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The Right Lashes Out at Uprising Teachers


The Right Lashes Out at Uprising Teachers

Jeff Bryant
As mass teacher walkouts and protests ebb in Arizona and Colorado, bold new actions are ramping up in North Carolina.


Whenever somebody raises the plaintive cry “But what about the children?” my alarms go off in anticipation of the next raid on the treasury. But the Kochroaches claiming to be concerned with the fate of POOR children? It’s enough to make my old cat laugh—and she’s a grump on her best day.


It has become all so predictable. Read Orwell and you will see 1984 everywhere.


And when health-care workers act, it’s always: “What about the patients?!” Like who gives a damn about either patients or children in a Capitalist society.


These reactionary attacks against teachers, their unions and unionism itself was predictable (it’s been going on since the Capitalism evolved in the Industrial Era). And it’s is a good thing. Unions, activists and organizers cannot play “let’s pretend” in this environment. We’re in a zero/plus struggle and it’s very much the Capitalists and their political lackeys – or the rest of us.

Take OK for example where a neo-fascist Rethug has introduced legislation that would require unions to have elections to demonstrate majorities every five years. Exactly what’s wrong with that?

Also, the bill would eliminate dues check-off so union reps and/or stewards and/or leaders would have to collect dues every month. This would force leaders and staffers to get off their keisters and actually talk with rank-and-filers, feel their angst, and talk about serious organizing.

If a union is not democratic, militant, and leaders and staff are not in touch with members – then it is not really a union at all. It’s just a (usually) well-paid club for few Capitalist wannabes and lackeys who think they are actually part of the “in-crowd.”


The veneer of " love of country/law and order/love of the Constitution/care for the people" narrative espoused by the right wing is wearing thin everywhere, and their true ugliness showing through. The ambition to privatize schools and eliminate public education has been revealed for what it is: a scheme to enrich themselves even more on the backs of the average American, in part by eliminiating the federal funding that goes into schools. They will stop at nothing. Here in Colorado, we had a scumbucket from Colorado Springs try to push a bill to IMPRISON striking teachers. That’s beyond shocking–the man needs to be kicked out of office immediately. Shame!


A cynical “divide the workers” strategy by the Kochs. Very transparent.


As a form of civil disobedience, I think every teacher who has spent their own money for supplies or otherwise incurred an expense in support of their students, should submit the necessary paperwork to their school or school district requesting reimbursement. While they should hold no expectation of recovering those funds, it would make the political point about the millions of dollars they incur that ought to have been borne by their employers.

Once those are submitted, the magnitude of those unpaid expenses would be subject to public disclosure and could become the basis for fact-based political action and perhaps even legal action. This would expose the right (and some good deal of the left) for the fraud that they are when it comes to taking care of the educational needs of our children.



MAGA: Get rid of all republican lawmakers…Send them to the arms of their lobbyists…or send them to jail…To really drain the swamp we need to vote out all these crooked republicans…They are deplorable and despicable. Ignorance is their mantra …Trump is their master…


Educators/Teachers entered the profession to due what is best for kids.
Fuck Betsy DeLouse with The Orange Mussolini"s dick. Ugh!:poop:


I say bring down both establishment parties. It is past time to rebuild. Democrats and Republicans are rotting the old barrel.:v:


This is the same “blame the victims” template both corporate parties use to please their corporate funders.

Its no different than blaming those of us who want regulations on GMOs for all the deaths by starvation around the world.


The “messaging guide” Jeff Bryant provides a link to is interesting. (Unfortunately, it is only a one-page JPG file, which may all there is of this “guide.”)

It’s put out by the State Policy Network, a conservative/libertarian think tank that, unsurprisingly, has Koch Brothers funding, is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and, according to Mother Jones in 2011, has been backing a “war on organized labor.”

The crux is indeed to demonstrate how striking teachers hurt “low-income kids” (presumably, it is their parents who are low-income unless child labor is getting worse), with the heart-on-sleeve admonition that low-income kids “shouldn’t be punished because adults can’t agree.”

Tellingly, though, this brief missive leads by stating not to focus on teachers’ hours or summer vacations because “there are dozens of videos and social media posts going viral from teachers about their second jobs, teachers having to rely on food pantries, classroom books that are falling apart, paper rationing, etc.” No word that this too might be “punishing low-income kids” even if teachers don’t go on strike, though the memo does say to sympathize with teachers. But it then cautions against mentioning school choice–while letting slip that “teachers at choice-schools are often paid less than district school teachers.” Another “victory” for privatization.

The memo lists two URLs including one to the Brookings Institution. However, that one links to a brief 2012 article about the teachers strike in Chicago, “Poor Students Can’t Afford Teacher Strike,” with three African-American women featured prominently in the banner photograph, a tacit dog whistle to the intended audience about race and gender. This article is authored by two former Brookings fellows, one who was then at the conservative Manhattan Institute, the other at the liberal Urban Institute. “Balance,” right?

The other link goes to a 2017 article, “Missing School Drags Down Student Achievement, Research Finds,” at opb.org, the Oregon Public Broadcasting website. It discusses in good detail the deleterious effect that poor attendance has on low-income students especially–but it has nothing to do with striking teachers in any context.

Poor Students Can’t Afford Teacher Strike

Missing School Drags Down Student Achievement, Research Finds


Not all democrats are bad but we have at least 18 or 20 that are…But they are at the mercy of their base that’s why they vote along Republican lines…The pain has got to hit their base first before any of them can be unseated. But conservatism is nothing now but an evil that’s corporate sponsored and unleashed on the citizens of our great country…All republicans are traitors plain and simple they do not represent their own voter base except the rich…they represent them welll.


MAGA=Morons Are Gods Assholes