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The Right To Draw Air


The Right To Draw Air

Less than two months after he was filmed hysterically waving his gun and screaming expletives at Philando Castile, having just killed him for pulling out his ID as instructed during a traffic stop, officer Jeronimo Yanez has returned to work, praised by his police chief for his "real sound ability when it comes to communicating and relating to people." Protesters blasted Yanez' return as "another slap in the face" as Castile's mother vowed, "We're not going to let this one go."


Another example of the deep divide between the police force and the communities it serves. This young man was obviously incapable of functioning in a low stress environment, what would he have been like had he confronted a real danger? He needs to undergo psychiatric treatment and find a job where he does not have to think too much or too quickly.


He needs to go to prison for murder...


Well, we ALL know religion has been corrupted by white supremacists. Not hard to see that all levels of government have been too. Totally logical that "peacemakers" would be the next target. Scary is as scary does because that leaves education as the last refuge of freedom from HATE. Oh I have just been informed it's too late...


Choose a better analogy. Pigs are clean, intelligent animals.