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The Right-Wing Press and Violence Against Women: Terrible When Abroad, Ignored When at Home


The Right-Wing Press and Violence Against Women: Terrible When Abroad, Ignored When at Home

Christian Christensen

When the U.K.’s Daily Mail ran a story about the rape of a woman in the southern Swedish town of Ljungby in April 2018, it spoke volumes about how the newspaper sees victims of assault, not to mention being one of the more grotesque examples of journalistic schadenfreude one could ever c


Dear Christen Christensen, I would like to see an article written by you after you talked with in length over at least a six month period with the women victim in Ljungby. Not as an antidote for the trauma she experience but to learn the story from her point of view.


Rape is as old as humanity and has always been used as a weapon in war. Soldiers, taught to destroy property and lives by brutal killing become the all consuming savage barbaric actor of their actions.
Rape is an act of anger and hate by the unlightened, unbridled who want to have power over others.

Rape is not a topic people like to discuss as evidenced by the lack of participation here. As a journalist the author chooses to educate and direct the reader to the dearth of knowledgeable publication by mass media. I appreciate his worthy article.


Violence against women REMAINS defined as a “personal problem” in spite of #MeToo— though, MAYBE we are seeing some change when it comes to men in politics (witness that the Lt.Gov. of Virgnia maybe forced to resign due to credible accusations from TWO women–it must always be more than one woman. At least, perhaps, it no longer has to be DOZENS (as in the case of Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein). But, to know if violence against women—usually committed by a man she knows–are actually being taken seriously, one ahs to look at law enforcement. Here’s two ways you know that NOT MCUH ahs changed: tens of thousands of rape kits are gathering dust on shelves in cities across the country NOT TESTED; and, how seriously does law enforcement take ORDERS OF PROTECTION that survivors of domestic violence get to keep a man who’[s ALREADY ASSUALTED THEM away? (I’ve no numbers for it but, I wonder if ARREST was REQUIRED and a sentence of at least a YEAR, if orders of protection might be worth more than the paper they’re written on). So, few rapists ever are indicted, fewer still convicted and fewer yet again go to prison. As for domestic violence, we’re still hearing the question “Why does SHE stay?” instead of “Why does HE think he has the right to hit her?” Until there’s more change in these respects, violence against women is will remain ONLY a tactic for racists/anti-immigrants to sue as a cudgel against the Other–but, will remain a crime that most perpetrators can feel pretty damn certain they will never be held accountable for.


Excellent comments! Our society has so far to go before we can call it Civilized. How long did it take countries to allow 50% of the populace to vote? We are fighting ageism, racism and sexism. If television were banned or at least the propaganda spewed from all mass media, people might have a better chance of using their brains.

Can you imagine in El Salvador women go to prison if they have a miscarriage.

So much ignorance in the world including what is called the developed part. I am glad to see this article.