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The Rise of Corporate Nations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/24/rise-corporate-nations


Why let corporations and their politicians operate currency markets at all?!


I’ve seen this coming for quite a while. When corporations began slapping their names on community venues like sports arenas instead of the community, I knew we were done with nation-states as a means of government. I hope we fracture into much smaller comities and polities, so we can legislate the corporation out of existence as an economic entity. Otherwise…well, corporations are legally people, and they act like sociopaths, with conscience, without compassion or empathy. In other words, like reptiles.


What you mean-um “is becoming”, Kemo Sabé?   My dad declared that the U.S. was essentially ‘a Korpocracy’ roughly FIFTY years ago, and it was well over 65 years ago that Ike warned us about
the Military-Industrial complex.  Just two Korporations – Nestlé and Monsanto – already control a
huge percentage of the world’s water and crops, respectively.  I wonder how long it will be before
Jeff Bezos – or the Walton family – buys up both of them . . .

1984 — Here At Last!!


Approx three days ago there was a news blip that Iranians are using bitcoins to survive amidst the USA economic sanctions. Please remember that USA sanctions against Husein in Iraq caused about 50,000 deaths each year due to lack of medicine there.

We could analyze our own early and extra deaths here due to an individual / family income not being sufficient to pay for medicine prescribed. But, we won’t discuss that because the wealthiest nation ever could not possible permit this to occur.
sarcasm intended.

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The nation state and corporatocracy have no link, reasoned relationship or have any capacity to envison the foregoing, and are wholly dependent on NOT ‘counting’ what the legacy of “externalized costs” even means, past present and future. Hence the two are unreasoned, solipsistic/self-referential deluded and running on empty without even the slightest notion of what is required for ‘correctives’ to the heinous damages their minions cause every minute of every day.

The dilemma is the epitome of clueless.

Is the US government accepting Libra money as payment for Facebook’s $5 billion fine?

If so, I’m paying my taxes in Libra.

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Oh yes, race and genocide; blood quantum and assimilation are ways a nation state twists reality to steal whatever it wants. Hey, theyŕe not humans, only white men can spoeak to these issues…

This is making ourselves helpless before the corporation, to the 10th power. It is unclear whether any entity, agency or body anywhere on Earth can stop Facebook from this world-class corporate display of arrogance, egomania and greed.

From Azimov to Dick to Cameron, any even semi-serious sci-fi reader/watcher will tell you corporate governments are what the future looks like…if it isn’t apocalyptic.


Yes Ike did indeed warn us about “the military-industrial complex” which murdered the very next president and later his brother as well as MLK, and then has lied us into one senseless immoral war after another, after they murdered and lied their way into control of this country. AmeriKa is a corporatocracy, period. The corporate news lies routinely and gives us the corporate slant on everything, herding the sheeple any way they want. With their unlimited funds from the lying, dishonest fiat currency from the PRIVATELY-OWNED Federal Reserve Syndicate we have an unlimited corporatocracy, unlimited stupid wars, and unlimited tyrannical government which has become just a tool of the corporatocracy to have their way with us. Neither Demoncrats or the Repugs are interested in really changing our corporatocracy because they are beneficiaries of this government/coporate collusion. We are all slaves/serfs on the government feudal plantation but it is all OK because we have our toys, drugs and fool-ball games to keep us placid. Our situation is what it is and will remain so until the greed collapses upon itself and the whole syndicate comes crashing down. You can’t fix a problem until you can see the problem and it looks like we are pretty far away from that vision judging from most of the “Democrats-good, Republicans-bad” limited view that appears on these pages regularly. If anyone has a solution to our situation I’d like to hear about it. Gopherit

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This is exactly why I have been calling to kill our current system for decades. Out-dated , over-bloated , under- performing system that it is. we have waited to long to wake up. Freedom as humans is dust in the wind. The all knowing EYE is always watching you.

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