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The Right To Bear Courage


The Right To Bear Courage

Robert C. Koehler

Behind the “right to bear arms” lies concealed the right to make money. You know, a lot of it.

The right to . . .


It requires a form of moral schizophrenia to listen to President Obama wax lyrical about his moral outrage when faced with each outbreak of violence while he presides over his Tuesday Drone Kill List... as well as numerous foreign wars (and other covert activities that certainly simulate war).

Similarly, when a nation has been commandeered by a Military Industrial Complex that requires wars the way the vampire requires blood, then its political pundits are in no position to decry gun ownership. After all, if guns are glorified inside the military and more and more families hold members employed BY the military (MIC), how can this adoration of guns be put aside? It's become part of the fabric of this nation.

And all this is entirely in keeping with the Mantra I use here often, that "Mars Rules." The following quote works as Exhibit A in making that case:

"To put it another way, the right to bear arms establishes a particular precondition for social order, as described so unforgettably by NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre: “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.”

Again, were there no gargantuan Military-Industrial Complex that claimed essentially HALF of each year's collected money supply, and were that Professional Killing Machine not glorified and sent off on all sorts of false missions, the respect for guns that's become nearly religious (for some) within this Fourth Reich-style nation could not exist.

War and soldiering turn guns into items of reverence.

Until the Make War State is dismantled, it becomes almost impossible to restrict the use of guns inside "The Homeland."

And this is not about WE. This is about a population largely based on Angry White Males. Sure, with Ghetto Rap lots of Black kids with NO life options take to gangs and guns; and recently, gun companies have learned how to market TO women. In fact, to back that up there have been quite a few new films that turn women KILLERS or women soldiers into heroes. These cultural rites also show homage to Mars. Like the Military now admitting gays and women, the "Mars Rules" mentality that makes war inevitable recognized the tactical advantages of subsuming women and gays (and anyone else who might otherwise serve as a countervailing force) into itself.

How better to quell any appearance of opposition?


The day I left a public town planning meeting, after seeing a handgun spill out of the purse that the old female commissioner had dropped, was the day I decided to assume that everybody in Utah was packing a gun.

Can't we at least start with assault weapons and background checks? At the very least we should do away with concealed weapons. It really would be a step in the right direction to know which law-abiding citizens are carrying before the shooting actually starts.


When I was a kid, my grandfather had a 12 gauge shotgun in the stairwell. A .32 auto in his dresser drawer, and a Winchester .22 rifle in the cellar, on top of an old medicine cabinet. Never made a big deal about the guns, always reminded us, as kids, that guns were weapons meant to kill. Don't mess with them. We learned how the guns worked, and did some hunting with the shotgun; never hit anything. Guns never became a big thing in our lives, because having them wasn't a big deal. Grampa often said, "It takes more courage to walk away, than it takes to fight."


Arming everyone is arguably the stupidest possible concept for maintaining social order.

Brilliant observation.

I'll be outside my misrepresentative's district office tomorrow at high noon to demand we at least start with universal background checks. It's happening all over the country. Join us?


It not only takes courage to walk away; it takes self-control.

Most violence occurs in a moment of out-of-control anger or when hatred, like a flooded river, overtakes its banks.

Long ago I dated a young man who was a Black belt in martial arts and he told me that a lot of time went into MENTAL preparation. That the whole premise of martial arts demands a lot in the way of self-control.

I LOVE watching men and women who have mastered the various martial arts. The fact that they can rely on their own bodies and disciplined training instead of a knife or gun is something very laudable.

But if a kid is all coked up or some frustrated soul has too much alcohol in his system, the capacity for that necessary self-control is forfeited.

I used to date a local guy who understood that same thing--that once you throw that first punch, you've already lost. He had been in quite a few fights, even protecting a friend from someone wielding a knife. He GRABBED the knife and ended up with a hand full of stitches.

What he understood was that fighting was the LAST resort when any form of negotiation or compromise had already failed.

But in the U.S., due to its strong martial character in everything from the exaltation of the military to the awe shown to football heroes and soldiers, violence is hailed as a FIRST resort. And therein lies the problem to which appropriately goes the title, "Mars Rules."

How much self-mastery or self-control is taught in Western cultures trained like Pavlov's dogs on immediate gratification of the senses... so long as one can pay the price (which given the preponderance of a marketplace "culture" is determined by one corporate master or another)?

Other than that, I agree with your grandfather.

One also has to add fomenting racism to the mix. The fewer jobs there are and the fewer benefits associated with them, the greater the levels of rising anger and some despots know how to direct that amassing anger at very specific targets. That is also dangerous in a nation that has an estimated billion guns out "on the streets."


The USA is a settler nation where guns have always been used to take land away from indigenous peoples, resolve disputes, and in general get what we want. We also have the most aggressive military in the world that uses weapons of mass destruction and the latest in killing machines to assert itself in over 100 countries. The assault weapon has become a fetish object just like having the biggest meanest dog. How this innate aggressiveness will ever be channelled to turn us into... What? Canada? Sorry. Won't happen.


In the USA a person has the right to bear arms.

In Saudi Arabia a woman does not have the right to bare arms.


Absolutely hit the hail on its head. Well said.