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The Rule of Power Over the Rule of Law


The Rule of Power Over the Rule of Law

Ralph Nader

Sexual assaults need stronger sanctions.

"For centuries patriarchal mayhem has exploited women  in the workplace or the home. Raw power – physical, economic and cultural, regularly, overpower the legal safeguards against wrongful injury, rape and torture, both in the household and at work."


Thank You Ralph Nader! Great rundown and much needed observation about the common evil thread running through all crimes of the powerful against the less powerful. Hopefully a paradigm shift is in the works! Though, during today’s NPR’s interview with the Weinstein outting NYTimes writers when the question turned to whether past reportage, such as that of the 13 Trump accusers and that of Anita Hill, would be re-examined now , the writers completely omitted (bluntly refused?) any mention of the serial abuse done by the still powerful,former President and pal of both Bush’s, Bill Clinton.
Go Nader/Gonzalez! Our bumper sticker is still on the telephone pole. (Who knew anyone still made such quality objects, let alone quality bumper stickers?)


Save that bumper sticker. You may be able to sell it after Social Security is totally wiped out.


To paraphrase James Joyce, "History is a nightmare from which we are trying to awake."
Despite the narcotizing efforts of the Military/Industrial/Political/ Mass Media complex, there is growing awokeness. In the last year the nightmare has become too high-profile to ignore.

Thank you Ralph Nader for emphasizing that the current obscenities are not unique - they have roots that go back many years through many rank abuses of power. It’s going to take sustained vigilance and serious consequences to de-normalize depraved behavior.


After the Republicans gut it rather than upping the income cap?


You go, Ralph. I have always regretted not voting for you in Y2K.


I voted for Ralph in 2000 and 2008 and never regretted it. I got tricked into voting for Kerry in 2004, and regretted it ever since.


Ralph Nader is a national treasure. I’ve been enjoying a podcast of his radio show, which I didn’t know about until last year. If anyone is interested, it’s available at:


"A few weeks ago, former secretaries of state Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice shared a stage at the George W. Bush Institute, reflecting on their careers to widespread admiration. What they neglected to mention were the devastated families, villages, cities and communities and nations plunged into violent chaos from the decisions they deliberately made in their careers."
And yet, we repeatedly honor people like this, DESPITE what they have done.
What in the world is wrong with us?


Madeleine Albright condoned the murders of hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq by her fascist statement: " we think it was worth it". That statement makes her a war criminal and the fact she has been honored instead of being indicted as a war criminal along with Rice and Bush who are two more war criminals tells me that what is wrong with us is Amerika says it is a democracy, when in fact it has become the Fourth Reich.


And the invasion of Iraq based on lies. All that death, maiming and suffering - both by the Iraqis and by U.S. soldiers.
To make the Bush Crime Family and their fellow profiteers even richer.


Thank you for writing this, Mr. Nader. It stands among the best things you have ever written, and that says a lot. You have always been a hero to me, and I consider you as a model for what a civilized, thinking and caring citizen should be.