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'The Right Thing to Do': Kamala Harris to Co-Sponsor Bernie's Medicare for All Bill


'The Right Thing to Do': Kamala Harris to Co-Sponsor Bernie's Medicare for All Bill

Jake Johnson, staff writer

At a town hall Wednesday night in Oakland, California, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) announced that she will co-sponsor Sen. Bernie Sanders's (I-Vt.) Medicare for All legislation, which is reportedly set to be introduced mid-September.


Another Establishment Dem. As Calif. Atty. General, Harris refused to pursue Mnuchin on hundreds of banking violations. Mnuchin is a Harris supporter.
She won’t get this Californian’s vote.


Medicare for all’s not good enough for you?


The right thing to do, indeed! Now let’s just get her on board for other progressive causes.


O.k., were listening,lets not forget Obama promised single payer for 7 years knowing the WHOLE time he was lying.


I’m no friend of the Dems or Harris.

However, I’ll call this a step in the right direction.


Looks like this will be an election issue next year. Virtually everyone agrees the healthcare system is not working well. And, after seven years of the trying the Republicans have not come up with anything.


Medicare for all is great. I just don’t believe her. I think she’ll back off when the inevitable pressure gets tough. Then we’ll hear the reasons for a ton of caveats. I honestly hope I’m wrong. Let’s wait and see.

Right now, I just see presidential grooming.


Kamala Harris is just a corporate, corrupt Dem who is pleasing to the donor plutocrats. Jimmy dore sums up her hypocrisy nicely:


Exactly. Dig into her record, she is not as progressive as she wants people to believe. A great job of grandstanding, though.


I think the point being made was that her support is only lip service to appeal to progressives, not that Medicare for all isn’t good.


She’s smart enough (which isn’t saying much) to see that the Dems can’t bypass real progressive causes anymore, thanks to Bernie. But I’m sure she’ll let us down soon enough. By the way, if she runs for president I’m sure the media will assert that she will not only be the first female president, but also the first black female president, as if she’s not half (or is it a quarter?) Asian. Just like they did with Obama, which hints of racism to me.


Glad to hear that Kamala Harris will co-sponsor Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill. It’s something that’s long, long overdue.


Apparently it’s got some problems. We could have done this w/Obama, the king of compromise or Hillary, the queen of incrementalism. Sanders compromising this early in the game is not a good sign and it will ruin his chances if he decides to run in 2020.

To Sen. Sanders: We Cannot Begin From a Position of Compromise

"Sanders announced that he will introduce a senate bill this September “to expand Medicare to cover all Americans.” Since the election, the movement for improved Medicare for all, has been urging Sanders to introduce a companion to John Conyers’ HR 676: The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act, which currently has a record 117 co-sponsors in the House and is considered the gold standard by the movement.

Recent reports are that Sanders’ bill falls far short of HR 676 in fundamental ways. In fact, Sanders’ bill is a multi-payer system not a single payer system. His bill reportedly would allow private insurers to compete with the public system, allow the wealthy to buy their way out of the public system and allow investor-owned health facilities to continue to profit while providing more expensive and lower quality health care."


I agree. Harris will disappoint.
The race/gender card will work in her favor, unfortunately. Watch the posted video.

But if nothing else, even if she walked on water, Kamala Harris is a neophyte, just like Obama. One Senate term. One Senate term. And then the Presidency?? She doesn’t even know where all the boogeymen are hidden yet. So even IF (and that’s a giant IF) she wanted to do some good for the people of this country, she will get squashed like a bug. She didn’t do right by Californians. She won’t do right by the nation.


You know what I say to the mega-thieving wealthy of this country, “let 'm eat cake.”

What’s good for us, is good for you.


While Medicare for All gets on its feet, lets not forget the chopping block being hauled around for Social Security.

For anyone interested in signing a petition to reps- who will soon be coming back from recess - to say NO TO ALAN SIMPSON-WALL STREET cuts to Social Security

Heres the LINK


Thanks for posting the link Lynn1 and everybody should read it. bernie bill isn’t med-care for all.


I didn’t know that about Bernie’s bill. Perhaps it was written like this to garner more mainstream report. Maybe he was being a tad more pragmatic. It’s definitely a step further forward in comparison to the ACA.


I’m sorry to say pragmatic doesn’t get us anywhere in regard to healthcare. We know what we need and we need to aim for it and nothing else. We’ve already wasted 8 years on the republican version: Obamacare.

If Bernie’s bill passes in any measure the Trump administration will make certain it defunds or severely restricts Medicare services. Either that or to buy into it won’t be much different than paying for Obamacare and we all know Obamacare is too expensive.

The problem with healthcare in the US is it is piecemeal. Insurance only wants the healthy to sign on and fights paying for services when they are incurred. Why, because they exist to make money for their shareholders not to make certain the insured gets services. They are redundant and need to go.

Medicare doesn’t cover everything. It is sorely lacking and only covers 80%. Seniors need to buy gap insurance that can cost anywhere from $300-$600 per month. So what’s the point? Everyone on Medicare then Gap Insurance then another insurer to cover eye care, and another for dental care and another for hearing care? Insurance is an unnecessary middleman that provides nothing in regard to healthcare, they exist to hand your check over to your doctor. This is wasteful and ridiculous. We cannot afford this. We pay as much as twice as much for health care than all other developed countries that provide better service with better outcomes.

How much longer are we going to settle for half-measures. If this keeps up it will be another 20 or 30 years before there is universal single payer in this country.