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The Right-Wing American Love Affair With One of the Most Disturbing Serial Killers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/13/right-wing-american-love-affair-one-most-disturbing-serial-killers


“It relates to business, beauty, life and inner emotions,” he told Powers. “That book relates to … everything.”–everything to a sociopath, that is…

**to the point that Paul Ryan required interns to read her books as a condition of employment.–**now I know why, after calling his office and stating that poverty was not a crime his staff member scoffed.

*Roark raged so much in the novel that he blew up a public housing project with dynamite just to get his way.–*it is easy to see why this monster loves his son-in-law who has been metaphorically screwing poor people in his housing.

“One puts oneself above all and crushes everything in one’s way to get the best for oneself. Fine!”
“has learned long ago, with his first consciousness, two things which dominate his entire attitude toward life: his own superiority and the utter worthlessness of the world. He knows what he wants and what he thinks. He needs no other reasons, standards or considerations. His complete selfishness is as natural to him as breathing.”
Well, this sociopath fits very well into US American “exceptionalism”. Of course she did not mind later in life when she used her birth name and claimed social security. She epitomizes the “confusion” of too many of our species who see our individual uniqueness and see it as separateness. Contrast this not only with the world view of the indigenous on whose lands she spewed out this poison but, her Jewishness did not translate either into recognizing that Life is Holy and One.


Actually, we experienced the Randian approach to a large extent with Reagan and then every president since. Wall St was deregulated, for instance, and took over just about every aspect of the economy in the name of creating shareholder value through deflating wages, offshoring manufacturing, and playing fast and loose with investment vehicles like credit default swaps.

In this country:
Wages have been stagnant for 40 years and unions are all but dead
Even our military depends on low-cost foreign suppliers for crucial parts
Only a massive infusion of $trillions in public cash kept the entire banking system from collapse

So, in the sense that Randian Objectivism dictates that the interests of lowly workers, national defense, and even the entire financial system can and should be subject and sacrificed to the whims of “geniuses” who are only serving their natural greedy impulses, aren’t we getting exactly what we deserve?

On that note, the words of Joe ByeDone: “no one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change…”


So just as a question of logic, since she so admires those who are not bound by society’s rules, she should worship the Bolsheviks and also the rioters, who threw off the chains of society and took what they wanted without apology or any remorse.


The so-called philosophy long predated Reagan. Before Rand there was Herbert Spencer. His slogan was “survival of the fittest,” which implied that poor people don’t deserve to live, and so we wound up with a** h***s like Andrew Carnegie.

Or rather, the ruling has always been comprised of sociopaths, murderers, warmongers, thieves, frauds and rapists. But they’ll gladly cite any philosophy that comes along that seems to justify their evil.


I was relating my comment to the topic of this article.

As for Spencer, he was just putting a finer touch on the thoughts of Machiavelli and de Sade.


Great thanks to you Thom for this very disturbing but entirely accurate portrait of the trump regime and what it has done to America, and why - the actually evil visions Rand represented and fostered. The truth is that trumps depravity represents the extreme of what has gone before.
The utterly depraved indifference for the lives and well-being of all else, whether people, natural phenomena upon which all life depends, and all life on the planet, up to and very much including perhaps the greatest atrocity endless war for profit.
The fact that trump and his regime are only the culmination of what Rand and both R’Con and DINO administrations have built.since WWII Both parties dedicated to serve and empower exclusively the power behind the crimes against humanity and Mother Earth, global vulture capitalism - the exploitation of all things to create artificial profits and political power for a few at the expense of all else!

The sooner that depraved mindset and those who worship its pathology are vanished from the Earth the better for every form of life and the planet itself!
The problem has been in part the reluctance of people of conscience to fight with the force needed to defeat such hideous contempt for the Common Good, Mother Earth, and sustainable future - if we are to have any future at all that reluctance will have to change.


The Raygun era mantra GET RICH OR GET OFF is pure Rand that fit the sociopathic administration like a glove. By 1985 the Democrats’ formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) confirmed that they would keep the skids greased for the GOP to seg into 21st century psychopathic administrations and function more like an organized crime syndicate than a political party.

Rand is the GOP’s patron saint utilized to rationalize their evil. If Hitler had a patron saint the Nazi Party may have been more sustainable. So sick but so true.


I wrote and posted this in March 2016 when many had hope for real change - we were betrayed then, leading to today’s nightmare.

Fighting against seemingly overwhelming, insurmountable odds but emerging victorious because of a belief in the righteousness of a cause, a mission, brought forth the idea I had, an idea Gandhi spoke of" " A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."
There has never been a time in history more needful than now for all people of good conscience to stand-up and fight against the forces of oppression, destruction and tyranny - of the clear evil Rand and trump stand for…

So this is what I wrote then and will post again inspired by the great truth Thom Hartmann brought us in his essay.

Often I find, as the Stones sang, “my imagination running away with me” leads to odd combinations, this time the battle Bernie is fighting against overwhelming, seemingly insurmountable, odds, morphed into Harry at Agincourt & Will’s stirring words…I beg forgiveness…

This day is called the Feast of Sandernista:
Those that outlive this day, and come safe home,
Will stand a tip-toe when the day is named,
And rouse them at the name of Bernie-San.
Those that shall live these days, and see old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast their neighbours,
And say ‘To-morrow is Sandernista Day:’
Then will they strip their sleeves and show their scars.
And say ‘These wounds I had in Sanders’ time.’
The old forget: yet all shall be forgot,
But they’ll remember with advantages
What feats they did those days: then shall our names.
Familiar in their mouths as household words
Bernie the leader, Moyers and McKibben,
Chomsky and Reich, Hartmann and Hightower,
Be in their flowing cups freshly remember’d.
This story shall the good ones teach their children;
And Sandernista Day shall ne’er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember’d;
We few, we happy few, we band of sisters & brothers;
For those to-day that shed their blood for justice
Shall be my sister and brother; be they ne’er so vile,
This day shall gentle their condition:
And those politically a-sleep
Shall think themselves accursed they were not with us,
And hold their honor cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us and Bernie-San once upon a time!

with apologies to William


I worked my way through school as a Psychiatric Nursing Aide (practically no training required!) in a locked-door facility. We called it the crazyhouse. It was a relatively nice one. We’d routinely mention the possibility of a transfer to the dreaded Napa to calm down unruly inmates. Let’s face it: it was a jail, and I was a low-level guard. Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be jailers…

Anyways, that’s just for context. Being there 8 hours a day gets to be like living there, so in that sense I’ve had the experience of living with a genuine narcissistic sociopath. Unforgettable. I’ve never met anyone else from the same universe as that guy. The real hard-core sociopaths are quite rare, and often very talented.

I only met one of them there, so the unexpected phenomenon Orangeman and Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum personify is new to me: they like each other, they really like each other! Intuitively, you might assume sociopaths hate everybody, but there’s a special exception, a warm “feeling in the heart” equivalent for fellow sociopaths. That explains Orangeman’s sincere, almost reverent respect for other monsters.


Great comment Aleph, including the reference! Thanks.
“Don’t let 'em pick guitars and drive them old trucks”


I like “For Your Own Good” by Alice Miller and my understanding of “poisonous pedagogy.” Even our churches, small churches and mega churches, are promoting the prosperity gospel. Poisoning us with if you are not rich you are not right with Jesus. My friends with discretionary dollars and know they are right with Jesus speak nothing of the earth’s situation. They feel they can spend their discretionary dollars contaminate (water, air, or a place) with harmful or poisonous substances. Water they are next to and feel so blessed to see, feel, absorb the essence of, they turn a blind eye to what might be destroying their good fortune. Those blessed with discretionary dollars are leaving the biggest carbon footprint. I wonder if trauma stunted their emotional intelligence.


I notice you had the grace to exclude the next line in the stanza: “Let 'em be lawyers and doctors and such.” Less than inspiring, but ambiguously ironic, I suppose. Great song, anyhow.

Edit: Okay, the lyrics are totally insufferable (hearing them again), but I used to like this kind of thing. I also like Hip-Hop, because it sounds cool and I have no idea what they’re saying.


Never has there been such a pernicious pestilent infection on US society as Ayn Rand. If there is a grave worth total desecration, it is hers.


Said like an enlightened educator. My dearest just turned me on to Paulo Freires, for whom my current enthusiasm is over-abundant. I even entertain the hope that Conscientization may be a light to show us a way out of this dystopia.


Ok, so I’m just going to ask the blunt question: how does this all go down? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Is this a case of “it’s darkest before the dawn?” Or is this more like an endless night? I’m just, you know, trying to plan my future and want to know if the “producers” will loot my pension.


Just put Pedagogy of the Oppressed on hold at the library. Thanks for the referral!


How blunt do you want your answer?

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Rand was a promiscuous, self centered, amphetamine using bitch, AND those were her good points.


Alice Miller—brilliant good stuff!
Answer to your last question: no, this recent batch is the result of programming…by their indulgent parents, ineffective schools and churches, media and sick entertainment industry…and more.