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The Rohingya - Adrift on a Sea of Sorrows


The Rohingya - Adrift on a Sea of Sorrows

Eric Margolis

When is genocide not really genocide? When the victims are small, impoverished brown people no wants or cares about – Burma’s Rohingya.

Their plight has finally commanded some media attention because of the suffering of Rohingya boat people, 7,000 of whom continue to drift in the waters of the Andaman Sea without food, water or shelter from the intense sun. At least 2,500 lucky refugees are in camps in Indonesia.


Wondering how US (being just one ‘partner’) trade stands up with Burma Its interesting to see the import list. The largest exporters in Burma are in (no doubt poorly paid labor) manufacturing, Lumber (LAND deforestation) , gem stones (LAND mining) and seafood.

The case of the Rohinga reminds me of the Guarani in Brazil facing the GMO/agrotoxin laden latifundia that go after the people who are most easily dispossessed of rights and land, and a societal way of being on and with the land, for ongoing impoverishment at home and enrichment of the few. Oiligarchic powers are EXPORTERS not only of material goods but of a model of commerce destroying the planet. The importer and “consumer” (person dehumanized by the system) does not see the devastation and whoopie!, a delusional mindset of something for practically nothing.

Also notable is that the powers that force such a large percentage of the human race into enslavement with lifestyles and practices of a virtual “free lunch” (externalized costs) are the precisely the same that deride labor and all the peoples that they intend to use with the scornful “there is no free lunch”.


No wonder the “ring of fire” is lit… Mother Nature is reacting to so much heartlessness and abuse in so many places.


Why do Americans have so much trouble spelling non-white names?

Do these people call themselves Rohyingas, Rohingyas, or Rohingas?

Do we need an editor here?

It is rather confusing to read.


Why are the Rohingya Minorities being Persecuted? What are other world leaders doing about this? Please watch to know! *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF63ysPL2fs Share to create awareness!