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The Right Thing To Do

There are a lot of “If I don’t get everything I want, I will pick up my toys and go home” comments here. How did that work out for you in 2016 and 2000? Of course, Bernie Sanders is the real thing and our dream candidate. But Elizabeth Warren isn’t far behind when it comes to progressive policies. The polls consistently show that these two most progressive candidates combined have more support than Biden. Come the Democratic convention, they will probably have more delegates than Biden. I would support a Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren ticket in whatever order they decide. We progressives just have to stop cutting off our nose to spite our face.


Another newbie who wants to blame progressives for the cheating in 2000 and the toxic candidate in 2016.
Over 300K registered Florida DEMOCRATS voted for George Bush in 2000 and you think indie voters screwed you?

It sounds like you know Bernie pretty well so I’m surprised you don’t know why his vote for the crime bill with strong protest for the part added that sucked to the gun control and more protection of women which was good. Sure Bernie’s not perfect but every knowledgeable progressive I’ve heard comment on this doesn’t fault him at all. Not a good example of his imperfection.