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The Right-Wing American Love Affair With One of the Most Disturbing Serial Killers

Okay, but we don’t endorse oppression by using generically misogynistic terms. You know what I’m talking about. I understand you’re angry – that word misdirects your anger, doesn’t it? I’m sorry: I feel obligated to speak up against abuse, while I know you don’t mean it that way.


She could’ve been ignored, but she was a member of the tribe, and that’s how their nihilism works. Also, it undermined everything good, which is their way to destroy!


For most of us, excluding sociopaths, psychopaths and those without empathy for anyone other than themselves, giving (within reason) is a source of happiness rather than unhappiness, and that’s what Ayn Rand could not comprehend.


From her 1950’s “Atlas Shrugged” I found a few Achilles heals to spear. Operating a railroad was its protagonist Reardon’s corporate domain. In those years railroad employment shrank as diesel-electric replaced high maintenance coal-fired steam locomotives. Ayn’s corporate monarch was obsessed with a supposedly invincible new steel dubbed “Reardon Metal” which had nothing to do with technological advancements railways continued to pursue. Ayn’s hero was ‘oppressed’ by state regulations preventing him from his pursuit of profit based on the speculation that Reardon metal would pay off. Such are the dreams of today’s high tech speculators preaching self-driving car tech as the inevitable future! All-Electric sport sedans for everybody to ride eyes closed everywhere for any purpose all the time whether you like it or not!


Re-reading Thom Hartmann’s great, but disturbing, essay the third time was necessary to fully grok the horror and influence a nazi extremist sympathizer and worshiper of a brutal murderer, has had on our nation, the Republican Party, and the depraved malignant person of donald trump. I have forwarded Thom’s essay to all I can.

It explains much of how his lack of empathy and contempt for the lives and rights of others works. His pathology is a clear and present danger to the entire world. His arrogant knee-jerk stupidity, ignoring consequences, a threat to all, .His narcissist and extreme vindictive personality clearly unqualified (to put it mildly) to remain in power for another day. Are there no people of wisdom in high places who can see that? Where are the voices with the platform to call his actions what they are in the strongest possible terms without fear? Certainly not in the leadership of the “opposition party” that has been more complicit than not.

Its clear many millions worry at the time left to this monsters reign in his “new clothes” and what he will continue to destroy daily. .


If you tried to tell a sensible 8th grader that greed is good, they’d shame you into a timeout to the nearest corner where you belong. And yet, it is one of the bedrock tenets of a ‘philosophy’ called objectivism. One of the dangers of this cult is that not a single self-described libertarian on the national stage, nor any I’ve ever heard of, believes global warming is directly related to burning fossil fuels. It’s not that most of these hardcores don’t believe it. The reason is, because to do so, one would have to admit that only governments can address the massive, comprehensive problem. Their god - markets - can’t. So libs (and conservatives) are as dangerous as they are phony.

“Ayn Rand’s “philosophy” is nearly perfect in its immorality, which makes the size of her audience all the more ominous…”
-Gore Vidal


Oh yeah. Definitely a keeper. Thom Hartmann just keeps astonishing me. He didn’t used to be quite this great. Now he’s become one of our most vibrant living historians (sniff, I’m so proud, sonny!).


Ironically, when she was finally beginning to be taken seriously, Ayn Rand became ill with lung cancer, and went on Social Security and Medicare to make it through her last days. She died a “looter” in 1982, unaware that her sociopathic worldview would one day validate an entire political party’s embrace of a sociopathic narcissist president.

So Ayn Rand was an immigrant who became a public charge. That is ironic, Thom.


they will, if we let them.



In this country it’s about time we talk plain and yeah crude. She was exactly what I described. If Rand was a man I would described “him” exactly the same. Sorry, but the truth is the truth and comes a time ya gotta stand up and fight. The right understands this and does this every hour of every fucking day.


I betcha every single last one of these Ayn Rand types would be fully on board with the law of the land if they found themselves down range from my firing position while I was target shooting. Something tells me they wouldn’t like my “rising above the norms of society” if I did that. Such a bunch of idiots. There wouldn’t be any money for them to be greedy for if there wasn’t a society with rules to make that money. These people say they don’t like the Social Contract and but like a coward won’t admit to having to rely on the Social Contract.


Not one of my guiding principles: imitating the right.

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To each their own, but I’m 72 worked at my share of “shit” jobs and ended retiring from a union job at FIFTY-FOUR yr old with a modest pension. People like Rand, Trump, the Heritage, Cato, Manhattan institute and other right wing “institutions” and instigators need to be called out and be completely discredited as the dishonest and misleading people and organizations that they are. Sorry, but that’s what I always believed and where I’m at now.


You go, that’s what I say. There’s too many woo-woo therapists running around telling us to control our anger, as if good people never get angry. I say fuck that, because there’s no other way to say it. I’ve got plenty more wads of anger to hurl after I run out of what I stashed in this bag.

This is something my new guru Paulo Freire calls “the silencing” – oppression can only thrive because somehow we’ve been taught that to fight back is so impolite. “Please, not at the dinner table. It’s Thanksgiving…” (Why I despise holidays!) The alternative to silencing is called conscientization, which means learning that it’s totally okay to be angry. It’s a universal symptom of oppression.

Thanks for sharing. That word reminds me of a Barbara Kingsolver story about a woman who corrected her husband’s query:

Him: Where are the keys at?
Her: Don’t end a sentence with a preposition.
Him: Okay. Where are the keys at, bitch?



Take a listen:


Now for something even more chilling. Ayn Rand was best buds with Rose Wilder Lane, the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Much of Rand’s philosophy was embedded in the whole Little House series since Lane edited her mother’s work. This means small children in the US have been indoctrinated with the uber-individualism and selfishness called Libertarianism since 1930. After WW2, those in power decreed children in Germany and Japan read these books to get a feel for the American Way. Interestingly, it seems they rejected it. A chap named Roger Macbride took up with Lane, sharing her political views, and ran for Libertarian offices as often as he could. He even wrote a “Rose” Little House series describing her childhood in Missouri, cribbing from Wilder’s work. And don’t get me started on the television version of the Little House garbage. Michael Landon was a rabid rightwinger, and insinuated his views in every episode. My main source for this is Prairie Fires by Caroline Fraser.


Which Kingsolver story are you referring to? … one of my favorite women on the planet.

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Ayn Rand simply gave voice to what was the poison already present in the US from its inception–she was a “natural” fit into this horrendous society. What was horrid about her glorification of Hickman was the further spreading of this poison of unmitigated selfishness.


Shoot, I was afraid someone would ask me that. I’ve read practically everything she’s written, and I can’t remember where I encountered that exchange (though I’m sure it was Kingsolver, the grammar Nazi).