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The Right to Vote Should Not Fall Victim to Partisan Battles

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/19/right-vote-should-not-fall-victim-partisan-battles

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Couldn’t agree more with the headline of this story. It’s clear now to all who are paying attention, the articles in the Voting Rights Act that were struck down by the un-supreme court must be reinstated, expanded to include ratio of voters to polling places and hours of operation-etc., and applied to all states, not just the southeastern ones with a history of rampant racism.

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It’s quite interesting that the neo-Confederates aka white majority class still thinks that the Republican Party actually cares for them and about their plight by only paying lip service to things. Even more interesting is how they really think that these vultures will actually do things that are benefiting them directly. Meanwhile, they are out to trash whatever was left of the ACA that many of these downtrodden whites claim to love while calling it Obamacare in order to achieve negative connotations between the ACA and Obamacare. Which ironically the dolts are supposedly against Obamacare but they totally approved of the ACA.

Interestingly, the same can be said of the Southern state of Kentucky which voted in a pro-Trump, pro Tea Party governor in 2015 that trashed what was one of the most successful state programs in a state that regularly ranks 47th in personal income, 47th in educational achievement and is a bottom five state in various health and socioeconomic indicators. After which there were 460,000 Kentucky residents that got thrown off of Medicaid programs and other health related programs tied to Kynect which was then dismantled by the Tea Party governor.

All of which these same white folks worship college basketball yet have a major problem with black males in Kentucky especially when it comes to racial stereotypes and downright hatred of anyone that is a minority. Yet, if it’s basketball these same people cheer the black guys playing for the Kentucky team while bashing anyone black or brown that doesn’t fit their white nationalist worldview.

It’s interesting how these people are all for equal rights when it comes to professional or college sports or entertainment in some levels yet they have a problem with black folks and support them being gunned down by criminals with badges when less violent and more humane treatment and legal procedures could have been tried first. The same with voting rights in that they complain about people protesting in the streets regarding police brutality and criminal actions by those who wear blue and black with badges on their uniforms. Yet, when these black or brown or other people stand up to vote and take their vote to the booth they are all about suppressing the vote with whatever means possible whether it be crooked gerrymandering or some other ID related problem or restriction on people being able to vote.

The irony of this is that in the border region of Indiana and Kentucky in Jefferson County, Indiana in the city of Madison its been well known that a local sheriff and politician for most of his adult life was involved in people coming across the river into Indiana and voting even though they were known Kentucky residents. Between that and improper IDs or none being requested by election overseers and nothing is ever done about that. Same goes for dead people voting in elections as someone else heads across the river for 3/4 of a mile or a few miles more drive to vote in a district and state they are not entitled to.

All the while voters in minority majority districts are regularly suppressed from exercising their democratic rights including police tactics which discourage peaceful protest and reasonable redress of grievances. All the while preventing people from voting and suppressing the free expression of those who are paying taxes in the Untied States of America. The same behavior occurs all over many jurisdictions of America from Missouri to North Carolina to Georgia to Texas and everywhere in between that we can’t let those uppity folks start to work to develop their own destiny and exercise their own democratic freedoms and rights. After all, they’ve still got to keep the increasingly smaller majorities of whites in total power because of the desires of the powers that be to keep the country racially divided by telling the white people who they should hate without any real reason. Same was with protecting Jim Crow, slavery, and all of the anti civil rights campaigns in the Southern states and even in some of the Midwestern states where I live that condone racial bigotry and hypocrisy just with a thin veneer of politeness or so called Hoosier Hospitality or in the South what one calls Southern Hospitality. All the while crowing about their Alabama values or Kentucky Family Values or their so called Christian Values while hanging out behind the church with the boys or going hunting while cheating on their wives then preaching their so called Christian values. That’s the ultimate hypocrisy of these parasites and vultures.

By the way I forgot to add that the so called Great Commonwealth of Kentucky led by current governor Matt Bevin until December 2019 has ranked 44th or worse in state personal income since 1939 in every year for a 80 year period. Currently in 2019, the Commonwealth of Kentucky ranks 47th in personal income which has been ironically tied to its poor educational system in which it ranks 47th in America in educational attainment, 41st in quality of its colleges, usually in the 40s with K-12 education and one of the bottom five states when it comes to health outcomes such as diabetes cases, heart attacks, lung cancer and much more. All because of their so called Kentucky Family Values which ring hollow to anyone with eyes that will see and ears that will hear along with removing the scales from ones own eyes.