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The Right-Wing American Love Affair With One of the Most Disturbing Serial Killers

The problem I have with Hartman’s editorials is that he rarely mentions how corrupt the Democrat Party is. Obama sent millions of families to the internment camps he built. He bombed the crap out of seven nations, overthrew democratically elected governments (Libya, Honduras), and assassinated American citizens without due process, just to mention a short list of his crimes against humanity. Demonizing one side of the hideously corrupt system does nothing to address the systemic lack of morality of BOTH CORPORATELY OWNED AND OPERATED PARTIES! If we get rid of Trump and the Republican Party, we still have the corporate war mongers we call the Democrats, who are far worse. Republicans are corporate wolves in wolves’ clothing. Democrats are corporate wolves in sheeps clothing.


Thom: Thanks for explaining so clearly a book I read nearly 50 years - explaining the background of the strangely named Ayn (pron. Ann?) RAND as Russian - and the Howard ROARK character as based on the psychopath HICKMAN. The parallels with the contemporary selfish (and frankly psychopathic) Republic Party - in general - and with Donald Trump in particular is chillingly clear. I am Australian. I’d like to point out that the current ruling government - the Liberal National Party (a federal coalition - we usually abbreviate it to the LNP - and I want you to note - should you be unaware - that the “Liberal” part of the name we usually spell out loud as “Capital L Liberal” to distinguish it from the true “liberal”) is more-or-less an easy fit with the modern rightwing Republican Party in the U.S. The Australian government’s current ambassador to Washington D C - our 25th such ambassador - is the former LNP politician (plum job-for-the-boys appointment in 2016) Joe HOCKEY. He is a spiv. - in fact during his time as the nation’s Treasurer he used the terms “lifters” (he meant himself - or those fitting the Roark characteristics) while the ordinary citizens especially if receiving any welfare - old folks, those disabled, unemployed… - he labelled “leaners” - like the producers and looters you referred to. In truth he was a true looter - his parliamentary salary well -padded out with “expenses” and per diems - and all property in his wife’s name - to the extent that though he stayed in a family home in Canberra (the nation’s capital) - it was in his wife’s name - thereby making him eligible for per diems to cover hotel accommodation and food of several hundred dollars - per day! Leaner supremo. In Australia much has been made of the fact that he has played golf with Trump - that he has worked his greasy magic (to my way of thinking) to secure for Australia unfair advantages denied others (at least that’s how it has been portrayed here) when Trump has imposed trade agreement changes to disadvantage (further) other countries. We know Ayn RAND types in Australia - it is only members of the LNP who are occasionally prone to letting it be known that they admire her writing.

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Regarding the small group of followers, friends et al with whom Rand interacted frequently, if you know your Rand, you’ll appreciate this irony: she called her group The Collective! :rofl:

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Thom I feel like your quotes of her journal are taken way out of context. The very next line after the “strongest expression” quote she goes on to say her character is “Very far from him of course. A Hickman with a purpose…” and so on.

Well put, dopfa, especially your last sentence. It is a theme I’ve pursued for some time. While there is a lot of information that has come out about Ayn Rand’s negative side (especially this article!) – and the consequent complete demonizing of all libertarian/individualism – there has also been the odd increase and respect for some of its prominent individuals like Ron Paul – and more information about the negative side of major Democratic actors like past presidents Truman, JFK, LBJ and so on.

What I always marvel at, though, is how little that both the right and left give a more complete picture. Hartman could have done that by mentioning that Truman had a close advisor and ally in a South Carolina Congressman who wanted to legalize lynch mobs (see Oliver Stone’s “Untold HIstory”), that LBJ supported the overthrow of the democratic Greek government, the overthrow of the emerging democracy in the Dominican Republic, and that JFK and his brother were obsessed with killing Castro, helped overthrow Brazil’s socialist democracy, and was elected with help of the Mafia.

I could go on, but the outright corruption/debasement of our whole world by evil players never seems to end. As you eloquently put it, “Republicans are corporate wolves in wolves’ clothing. Democrats are corporate wolves in sheeps clothing.”