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The Right Way to Defeat Terrorism


The Right Way to Defeat Terrorism

Adil E. Shamoo

The recent attacks on Turkey, Bangladesh, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia are just the most recent examples of the horrific terrorist acts taking place around the world. The Islamic State’s recent bombing in Baghdad killed 250 people and wounded hundreds.


The author again tries to repeat the meme that these “terrorists” rise up ony in response to agression or inequality. He conveniently ignores the fact that they are trained armed and funded by countries like the USA in order to help achieve a given political outcome.

Destabilizing these regions by using proxy forces (terrorists) is an old strategy used by Empires thoughout history.

The nurturing of these groups by the Empire also helps fuel the Warfare state and keep the profits flowing .

Step 1 in the right way to defeating terrorism is recognizing the fact that the Warfare State is the single biggest player in terrorism and not these poor people in the Middle east.

Step 2 is to ensure these States are not recruiting and training peoples to enage in terrorism so as to gain access to a regions resources.


I think you’re hard on Mr. Shamoo. Unlike most pundits, he mentions that western intervention, imperialism, and resource extraction methods FUEL the fury that foments these “terrorist” groups.

You think anyone in Trump’s camp will delve that deeply? They prefer the “with us or against us” bilateral language that’s more suitable to the religious era of The Crusades.


The right way to defeat terrorism is to stop voting for it. The folks who bank on terrorism are in many cases the ones who the Republicans and Democrats work for. We have other things to do by occupy the world and blow up poor people with our money. We could build up America to a competitive physical plant with an energy and transportation scheme that is survivable. We could even pay good wages to Americans to do that.


My impression is the Kurds are fighting to install real democracy in a portion of Syria where quite a few Kurds live.

Kurds and Zapatistas have developed the most modern idea of democracy in the world today — Autonomous democracy that tells the government what to do. Autonomous democracy is the next step for human society.


Another one of those, “Poor Obama, he meant well…the bad Republicans made him do it.”


“Upthepeople”'s second sentence is confusing. Does he (she) mean to say: “We have other things to do than occupy the world and blow up poor people with our money?” If so, he is surely correct.
Jim Shea


Yes he did, and it was almost as if English wasn’t his tongue.