidential campaign. In February 2007, Stiller attended a fundraiser for Barack Obama and later donated to the 2008 U.S. Presidential campaigns of Democrats Obama, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton.”

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How shocking. Birds of a feather flock together.
You don’t get to chase the fox unless you own a horse, a fox killing suit, and property.
There are those that claim to a “Peoples” billionaire, but it’s hard to spot one at a local rummage sale or St. Vincent’s.

That, and it is easier to get 1% of the people to find common ground, even if it just stomping ground where they crush the 99%. The 99% are going to have more divisions that come up between them that need to be overcome. Some real, some created to divide us, either way, it is a much bigger number to try to “get on the same page”.

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This article is right: The ads for the Sanders campaign write themselves.


This very class orchestrates to divide us.

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Where’s a terrorist with a suicide vest when you need one?