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The Rumble from the People Can Work


The Rumble from the People Can Work

Ralph Nader

If only the people who engage in “road rage” would engage in “corporate rage” when they are harmed by cover-ups or hazardous products and gouging services, aloof CEOs would start getting serious about safety and fair play. With press report after press report documenting how big business stiffs millions of its consumers and workers, why is it that more of these victims do not externalize some of their inner agonies by channeling them into civic outrage?


Thanks again, Ralph Nader,

I for one follow your advice and stick to basics at a small website manual for rainwater harvesting, flycatcher compost toilets, affordable housing & etc.

My impression is part of sinister passivity training starts with a christmas jingle called frosty the snow man. I have renamed it.

"Snowden the good man."

He told you how they train you.

It starts when you’re a child.

NSA sees you while you're sleeping.

NSA knows when you're awake.

NSA knows if you’ve been bad or good,

so be good for goodness sake.

You better not cry. You better not pout. You better watch out. I’m telling you why;

NSA is coming to town.


The global fascist order (GFO), that is being constructed through police state policing, corporation-favoring "free trade" deals, and militarism to start the list, is rapidly accelerating, in part because it fears the communication among the masses achievable via the internet. The only vote that seems left to one is one's dollar. One will be expected to have fealty to one corporation as one's employer and to many as a consumer. Corporations will develop and enforce the rules to deal with each other, the workers and consumers (and planet) be damned. If a nation refuses to let its sovereignty be subsumed by the corporate order (GFO), it will be destabilized and/or outright attacked.

Happy New Year!


It ought to be a song...

There's rumbling over fracking

And rumbling over closing public schools.

There's rumbling over minimum wage slavery

and efforts to see it rise.

And rumbling over Internet laws that could well limit access.

Rumbling over "guest worker" programs,

and rumbling over gun violence.

Rumbling over Black Lives Matter,

and women's access to birth control: means to sovereignty over their own bodies.

There's rumblings over global warming,

and rumblings over the idiot wars.

And then there's all the CRAP put into this nation's food that makes so many fat, tired,
psychologically worn down, and plain unhealthy!

There are the negative emotions and psychological conditions drawn from all of these
battles, the visceral sense that not only are the seasons off their long-established
axes; but so are the politicians and the police who mistake predation for public

With social services breaking down, the social safety net being transformed into a web of
punitive institutions, many adults are both taking care of adult children who can't find jobs (on the
one hand), and caring for their own elderly parents on the other.

Mr. Nader, like a priest, gave up a personal life and family in order to devote himself totally to the Public Good.

Since most other people do have families, demands from jobs, and must negotiate the various rigors mentioned above, the time left for public service is scant.

I notice in the low-income area where I reside that many people, particularly males who end up "used up"
from the demanding labors that tax their bodies on a daily basis... that their ONLY recourse for "staying in the race" is to get loaded on beer and zone out with T.V.

The wages are insufficient. People sense there is no "way out." And so to cope with lives of quiet desperation, they zone out rather than tune in.

If Occupy Wall St. managed to get broken up by police muscle; if decent people can be gunned down by robo-cop police; if jobs can be offshored leaving communities impoverished; if earth changes threaten more and more towns when Fracking and other poisonous industries don't first... the idea of getting down into the trenches to fight battles that were already fought is daunting and exhausting.

Then there's things like TPP and TIPP.

Mr. Nader has a super-human spirit to have devoted his entire life to fighting so many injustices and to not have lost faith in the face of so many of these travesties recycling... on corporately funded steroids!


I really love Ralph Nader. He seems very sincere and I always learn something new about our government system from him. My only concern is that both he and Bernie Sanders fall under the same trap. They seem to believe that those who have already rigged the system can somehow be beaten by using that same system. What chance does anyone who follows the rules have against someone who cheats? I propose the whole system needs to be dismantled including government, law enforcement, military, etc. The part that I'm stuck on is what to use as a replacement. But I'm certain we the people of the community can figure that out. We can create a system that is far superior to our current structure.


Thank you, WiseOwl. That's the awful truth.


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There are thousands of people committed to new societal designs. And their ideas range from changes in structures of towns and cities to major shifts in energy usage starting with its source.

And it just so happens that the most evident of such organizations--The World Social Forum--is meeting in Canada this year. In the past, such meetings took place in more remote places like Brazil or South Africa.

I am strongly considering attending this forum... as might others who read this site.

I haven't felt pulled this strongly in some time. Ideally, C.D. could create its own "car pool" even if it began in Florida (where I reside) and picked up passengers heading north.


One of the most primary bases for relationship is one's connection to place, and that also includes being AT home.

Just a cursory glance at the enormous climate/weather anomalies occurring in recent weeks makes it evident that the secure connection to home/place is being substantially upended for many persons.

When there is no home to go home to (think of those 5 million refugees from U.S.-drive Middle East wars coupled with climate change paroxysms), people are forced to come up with structural alternatives.

My point is that Mother Nature, a/k/a Gaia is playing a dramatic role in retooling the planet for OTHER styles of life.

Those who only focus on politics or economics are missing the bigger aspects of the Big Picture.


Yes, and then exactly that kind of thinking leads to a "learned helplessness" which seems to be at the heart of a these whacked-out spooky ideas of a all-powerful, god-like "illuuminati" which then replaces actual organizing an getting out in the streets


The revolt is underway and Ralph is being less than honest when he writes articles like this without mentioning the Sanders Campaign. Sorry Ralph.


Thank you Ralph Nader for always being a light in the darkness of corporate interests holding sway over the public good. The GED test has been bought by Pearson corporation resulting in a 70-90% drop in the number of seekers able to earn a GED... All in the guise of college and career readiness. Well, you can't hardly get a job without a high school credential. Who benefits? Pearson and the ed-deformers... Data and info here... if I didn't know any better I'd say the elite want a permanent underclass... http://restoregedfairness.org/latest-news/53-happy-new-year-2015-news-and-a-look-toward-2016


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I think you meant to spell that "axis"-

axes- (plural) an instrument with a bladed head on a handle or helve, used for hewing, cleaving, chopping, etc.

"axis"- the line about which a rotating body, such as the earth, turns.

Otherwise an OK Post......


Whatever happened to the great Michael Moore documentaries? Michael, please run them again as you could just change the names using the same script. Or, how about a documentary divulging what happens in the revolving door game known as American politics, American-style democracy. Re: Richard Nixon, another note. Remember when he hid terrified in the White House while the Vietnam protests raged outside. He finally gathered enough Jack Daniels' courage to go down to the Lincoln Memorial and address some protestors there. But at least he went. Those days have changed!


The level of response one might expect from a poster who can't differentiate between affects and effects.


Are you going? It will take place on my birthday which I take as a good omen.


I'd have to check the dictionary but since I am speaking about more than one axis... I think the plural spelling holds.


It would be nice if Mr. Nader came out in support of Bernie Sanders, the one person who is working hard to inspire the "rumble."


Please view the following 25-minute video in which Ralph Nader and Abby Martin (host of the Empire Files) discuss Senator Sanders' candidacy. Thank you!