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The Road From Damascus


The Road From Damascus

Xan Rice

Turn your back on the Mediterranean in Beirut, drive east along the highway, and you’re soon in the foothills of Mount Lebanon, the range that runs along the country’s spine. As the road gets steeper, the grey urban sprawl gives way to conifer forest and the summer apartments of wealthy city-dwellers seeking to escape the coastal heat. Higher still, the turns become sharper and old VW combis are parked by the roadside with the rear door open to show off Italian coffee machines. A hot drink is tempting; it is winter now, and soon the slopes will be covered with snow.


Good, honest article. There are no "Good Guys" involved in this conflict. Maybe a private charity could think of leasing land for the refugees until things get better- and cut out the vulture middlemen.


I agree. This article suffers from serious omission of what really is now common knowledge. There would not be these refugees except for the fact that Assad refused a pipeline that the US was pushing. Whereupon the US and allies trained and supplied terrorists to brutally invade a sovereign Syria. The article by Xan Rice leaves that out and falsely attributes the sarin attack to Assad whilst ignoring the evidence that it was terrorists supplied by Turkey and it mentions barrel bombs insinuating that it was only Assad causing the the refugee efflux.


This idea of Assad's refusal to allow a pipeline through Syria was the reason that the US interfered with this this sovereign nation needs to be put through the megaphone of the the internet and pushed hard by all progressives.
This is a very important fact that few Americans are aware of. Push hard, my friends.