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The Right Marches on Brazil


The Right Marches on Brazil

Sabrina Fernandes

Brazil’s new interim president Michel Temer’s motto seems to be: “Injure all at once, and perhaps, one day, return benefits little by little.” Existing social gains, especially those won by the Workers’ Party (PT), are already being eroded. His government hopes the Brazilian people will swallow this bitter pill in hopes of a vaguely defined payoff later.


To those that are the REAL people of Brazil: THE BEST.


The "perhaps, one day, return benefits little by little" story sounds like a new spin on the "austerity" programs Greece and other nations have been stuck with. The big question is: What are the chances of "one day" ever arriving ?


"I believe that fascism took over the country after 9/11."

Exactly. That's what the Cheney 911 attacks were intended to do.


The Labor Party of Brazil had a choice.

1) They could continue to allow the native and foreign elite to profit and produce for the international market, or 2) they could turn over production to the people to produce for their own needs.

Of course they chose #1, the path of social democracy. The Landless Workers' Movement (MST) wanted land turned over to farm workers, often in co-operatives, to produce food for local consumers. Instead the Labor government accentuated massive (and poisonous) soy bean plantations for foreign sale. When the foreign market collapsed, good-bye Labor Party. Their social democratic welfare programs were not enough to withstand the attack of international capitalism.

The lesson is simple. If you leave corporate wealth and production in the hands of the capitalists, they will destroy any and all redistributive reforms. It's only a matter of time.