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The Ride Gets Rougher: Gig Workers Organize Through a Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/10/ride-gets-rougher-gig-workers-organize-through-pandemic

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Excellent article. Thank very much.


The “gig-worker” model recently foisted on us as ultra-modernizing disruption, very e-cool and all that, is exploding to smithereens before our eyes. All the king’s horses and men can’t Lyft Uber together again. We once had clean, safe, professional driving services around here. We called them taxis.


Can you imagine Joni Mitchell singing, “Big Yellow Uber”?


Terrific article. Look forward to hearing more from Bama Athreya. I will say, though, that we need a thoroughgoing critique of the state of the labor movement and its leadership and its passivity (at best) to go along with this analysis of the changing working class. A link to the American Prospect article, which is not at all critical of the unions, is not enough.

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