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The Rise in Material Hardship Among Working-Class Whites and How It Could Impact the 2020 Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/28/rise-material-hardship-among-working-class-whites-and-how-it-could-impact-2020

Not to mention us retiarded low- and moderate-income whites on Social Security, who are seriously threatened by Tweetle-Dumb’s imposition of a hold on FICA (aka ‘Payroll’) taxes to benefit his Fat-Cat donor friends & enablers.

Reality, anyone?

You mean the kicking of the entire country under the bus? Everything I’ve read tells me that people with 2-6 year college degrees are going to feel the most pain. Because once people lose jobs, unlike in the past, they are never going to get them back again. Because the wages will plummet. People will have to leave their families behind, accept wages a fraction of what they are used to, and go to the ends of the earth just to stay working.

Just like third world people do today.

They call this services liberalization.


That’s not just Tweetle-Dumb’s doing.  Thank O’Bummer for the wonderful deals he was working on as part of the Trans-Pacific “Partnership” (aka screw-job), and the Lying Son-of-a-Bush, and Bill Clinton for CAFTA, NAFTA and especially The WTO.   It is no wonder so few trusted Hideous Hilliary, but do not expect a miraculous “about face”
from Sleepy/Creepy Joe.  Things will continue to deteriorate, just not quite so quickly as during the past four years.

I think we are going to see free fall, to be honest with you. They are already speculating about the revival of TISA (jobs) TTIP/TAFTA (more jobs) India-US (lots and lots of jobs) Also the Environmental Goods Agreement (green jobs) and the UK-US FTA… They will likely be able to privatize the NHS, and turn it into for-profit and means tested, just like Medicare and Social Security. and so on.

To them it makes no sense to have Americans do any of these things because of our costs being so high.