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The Right-Wing Firestorm That Rages On


The Right-Wing Firestorm That Rages On

Peter Dreier

“We need to know the full extent of Senator Obama’s relationship with ACORN,” said Senator John McCain in his third presidential debate with Barack Obama in October 2008. ACORN, he said, “is now on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history in this country, maybe destroying the fabric of democracy.”

By early 2010, ACORN had closed its doors, a victim of an orchestrated assault by right-wing media and politicians, as well as some self-inflicted wounds.


I disagree! From my perspective, it may have changed the election outcome but since both Trump and Hillary were selected as stooges for the war party, it would not have changed the outcome of US foreign policy and the fascist, hegemony of it’s the world wide, American, Empire.


When you are poor, you really don’t pay much attention to US foreign policy when you vote.

Nobody here in Pennsylvania voted for Trump becasue Hillary was “imperialist warmonger”. The black people and the poor white poeple stayed home and the better-off white people voted for Trump because Hillary was an extremist leftist who would tax them to death and give the money to the lazy niggers while she flooded the state with immigrant spicks.


Yes, very true.


You sound like the worst of America dude …you are incorrect on all fronts…lazy racist d…khead.


I was involved with a ACORN a bit here in Pittsburgh. They caused quite a fuss back in 2008 when the local office recruited a lot of kids from the poor black neighborhoods to register voters - paying them on a per-voter-registered basis. So some of them ended up registering people out of the phone book or registering people already registered, making up named and addresses on the registration card.

But this was hardly a “scandal” as a registered voter who does not exist can hardly vote! In fact, if anything, it hurt poor voters on the left! The real scandal is this whole idea of “voter registration”. The USA is alone in the world in requiring citizens to go through this bullshit “voter registration” process - or even worse - tying it to car ownership (“motor voter”). Everywhere else in the world, one is registered to vote by simply being born or naturalized as a citizen! This is just one more thing that if, say, a Canadian knew about, they would just shake their heads…


Do you know what mocking sarcasm is? I was trying to counter this notion here on Commondreams that Trump voters were, deep inside, secret leftists, anti-capitalists, and anti-imperialists who hated Hillary becasue she was “insufficiently left.”


This in so many ways. I get tired of progressives pretending that white working class voters are secret socialists. They’ve been voting for right wing bigots for decades. The New Deal was only okay by virtue of its benefits being limited to mainly white people.


Registering to vote and voting, in this day and age, should be so much simpler and easier.

Voters should be set up with secure accounts and be able to vote on-line.

Voter registration could and should be tied to census information, tax return information, driver license databases, and many other data sources already stored in state and federal systems.

On-line databases would be cheaper too. With proper design, they could also be more secure. The decades-old voter roll lists and voting machines in use today are vulnerable and should be replaced.

Civic-minded software titans like Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos should devote some attention to solving this bug in democracy.

All this said, when the public has given up on the idea that the government can do anything right, guess what? The government does not do anything right!

In time, a more intelligent voting system will emerge. But not a while, and certainly not with Trump in office.


And last week the New York Times equated O’Keefe with with Sacha Baron Cohen:

Kind of extremist of the NY Times frankly.


Actually, some poor people are quite aware that they and their comrades tend to be cannon fodder, and act accordingly. Some don’t.

Mpst well to do people don’t pay meaningful attention to foreign policy when they vote, relying on superficial and sycophantic sourcing to vote in policies that violate the ethics that the follow, roughly, in their daily lives, and that do not even serve their interests in doing that.

Some don’t, of course. But the majority of each class votes its imagined pocketbook.