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'The Right Thing to Do': Senate Dems Demand Back Pay for Furloughed Government Contractors


'The Right Thing to Do': Senate Dems Demand Back Pay for Furloughed Government Contractors

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Dozens of Democrats and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are demanding not only an end to "this wasteful and destructive government shutdown" but also that contractors furloughed by their employers should receive back pay, with funding help from the federal agencies impacted by President Donald Trump's "temper tantrum" over border wall funding.


Good idea, as long as there are penalties for the companies if they don’t comply, and the workers get short changed. I’m not sure “Directions” is a strong enough deterrent to keep the companies honest.


I agree- it’s like weak willed Obama “urging” congress.


CD uses the term ‘demand(s)’ in its headlines far too often.
Demands are usually associated with strength. The d-party is not strong.


I agree tank, Seeing Nancy on TV crying fake tears saying something like This is not American’s image- made me almost lose my dinner. America’s image??? Bombing all over the world, and not caring a whit about its own people including the military.


I kept reading over the list of signers----but Senator Schumer-----his name did not appear.


together with


Unfair as it may be, we are witnessing the “Take nothing for granted” story that is often told. Thought you had a solid job and then they folded. Greedy people cause a "Great Recession or depression, you lose your job. Fire and ice, and corruption can lead to no job.

I guess I’m saying that we aren’t surprised at these shut downs and should try to be prepared for them. After all this isn’t the days when you could get a mill job and never miss a days pay for 40 years. This is our new plight. Being constantly unsure of what government has in store for us tomorrow.


Having said the above, we should start a pool to see how long Trump can keep federal workers hostage before the dam breaks and they, say march on Washington?