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The Risks of Mishandling the Tikrit Offensive


The Risks of Mishandling the Tikrit Offensive

Sharif Nashashibi

With advances already being made, it is a matter of time before the large-scale offensive to dislodge the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) from the city of Tikrit succeeds. Despite ISIL reinforcements arriving from other areas, they are up against some 20,000 fighters with Iraqi air support and leadership from experienced Iranian commanders. ISIL is also spread thin by simultaneous offensives against it elsewhere in Iraq and in Syria.


The author seems to think that Shia restraint is possible and the goal of integrating Sunni populations, liberated from ISIS into a new Iraq where Sunnis would be treated as equals under law is realistic. The evidence he gives us however contradicts this. Apparently the US expects a slaughter of Sunnis in Takrit and wants to distance itself from it. What would be a better policy? Recognize that ethnic and sectarian differences are insurmountable and divide the country. My guess is that with or without US intervention this is how it will eventually sort itself out.


The US “already” intervened, inflaming the Sunni/Shia divide with false-flag attacks in the long occupation. Now they wring their hands and shed crocodile tears… “think of the children”.

Maybe the US could have thought of the children before toppling their “staunch ally” Saddam because he wanted to trade oil in Euros to countries the US didn’t “like”.


‘Given past conduct and recent statements----’
Come on:Surely not of ISIS or Iran! Of USA and Israel!!!
It is now very difficult to post here.
I can easily write but do I want to?
As an identity, the USA is just too ghastly to contemplate. Enough of words! As with Israel all words are spun to create time for the criminals to do more harm.
Deeds are needed.
Long ago both the USA and Israel made of themselves identities that no-one can be proud of. The names and accents and concerns smell, well stink actually. This has become irreversible. Both countries are striking absurdities and it is clear they are not mistakes.
This means ‘Americans’ and Israelis have to be held responsible for the countless deaths they have caused.
They are the modern Nazis. They have no place in the future.