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The Robin Hood of Power: Iceland's Pirate Party On Track To Win Upcoming Election


The Robin Hood of Power: Iceland's Pirate Party On Track To Win Upcoming Election

If you're sick of our electoral debacle, cool news from Iceland: The Pirate Party of activists, anarchists and hackers is poised to win this weekend's election with about a quarter of Icelanders' support, more than any other party. Riding a wave of post-Panama-Papers anger at corrupt business as usual, the Pirates would reject the two governing parties and form a coalition with smaller progressive ones to work for direct democracy, civil rights and transparency under the rubric, “We are not here to gain power. We are here to distribute power.”


A great development! I heard some discussion of this on To the Point (radio). Perhaps this story will be able to break through the oligarchy's lockdown on the mainstream media.


I am sure the CIA already has reports detailing the presence of Muslim Jihadists in Icelands Westfjords region.


And I am sure Hillary is practicing her signature cackle in anticipation of the "democratic" overthrow of Iceland's leader.


John said it a couple of generations ago:

Power to the People!


Very interesting !

It seems almost surreal.


My ancestors came from Iceland. I wish they had stayed home...then I'd be there right now.


You nailed it.


A lot of news articles are depressing,not this one,this story evokes optimism on many levels.Congratulations to our brothers and sisters in Iceland....now how can we do this in Canada ?


A courageous start. May they prevail.


a passport for snowden. These are some cool icelanders


Iceland helps people around the world see that there are real options besides corrupted anti democratic corporate governance.


One thing about all these cynical comments - living in Iceland means that throwing ice water on their ambitions and aspirations is unlikely to dampen their spirits .. though it seems to work rather well to do that here ...

Stein/Baraka and down ticket Greens in '16 ...


Good to hear about the Panama Papers again. Just read this a couple days ago.

Just getting started.


This has to happen globally if the human race is to survive oligarchy.

Direct Democracy


Well, it turns out that the Pirate Party's coalition did not as well as expected. The Pirate Party and their coalition earned %44 of the vote, while the Independence Party and its coalition (the current ruling coalition) earned %40. As far as any single party goes, the independence party earned the most of any individual party, more than double that of the Pirate Party.

So, that leaves the neutral pro-European Reform Party in the middle, as the kingmaker that will decide which bloc will get to form the new government. According to the Wall Street Journal, it is expected to side with the Independence Party's bloc.


If the pirate party gains power and offers CHELSEA AND SNOWDEN political asylum in Iceland, will they be somehow demonized as having ties to: you fill in the blank... and be invaded as protecting terrorists?


Love their campaign slogan.


" Having successfully prosecuted and jailed several bankers."

Too bad in the US no bankers have been indicted and probably being banking criminals, they never will.

The American people need to follow Iceland's lead and form a third party, for the people; of the people; and by the people. OH WAIT! Dr. Jill Stein fills that gap.