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The Rise of Trump Shows the Danger and Sham of Compelled Journalistic "Neutrality"


The Rise of Trump Shows the Danger and Sham of Compelled Journalistic "Neutrality"

Glenn Greenwald
As Donald Trump’s campaign predictably moves from toxic rhetoric targeting the most marginalized minorities to threats and use of violence, there is a growing sense that American institutions have been too lax about resisting it.


Yesterday, while interviewing Ted Cruz to discuss the “Trump Problem”, George Stephanopoulos allowed Cruz to consistently claim that a Trump nomination would result in Hillary being elected. George did not ever correct him, as a real journalist would have, that Bernie Sanders is very much in the running. No surprise, though, as George is a well established Clinton whore.


I finally gave up listening to NPR on my daily commutes. Where is Walter Cronkite when you need him?


The danger is quite real when instead of speaking out with a moral vision, a stance of neutrality is maintained. (Little Eichmanns…)

“Imagine calling yourself a journalist, and then — as you watch an authoritarian politician get closer to power by threatening and unleashing violence and stoking the ugliest impulses — denouncing not that politician, but, rather, other journalists who warn of the dangers.”

How many still doubt that the TIMES are inverted?

Chelsea Manning places a spotlight on brutal war crimes and is the one who goes punished.

Julian Assange opens the world’s eyes to malfeasance in high places and he must remain under house arrest into perpetuity.

Edward Snowden tells U.S. citizens that their basic right to privacy is being daily violated, and he becomes a marked man.

Elites who have turned the global economy into casino gaming tables now put the squeeze on workers in nation after nation… to forcibly continue to cover THEIR bad bets.

Cops who shoot down innocent, unarmed Black kids are enabled by a media that does its best to criminalize the targets… not their attackers.

Pretending that Trump is not a menace and a lighting rod to racist violence is pretty much in keeping with the insidious inversion of the rule of law. This inversion of moral gravity also undermines all Just Precepts.

It’s good that Mr. Greenwald brings this up with the hope of shaming journalists into a more morally-sound accounting of events and their likely long-term ramifications. But those who hold corporate jobs are unlikely to jeopardize their own positions. The ones that do will be tossed and replaced with willing automatons. The news, these days, is packaged pabulum that any talking head can recite.

Collapse is taking place. The temples built by today’s moneychangers are tainted and set on unstable ground.

Watch for falling debris!


This very timely essay by Glenn Greenwald captures the essence of how (beside outright purchase) our Fourth Estate has been hobbled, corrupted and compromised to a shell of what it once was, unable to hear, or see, or speak the truth - an agent of the evil that uses media as its tool. NPR a great example of this idiocy that should know better!

“faux objectivity over truth” - any semblance of truth-telling or calling-out obvious BS and lies is “regarded as a violation of journalism. Such denunciations are scorned as opinion, activism, and bias: all the values that large media-owning corporations have posited as the antithesis of journalism in order to defang and neuter it as an adversarial force.”

The result of this pre-mediated policy of supposed “objectivity” is that any idiotic, obviously rubbish or false or misleading position, or corporate lie must be given equal time to truth! The betrayal of the critical role the Fourth Estate was empowered to play - their responsibility to the nation, corrupted to the carny charade they have become - an agent of deception and propaganda. The rise of Trump and his pathology a great example…


Most MSM journalists are nothing but high paid whores who do not want to jeopardize their million $ salaries and access. And this is nothing new in the American MSM.

As usual, Glen Greenwald nails it: " the rules of large media outlets- venerating faux objectivity over truth".


Excellent point on “faux objectivity”
From a neutral point it is actually tabloid editorialism.
Failing to ask the needed question “is the emperor without clothes?”
I gave up on NPR/PBS objectivity a long time ago.


NPR has always been accused of liberal bias. If they can’t criticize Trump for being the extremist that he is, I don’t see any liberal bias. I see censorship. I no longer listen to that station. They used to report the news objectively. They used to report Mideast news without bias. They received many complaints. They used to say they can’t change their opinions for someone else. Now, they report the news with pro-Israeli bias & get far fewer complaints.


The Revolution will not be televised.

Gil Scott-Heron 1974

Fascism is being televised.

Uncle Po (a few minutes ago)


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Why don’t you give us a break? You write nothing about NPR whatsoever. How about people wanted to discuss this article because we live here and it matters to us?


I listen to NPR all the time and I am appalled at how biased they have been against Bernie. They sure do seem to like Hillary though. It is almost insulting the way some NPR coverage/reporting/commentary treats the listeners as if they were all dumbed down and incapable of thinking for ourselves. They did the same thing about the war in Iraq and other issues where they take the role (self assigned) of a conservative liberal (if there even is such a thing)!

I don’t mean a liberal conservative which may be rare but does exist but a conservative liberal. The usually never spoken of but plainly in evidence conservative liberal is a conservative about war and the economy, a moderate about crime and education et al and liberal about art, music and all things cultural. They are also liberal about some social issues such as race, gender, gays and so forth.

Liberal about art and humanities, they mask a definite conservatism that avoids political change.

Ours is an NPR that has also avoided commenting on the warmest winter ever by simply referring in their daily forecasts to another unseasonably warm day or a beautiful day or a gorgeous day tomorrow etc. All winter long. Nothing ever is said connecting that to climate change. That is utterly bizarre and management interference with the press should be investigated by their ombudsman.

NPR is no longer liberal in general it is only liberal with regards to arts and some social issues. However they lean towards the conservative politically just as does the status quo democrats - super delegate counts included and continuously repeating how Hillary has such a huge lead.

The conservative liberals … Just not liberal conservatives… They don’t go that far.


I heard that this morning and it made my blood boil. At least Cokie Roberts had a good comeback (good for her) and frankly I haven’t been so impressed with her for some time, as she is pretty much in the center of the common consensus.

And what would journalism be without any opinions or reason for being? Not to mention that merely deciding what to mention is opinion delivered by means that pretend to not be responsible. Someone needs to counter this otherwise you have to remain shut up until you can quote a notable in response. That doesn’t reliably happen. It you let someone else’s words channel through your own stories without challenge or support then you become responsible.


Read the community guidelines about off topic! Or at least wait till there are a few dozen posts where people express their views together before side tracking the discussion. How insulting you are to the writer btw. and to everyone else. I am expressing my opinion of your post which is rudely off topic and both arrogant of you to post because you don’t listen to NPR and you just decided people talking about it didn’t interest you?

There is not a single word relating to radio or mass communications much less NPR. Do you mean that there weren’t plenty of articles about Trump or fascism for you to post to? There sure are though but we in America listen to NPR and it is very important to us.

So yeah give us a break or at least give people a chance to express their views about the subject first before going completely off topic. It is bound to happen when people argue and you have a couple of hundred posts but it is unfair to purposefully do what you’ve done right in the beginning of a thread .


I take the point, but “evenhanded” reporting would be an improvement over how anti-exploitocracy views are disappeared or demeaned by the corpress.

They are perfectly fine with offending us, aren’t they?


Trump is being used by a lot of people as a middle finger to Washington D.C.

Versailles on the Potomac regrets giving the rabble an opportunity to express their displeasure.

Rules will be changed so it won’t happen again, be assured.

As an American subject, you may choose neoliberal Coke, or neocon Pepsi, until the sun falls into the sea. Otherwise, shut your mouth and get back to work, assuming you can find any.


Really? Cokie Roberts is being chewed out for being to the left of neutral? I don’t know what her personal politics are, but to keep a job in journalism these days, you must not drop a hint of that. In today’s political climate, everybody will have to choose, and choose publicly. Which side are you on, Elizabeth Warren?


I think it safe to say that there are no real journalists working in the MSM, we have been getting fed a constant stream of B.S. for many many years on everything, truth is a rare commodity in to days so called “news”, it is no wonder that Trump continually spouts lies, it is been made the norm for years for politicians to say what ever they need to in order to achieve their goals. One only need to go back for example and look at the monumental lies that were told in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq. That Trump has no need to worry about anything he says is no real surprise.

I mean if they can pander the story about a hijackers passport surviving the demolition of the towers to be found intact , and not call B.S. that is not journalistic “neutrality” , it is cowardice, perhaps even treason.

If it were not for Mr. Greenwald and a small group of other such journalists and outlets like C.D. that do print truths and root out lies, things would look much darker.


I would also like to add to my list of fine journalists and outlets the names of Amy Goodman and the show Democracy Now, always excellent reporting . Doing the job of real reporting on facts, truths and misbehaviours of elected officials and police.


Compelled Journalistic Neutrality, synonymous for Lie by omission? As Disingenuous is to Lie? As Protected is to 1st Amendment? As Ethical is to All Good Men. Oh, so Few!
Forget concepts like integrity, honor, duty, American!
We’re talking more Whore, dirt, scum, worthless shit talking heads!
Say what you will about me, society, country, but a line needs to be drawn at the office of the President in an election.
Treasonous to slander, this office for monetary gain, when the worlds opinion is weighing in the balance and our next generation is forming theyre ideology.
Survival is hard enough for most with government on our backs, the 1%er parasites up our ass, media twisting our minds. All we’ve got left is a glimmer of Hope in our hearts thanks to the few true like Bernie.

Hold That Line