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The Right May Finally Get Its War on Iran

The Right May Finally Get Its War on Iran

Gareth Porter

John Bolton has never made a secret of his burning desire to stoke a war between the United States and Iran. But Bolton is not the only one on Donald Trump’s national security team who dreams of such a military confrontation. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has joined with Bolton in recent months to prepare a case for possible war with Iran.

It’s becoming more and more clear why Tim McVeigh was worked up enough to lash out. This government is out of control.

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The Rapture is coming for Bolton, Pompeo, and Trump.

And it’s not going to be pleasant for any of them.

It’s going to be a very protracted and bloody war, if the war in Afghanistan is any gauge. Not to mention that the Taliban are a bunch of toothless peasants, whereas the Revolutionary Guard Corps is one of the top fighting forces in the world today, and very battle-hardened after Syria.

I hate to say this, but the US military is only good at taking on much weaker opponents who are incapable of putting up a fight, like Iraq and Vietnam and Afghanistan and the likes. But even then, in the case of Vietnam and Afghanistan, the starving peasants armed with sticks and stones end up beating the US military with its trillion dollar arsenal.

As an Iranian, I think I can speak on behalf of Iran and say: We don’t want war, we’ve never wanted war, but first you ousted our democratically elected prime minister and then you stole our resources for decades, and now if you insist on fighting us, then bring it on. The Saudi oil industry will be the first fatality of this war. Within half an hour of the first US strike on Iran, a rain of missiles will come down on all Saudi oil infrastructure. No oil will leave the Persian Gulf or the Red Sea for a decade. Can Wall St. survive such a blow? I guess we may find out.


The Chaney’s, Bush’s, Bolton’s and Pompeo’s can be cavalier about starting wars because they know that those wars will be fought, and all the casualties generated inside the target countries. This proves them to be loathsome war criminals who represent a nation of loathsome war criminals.

If there exists a ‘god’ or karma or any kind of justice in this world, we can expect that the continued prosecution of elective violence across the globe for selfish ends will bring about a rain of fire, brimstone, death and destruction on our cities and leaders within our own borders.

Seems like you are an expert. Will you please remind me what Iran has ever done to U.S.?
Yes, I do know the “operations” perpetrated against Iran by U.S. It’s all a mystery to me.

Sadly… the right is right on this single issue. Iran is a candle which is in its last moments of giving any illumination. The right f##d up by choosing to make a deal with the Saudis (started with Kissinger) and helping oust the Shah in the late 70s. We see how well that went. We also see that the entire nation of Iran is more in tune with western ideals than the rest of the region combined.
All it takes is to cut off the mullahs funds via striking a few oil terminals. The people will take care of the rest. If they dont Iran will forever be in the hands of evil mullahs. Sadly many people see Iran as a great asset in order to peddle arms!

Dear Compatriot… as bad as ALL that has happenned to our land NOTHING has been worse than the mullahs. Iran is a candle that is burning and it is at the last stage. If you truly love your country know that it can only survive with its natural love for human rights and secularism… not what the mullahs have imposed on Iran. We are naturally closer to our civilized european partners than any thug wanting to run the country like Ali Baba and the 40 thieves. I agree with you that the natural democracy was destabalized by operation Ajax (US and England orchestrated), however the Shah was forward thinking and as soon as the powers saw that he wanted the best for the country they worked to oust him. This regime is an empty abbah (cleric robe). You and all Iranians should stop being proud of a couple of Borj (high rises) and try to oust the mullahs who still bring cranes in the streets for mass hangings. Iran with mullahs does not have a future! please see the videos of what the Shah predicted and his vision of the future. Every Iranian who scrapes a few dollars wants to go to Dubai. If Iranians had been patriots and kept the Shah Iran would have been better than most european nations.

But highly unlikely that Bolton, the Bushes, Rush Limbaugh, or President Trump would be injured in a war. It is the regular people who pay for the actions of our leaders. Why do we keep electing and listening to those who scare us instead of inspiring us?