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The Royal Wedding and the End of Whiteness?


The Royal Wedding and the End of Whiteness?

Juan Cole

Props to CNN’s D.J. Judd, who pointed out a historical irony:

The last Duke of Sussex, named in 1801, advocated for abolishing the slave trade and for religious minorities.

Today, Meghan Markle, a biracial American actress and philanthropist descended from slaves, became the Duchess of Sussex. I think that’s cool.https://t.co/doKzQtWZ8m


I mean, who in the fuck really gives a shit about this? It’s been 10 yrs? or so and we STILL are hearing about “Diana”. I don’t give a shit about some other country’s “royalty”.




Salaam. It is Ramadan folks. What it means to me: Ozzie and Omar shut down their Lebanese restaurant in time for them to get home for sundown. It’s a “big” sacrifice for me trying to remember to adjust my schedule to get their delicious food. This white boy bred in Wonder Bread America knows enough to show up and pony up for good eats. “Give me your tired, your poor, …” give them a chance to feed me for a fair price and I shall rejoice in their company.


It would have been nice to read that the royal couple decided to get married at the local Justice of the peace and would be giving the millions that the wedding would have cost to the poor.


I never wanted to hear about it, at all.


I take offense at the mere existence of royalty of any kind. That form of elitism should have been stamped out long ago.


Maybe Megan will remove that stick up their butts.


Yes, fascinating that royalty cancels out racism but strengthens the bastion of class and economic hierarchy gained largely through predatory capitalism and continuing ‘colonization’ practices


How about ending Blackness, or maybe Brownness, racist right? So why isn’t ending Whiteness?


Well said, Prof. Cole!


I just had to stop everything I was doing to watch this magnificent, amazing, splendid and splendiferous spectacle of a wondrous fairy-tale dream come true in live living color and sound.
The bride had the most warm, sincere, happy, ecstatic smile of one who knows that she will still be rich and famous after the divorce is finalized! The groom looked absolutely stunning in his traditional military uniform! I wish the greatest happiness for the greatest number; dukes and peasants, princes and paupers, barons and serfs, masters and slaves, bankers and colliers, dungeons and dragons, blood and soil!


Sorry I missed this gala but I had something more important to do: Watch my toe jams forming.


Yo! Rudyjo! You wanna pass that joint around out here in Cyberland?!


And I rather doubt that any worm “thought” to itself “I really don’t like dark (or white) meat.” Exceptionalism is an ephemeral ride at best.


What a dangerous article. Subservient to the hierarchy of Monarchy and class, from start to end, but well disguised under the veil of anti-racism. Unbelievable. It’s conclusion:

“And that Harry and Meghan are playing an important symbolic role in furthering that process.”

Harry and Meghan are two ordinary individuals who are furthering the false image of a benign royal system, in their self interest and at the expense of the rest of the people. They themselves are the symbol of a rotten and ridiculous system. If anything, their symbolism is damaging the society, not improving it.

Sad day, when an academic does not talk about the evils of monarchies…and elevates an insignificant fact that apparently an aristocrat 200 years ago agreed that slavery needed to be abolished, with no regard for the long collective effort of the millions oppressed who actually made possible its abolishment. But no mention of Thomas Paine that those same 200 years ago wrote so eloquently about the evils of monarchy. Where are the Howard Zins of today? The very premise of this article is very dangerous and retrograde. It is indeed surreal, that in the 21 century, an academic is singing the praises of their royal highnesses in bringing progress to society.


Which brings us back to ancestry and ethnicity and ultimately to diversity. It is a classification not a natural occurrence. It is a disservice to consider that racism.


I saw where Megan’s only question when asked if she would like to go out with Prince Harry was “Is he nice?” . I wouldnt read any giant socio-historical import into it. I’m fairly certain they didnt compare geneologies .


The next thing to learn is that the oligarchy comes in many colours.


People cannot resist a spectacle. – That could sum up the entire history of the human race.