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The Rise and Rise of the Global Climate Movement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/03/rise-and-rise-global-climate-movement

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Sophie Yeo’s conclusion:

When Greta told the UN that “real power belongs to the people”, she couldn’t have known the extent to which that sentiment would define the next year of climate activism. What we don’t know yet is whether it’s enough. Enough power. Enough people.

Looking back on a lifefime of on-and-off activism, I don’t know if I ever attended an action without severe misgivings and self-doubt. Every march, every rally or canvassing campaign, I’m thinking: “Is this really doing any good, or am I just posturing in a place designed to harmlessly let off steam? Is this action just a pressure valve?” I’m always pinioned by that question, wherever I go.

Yeo comes close to that question, in her conclusion. How will we know when people have enough power? So many ways to tell. One of them: Extractivism would be arrested, predators jailed.

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Hmmm, this is kind of a snotty article. I can’t quite place the tone but she seems to be dismissing Greta as a johnny come lately after all the “hard” work had been done by lesser knowns. When she says “but I didn’t take the bait”, we see the motivation: our little reporter got left behind and now she’s pist!

It is a mystery to most why someone catches on and others don’t.
When I told the powers that be of the city that I was growing up in that I was dying because of the pollution from the millions of badly catalytically converted exhausts, I was told that if I didnt shut up, I wouldn’t die a natural death.

Why did Brad Pitt get interminably famous after doing one scene in Thelma and Louise?

I don’t know.

The Koch foundation found one willing loud mouth from Oklahoma to do their bidding in the nineties, and penis wired zombies became an instant army behind him.

I support Greta. Stay safe, child.

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The same mentality of rich and powerful conservanazis that trafficked and raped Epstein’s little girls and boys is at work trying to destroy Greta.