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The Right-Wing Coup in Bolivia Is Exactly the Opposite of What Democracy Looks Like

Sure. Same as in (to name a few coup spots) Guatemala (1954), Brazil (1964), Dominican Republic (1965), Uruguay and Chile (1974), Argentina (1976), Bolivia (1980), Panama (1989), Haiti (1981 and 2004) and Honduras (2009)?

Or do you like softer coups, like the one that fraudulently installed neo-fascist Bolsonaro as president of Brazil (2018)? Have you noticed how similar the newly installed ‘president’ of Bolivia and her allies are to Bolsonaro?


Yup my point exactly, and even before that. Morales spared “his successor” by not grooming one. See what I’m indicating here. I think Morales deserves a lot of respect for that.

It’s all about Bolivia’s lithium and in Venezueala it’s all about their oil/gold.Aint it odd how most things boil down to money.Like the Bible says.

A needed bit of context the piece did not go into is how profoundly divided Bolivia is. The indigenous population had been considered the lowest of the low, and are mostly located in the Andes highlands, whereas the majority of the coup supporters are white & / or mestizo and come from the lowlands (Santa Cruz is the main city there) & is dominated by extraction industry oligarchs that pine for the ‘good olde days’ when they could use indentured labor. Thus the hotspot for opposition to Evo Morales, not surprisingly, is centered in Santa Cruz.