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The RNC’s Puzzling Obsession with Socialism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/node/140233

So now Maduro is equivalent to Stalin? The author apparently ingested the baloney the MSM purveys about Venezuela. For shame.


The Dems are not socialist either; that is part of the Republican propaganda. Kampf-Lassin’s obviously underconsidered association of Maduro with Stalin and Mao et al is symptomatic.

One imagines that it comes because people he regards as socialists and who may self-identify as such. It can be shown as ill considered because Maduro is a socialist in deed as well as word, if only to some extent, and has therefore been targeted by the Democratic as well as Republican party, including some who self-identify as socialist.

It pays the Republicans to claim that the Dems are socialists when they are not because many Americans think socialism just means draconian government. Some Democrats find it pays to claim that they are socialist because some Americans know that socialism would involve more adequate social programs.

But saying does not make any of it so. It just hides a lot of the fascist and authoritarian programs in each party.

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That “obsession with socialism” may have its roots in nazi ideology. From my perspective the RNC performance blended visual and verbal attacks reminiscent of US fascist/nazi rally’s of the 1930’s. with “socialists,” “Communists,” and “Jews” singled out for attacks by the Bund of the 1930’s, today targeted by Trump and his supporters under almost identical labels of “socialists,” “Communists,” and “globalists.”

"Active in New York-New Jersey was the German American Bund, an organization that supported Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party, its national headquarters at 178 East 85th Street in heavily German Yorkville in Manhattan.

One German American who did not hide his far-right views was Fred Trump, Sr., father of Donald, publicly known to be a racist refusing to rent his thousands of apartments in Queens and Brooklyn to African Americans. . On May 31, 1927, Fred Trump was arrested participating in a Ku Klux Klan march in his home borough of Queens

The height of the Bund’s activities was a February 20, 1939 rally at NYC’s Madison Square Garden.of some 20,000 Bund members and Nazi supporters." ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC1MNGFHR58 documentary of Garden Rally

~https://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/revisiting-the-american-nazi-supporters-of-a-night-at-the-garden - Essay on A night at the Garden and on trump support for white supremacists and neo-nazis today.

Where was Fred Trump on Feb 20 1939? At the MSG rally?
The Nuts Don’t fall Far From The Tree

“Today, Donald Trump, has championed concentration camps for asylum seekers and homeless people, torn babies from their parents, and praised neo-Nazi marchers in Virginia; echoes of the political vitriol of his father’s era Bund.”

What is learned by the child at home often becomes the adult!

"trump’s fascist tendencies masked as “Making America Great Again” are policies driven as much by Trump family Nazi ideology as by political expediency and personal greed " Add the malignant influence of mentor Roy Cohn to the mix for the who DJT is today.

Above quotes and outline from ~https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL1910/S00036/the-america-of-trumps-father.htm


Next they’ll be shouting:


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Is anyone surprised? Americans started a war with Vietnam - reason? Communism!! Americans have tortured Cuba with sanctions for half a century. Reason Communism!!

The Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau (father of the current Canadian PM) Once asked Richard Nixon “What is it with you guys and your fear of Communism.? What do you care that if the Cubans or the Vietnamese have chosen Communism?”


The fear of “Socialism” goes way back in the USA and in fact to a time when they were just 13 Colonies. About 80 years before the Revolution there was something called “Bacons Rebellion” . Now Bacon was a racist and thug who felt it the right of the Colonists to seize all of the lands of the First Nations peoples for their own but the underlying reason for his rebellion is there were masses of Colonists that had nothing even as some small few owned all of the land. The very rich owned huge swathes of land and or were awarded them by the Crown and in an agrarian economy this left the masses destitute. Bacon recruited from those masses peoples that rose up in rebellion and the wealthy of the time saw their land holdings threatened.

This was one of the reasons the founders were opposed to Democracy. They did not want a Democracy. They openly wrote that in a Democracy the majority would vote to take away the property of the 1 percent and that 1 percent wanted to ensure their property rights were safe from from such an event.

When you get right down to it , Socialism in its truest sense IS Democracy and Capitalism is its opposite. The intent of Democracy is to give every person an equal say as to how the given Country they live in is run and Socialism in its purest form wants to see the collective ownership of the Commons among all citizens.

The Republicans hate Socialism for the same reason they are opposed to Democracy. They do not want the “Mob” to take away all of their stuff.

Capitalism is just another form of Feudalism.


The DLC’s rejection of Sanders because he would be called a socialist is working out so well. Thank goodness they have a candidate that can’t possibly be called socialist.


If Trump had actual ‘fascist’ tendencies’ and not just general authoritarian and populist tendencies, then he would be proposing an economic program which would claim to be a ‘third way’ between socialism/communism and capitalism where the state/government had direct control over the economy while still allowing private ownership. See: ‘Corporatism and the Ghost of the Third Way’

You know Trump is doing nothing of the sort. Trump and the Republicans are like the Democrats, essentially on a platform of ‘business as usual’ as far as the economic system is concerned. Calling the Democrats ‘socialists’ or the Republicans ‘fascists’ may be seen simply as a tactic to give voters the illusion of a ‘choice’.


The reason the US has sanctions on Venezuela is why-?—Are they trying to build a bomb-?nope Are they a threat to their neighbors or the US–nope They were a real working socialist country in South America-----and the American elite can’t have that.

Children are dying everyday because of these sanctions and yet both corrupt parties support this murder of innocents-----and now in a pandemic-----and the same for Syria and Iran—these sanctions should be lifted.


Sorry but you can’t own the Commons-------and the Commons is here and now----AIR-WATER- LAND-FIRE<<<natural resources------we all have a right to share in the wealth of the Commons.

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Which is pretty well what I said and why I am opposed to the concept of Private property.

It’s so sad and anger provoking to realize that this country, from its inception, was founded for the benefit of the 1%–founded on a lie! We are not a bastion of Democracy. Perhaps that is why conflicting and contradictory ideology of the great divide between the left and right has been exposed like a neon light shining in the dark. Many are waking up and attempting to transform this nation to fit the ideals of true freedom and democracy and the backlash is once again fierce.


No --the republicans are fixing elections —I think it is 60% of the people in Wisconsin vote for a democrat legislature but the republicans win???—2000 --2004- 2016 elections all fixed—Trump loosing by what over 2 million votes???----and if Trump wins it will most likely be by a minority of voters again------I don’t think the guy has ever polled over 50% ----People in this country have every right to call this government illigitimate. This whole event held at the White House was illegal and the Corporate media let him get away calling himself the “law and order president”???

People in this country are being gunned down because of hate pushed by Rupert Murdoch , Fox , and Trump.


Quote of the week:

“What the Democrats should have learned this week - but won’t - is that if Republicans can call the neoliberals Biden and Harris “radical left socialists”, they’ll call anyone that. So you might as well nominate one…” - Jeffrey St. Clair



The DNC is just as obsessed, isnt it obvious?

Jobs going away, people living longer, incomes becoming scarcer, labor becoming international.

How are people in the US going to eat, given that most of us will be unemployed in a few years?

If Coronavirus hadn’t come along when it did, I bet they would have been tempted to invent something like that. Or agree to start a war with somebody. Remember how the governments did that in Orwell’s “1984”

In the past, the crowned heads of Europe who were all related to one another, had wars with one another to kill off the commoners whenever the pressure for social change rose.

Rich people worry about stuff like this. A lot. The difference between now and the past is that now technology is rapidly making more and more work unnecessary.

So they feel like they are trapped in a cage. They dont want to adapt in any sane way. Thats what the trade deals we’re pushing on other countries are for, in the name of giving investors “certainty” they prevent adaptation. Thats why the current situation is kept fake. So that none of our problems can or will be solved by any kind of real democracy. They have rigged it. Globally.

That means they will explode in a dangerous way.

Its a very dangerous, avoidable situation.


Mr. Kampf-Lassin, the absurd painting of the center-left Democrats as “socialists” may not “seem to be working” in your rareified academic circles, but is sure is working her in the Appalachian/Rust Belt heartland that carried Trump in 2016…


Dear Miles,

I hate to burst your bubble but the Dems in my area are still sitting on their butts and going ho hum, we got this in the bag. It is 2016 all over again.

The message is still…TRUMP IS A BAD GUY. The idiots out there don’t care. Trump’s making a fuss resonates with them and they are banging the pots and pans and now they are bringing out the guns which scares the hell out of the polite take the “high-road” Democrats. Since when has staying alive or being born ever been easy and with out some blood being shed. Even a scraped knee takes some attention and I being a life long Democrat can see the Dems putting on blinders again and slapping on a band-aid thinking Biden’s name recognition will win the day.

Why won’t Biden give us Medicare for All? The jackass is deaf, dumb and blind in the time of a pandemic. Give the people what they need now and he will have everyone in his corner.


When you realize that we’re being led into a trap, they appear to be just as right wing as the others.
They are not to be trusted. When the peril of anything short of full single payer, after leaving G. is clear. For example, see Page 11.


Otherwise, why not use the word “Single Payer” ?

Why use the name that NOW, not having left G, triggers the loss of Medicare if anything that enlarges it to be larger in scope than Social Security is done?

~https://www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/serv_e/10-anfin_e.htm <<TOP

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I’m a WHITE who lives to the north of Kenosha, and your “racist police bru­tal­i­ty con­tin­ues to tor­ment com­mu­ni­ties of col­or” ALSO torments ME!!