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The Road Back from the Brink

The Road Back from the Brink

John Atcheson

These are perilous times.

At a time when the window of opportunity to avoid the worst—and increasingly, the irrevocable—consequences of climate change is closing, we have an anti-science president and Congress that is already doing its best to usher us into the new Dark Ages.

At a time when the social fabric of our nation is in danger of being ripped to shreds, we’ve elected a leader who feeds hate and divisiveness.

"Perhaps we needed to hit bottom. If so, is this bottom enough?"

If we are to be returned to the Dark Ages, let us take up the Surgical Sword and remove the Cancer which grows within our government.

The time is Now!


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I don’t think hitting rock bottom is what happened. I think the Republican Party took a another step toward the right. If you keep going right eventually you will hit fascism. Once lying became acceptable for nearly the entire party (such as their proclamations about climate change) this opened the door for Donald Trump, a candidate who lied consistently, to walk through. We still have one major party that completely rejects racism and fascism but we need at least two such major parties for the US to function as a democracy.

No, ‘we’ didn’t elect him or the worthless congress.

In your Aug 13th article you wrote:
“The central fact of this election was that Trump won with only 26.1 percent of the eligible voters.”
and that is no doubt true.

The sham that is our election process is nothing more than a joke played on the ‘voting public’ for the duopoly’s amusement.

I appreciate this point you’re attempting to convey, as I do most all of your articles. But I’m afraid you are preaching to the small choir of us who already get it, and agree wholeheartedly.

The system has been rigged for quite some time, to the point they don’t even have to pretend to play along with the illusion of a democracy in this country. And, yes, it is also global. The U.S. is just part of the problem.

Thanks for the effort, Mr. Atcheson, and good bloody luck to us all going forward.


What x1jodonn said, but you will never change.

The NY Times offered Hillary this advice, which you so conveniently sweep under the rug: “Mrs. Clinton will be making a terrible mistake — for herself, her party and for the nation — if she continues to press her candidacy through negative campaigning with disturbing racial undertones … "

Read it and weep.


Wonderful rhetorical rhythm.
First eight paragraphs, following each clause, “…, we…”
(“At a time when we need a government that is strong, capable, responsive, and responsible, WE’ve turned it into a punch line.”)

Yes, we did this to ourselves. We brought this expanding nightmare upon us all by ourselves. Oh, we were seduced, it’s true, but we elected these presidents and congresses. We have endured it from Reagan, right through each Republican and Democratic administration and Congress, with most of us not even realizing what was taking place. Even those who voted for Trump in desperation, hoping he would shake things up, had little idea what it was that had happened beyond their paycheck.

And, though I realize this article is from your new book: WTF, it’s the end of the subtitle that’s missing from this stirring article: “…and How to get it (our country; our democracy) back on track.”

Then you tease us in the article, again failing to provide your central idea:
“Ironically, the Oligarchy has showed us how. We need only emulate what they did in the name of greed and power, to restore a measure of dignity, decency, morality and wealth to each of us.”

The paragraph fails to identify just what it is you think the Oligarchy showed us that allowed them to wrest this nation and our democracy from the 99%. Are we now supposed to gerrymander voting districts, purchase local and national news outlets for the singular purpose of propagandizing the 99%, hire demigod talk radio personalities to light fires in the nation’s weakest minds, create a judicial system of right-wind judges and a Supreme Court to make corporations “people” so they can legally purchase Congress, fund Progressive think tanks to publish papers and take over tv talk shows?
Are we supposed to elect a congress that will actually represent the best interests of We, the People?
Just what is it the Oligarchs did that we should now do to take back our nation and democracy?

How do we get out of the hole we are in, where we are so easily propagandized? so easily seduced by Madison Avenue’s sex, misogyny, and lies?

No fair writing a promotion for your book pretending to be an article.
Just because of this, I will not purchase the book.
Sad. I usually like the thinking of John Atcheson.

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The first rules of holes is, when you’re in one, stop digging. And, putting up with the Democratic Party’s leadership is the first part of those damn holes we keep tripping over.
Just saying NO, is the starting point. No to their milquetoast Better Deal strategy in 2018, actually worked. When’s the last time Schumer/Murray
brought that stinker up?
The current situation, with Trump’s lunacy and deception on full display daily, should allow the progressives to assert their control over the DNC.
And, their fierce determination not to be back benchers, must be kicked into a higher gear. That, or the fight in 2018 will be about a lot more than seats in Congress.


It was Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, who signed the civil rights legislation. It was the Democrats who pushed affirmative action. It was the Democrats who elected a black president twice. It was a Democrat, Hillary Clinton, who largely ran on furthering the efforts of Obama. And whose campaign theme was stronger together. It is the Democrats who have been fighting for a path toward citizenship for undocumented immigrants. It the Democrats who are most strongly opposing the Muslim ban. The Democratic Party rejects racism.

Heh John Atcheson !

James Kunstler has a website - its title is dead - dead accurate - “Clusterf*** Nation”.

I’m reading “Farewell Kabul” - absolutely proof positive that James Kunstler’s title is dead - dead accurate, both for the USA and the UK. I’ll include Canada for completeness.

The historians might say there is no way back when things have progressed this far.

I’ll go out on a limb and say there is.

A Green Party - expert in science as well as politics - like Merkel in Germany - who has a Ph.D. in science.

It is more than possible - and ultimately necessary - to do this in the western world.

I’ve had enough of lawyers to last a hundred lifetimes.


“An Informed Citizenry is a check on Tyrants and Tyranny…”

Thanks to Bill for making this almost impossible, by Deregulating the Media so that the .01% Tyrants can now Own and Control it.

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The Democratic Party is where Progressive Ideas, Good Intentions, and Real Leaders go to Die.

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I liked this article I think each person needs to engage their elected representatives whether they like them or not. Give them a call about one thing that troubles you and go from there.

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