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The Right Way to Amend the Constitution


The Right Way to Amend the Constitution

John Nichols

The U.S. Constitution should be amended to defend democracy.

It needs:


Democracy cannot be defended, or even exist, with a constitution based on capitalism. Only a pseudo-democracy is possible under capitalism.

The U.S. Constitution should be REPLACED to INSTALL democracy.

A new constitution should be written - one that clearly bases the economy on socialism.


Indeed. And not just the Wisconsin legislature beholden to ALEC, which is actively creating a new federalism of corporations. Hmm, need to cross-reference the corp.s djt has been visiting/serving with ALEC membership.


Did you read beyond that opening line? See the amendments Nichols actually proposes? Not apparently.


Would be nice if just the UN- amended Constitution was enforced.


Good points, port_lookout, no need for anyone to blunt them.


The author fails to mention the states have already submitted sufficient applications to cause 11 convention calls or the fact Congress is currently counting the applications and already arrived at its first set of applications meaning a convention call is mandated. See: foavc.org for details. Some of what is proposed by the author is already on the agenda of the conventions. You can read the text of the state applications at oavc.org .


No, there is not yet any clear call for a constitutional convention. The reason is that the state applications are not all contemporary and mention many, many different proposed amendments. Congress isn't going to push for a start-over free-for-all because they already have more chaos than they can handle, and it would likely put them out of their jobs.


I'd like to see term limits myself.


Will all this matter when soon we reach the Singularity and all-knowing machines and AI robots take over?

Robots don't have emotions so they won't require laws or a Constitution to control them. Love, hate, jealousy, anger, joy, and other animal emotions don't rule them because they don't have to compete for top dog. At the accelerating pace of change, in a few years they'll do all the work. That's what humans could be planning for.

Maybe we'll all look back on the days when a few oligarchs made us all their slaves and think of how stupid humans were.

Direct Democracy


Constitutional convention open up the whole thing to massive 100%rewrite which is totally 100% dangerous and would lead us to fascism for sure ...
Upholding the constitution as written would be a welcome change!
Eliminating the imposter in charge will make a world of difference. While we r at it, eliminate all the red Russian mafia sellouts of the repubs party ... maybe eliminate all the parties and focus on ideas and ideals .... what a concept .... try Truth ! Wow!


Yes- Let us be rid of these "career" politicians- It might just keep them from that revolving door also...


4 big time immediate need. The super delegate scheme and the electoral college are criminally flawed.

TRUMP: 62,979,636 CLINTON AND OTHERS; 72,725,845. And Trump is president?


Heartily agree with all four Mr. Nichols.
But how do we fix the problem that is the Democrat and Republican party control of the election process?


There is the constitution and there is the Democratic Party. I am 100% for getting rid of the Electoral College - it's racist in origin and completely pointless and now counterproductive. That fight can also take place by the Interstate compact as everyone knows it is hard to change the Constitution.

However, I also want major major reform just based on how the Democratic Party selects its nominee which doesn't have a damn thing to do with the constitution:

1) No more Super-delagates (nothing needs to be argued here - this was just stupid)
2) All states should use a primary and no more caucuses (as Jimmy Dore clearly points out - poor people don't have time for a Caucus - so they are automatically disenfranchised)
3) All states should use Ranked Ballots so if there happen to be two good progressive choices and a lousy establishment choice, we don't run into the vote splitting problem.
4) The order of the State's primaries should be moved around and there should be 3-5 different dates that occur within a few months of each other - no Feb - June nonsense.

How receptive is the DNC to any of this? Not much as far as I can tell - I have yet to hear anything useful come out of Tom Perez's mouth yet - I was going to reserve judgement, but he's looking like a real loser.


and @robb:

The first step is stop public funding, of any kind, of presidential primaries. Provide no polling places. Yes, that favors caucusing, but that's all the private business of the parties. We must all stop watching their "debates" and coverage of the state-by-state process or giving any attention to the "polls" and "predictions."

Next, draw a hard line under party identity AT the ballot. Parties may promote and support candidates, but we should be voting for the person, and absolutely the person should govern as a representative of the citizens, not a party. Don't seat them by party. Don't identify them with party. How many are unaware that all the members of the House vote for the Speaker? That office is not awarded to a party.

And of course, if the ballots aren't listed by party, there's nothing for the Electoral College to do.


I don't support cutting public funding - I demand an input because there is public funding. Caucuses are out - period. I'd be fine with a complete mail in ballot - no precincts.

I agree with you that party designation should not be used in House, Senate, or Pres. I'm not sure how to implement that reform, but it would be better with no downside that I can see. It would be better for independent and third parties too as people get to know the prominent politicians by name as opposed to party leader.

I was under the impression there is plenty of democracy distortion that the EC does even if each state had a list of candidates and no party name after it. The EC must go and be replaced by a nationwide ranked ballot system. Any way to get there is fine by me, but it shouldn't be a neglected issue - it has to go.