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The Russian Bear Growls


The Russian Bear Growls

Eric Margolis

Frankfurt, Germany –Could anyone in the Obama administration have been so slow-witted to imagine that Russia wouldn’t move hard to counter US efforts to overthrow Moscow’s ally, Syria?

The Syrian war began almost five years ago by the US, France, Britain and Saudi Arabia to overthrow Syria’s Iranian and Russian-backed government. The result so far: 250,000 dead, 9.5 million refugees flooding Europe and Syria shattered.

This is nothing new: the first CIA coup attempt to overthrow a Syrian ruler Gen. Husni Zaim was in 1949.




The 'truth' is often a fiction except in foreign policy where no distinction is ever made between the two.


" Don't we hate it when others do exactly what we do ". And what the Amerikan Empire has been doing for so many, many years. American exceptionalism at its best.


" Better make a deal and end this crazy war before Sen. John McCain and his Republican pals really do start WWIII".

John McCain is just insane enough! John never has condemned any American atrocities and furthermore; he just exonerated the hospital bombing in Afghanistan as Obama's fault for pulling so many troops out of Afghanistan.

This insane war loving psychopath is just crazy enough to start WWIII as he is already calling for attacking Russian forces in Syria!


After 9-11 both Qaddafi and Assad were happy to go along with the U.S. "War on terror," holding and torturing people on behalf of the CIA. Even Iran was helpful in providing intelligence on Al Queda. Russia, too, was more than willing to join in the hunt for Islamic radicals, seeing them as a common enemy. You might wonder why the USG turned on such willing collaborators.


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Dangerous clown college.


The evil clown college .....


Ando and others, I would agree about clowns and add cartoons though they are correctly still very dangerous. But it is funny watching the Hegemon turn into Pokemon, ha ha.


When my son was in grade school the 'popular' word for kids like him was 'exceptional' ... amazing how well that descriptor now fits uh-merikkka! :smirk:


"How is it that Washington, DC became Clown College?"
Not to mention housing the planet's worst terrorists!


The Russian bear may have growled, but its military is still a great deal less than a tenth of the size of the empire's military and not likely to grow. Just hope that the USA does not escalate this war too much, because at some point Russia will run out of poker chips.


The USA May have the stronger military but China has indicated it too supports Assad and sends military assets to the region.

Added to that Russia has the superior geographical position which has long been recognized by strategists in the West which is why they have been so intent on breaking Russia up into smaller countries.


I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think it ends here. I do not doubt Israel’s determination to expand or its ability to pull Washington to its will or Washington's determination to follow its PNAC plan to rule the globe for that matter, or Washington’s frustration with being thwarted in its conquest of Syria a second time in just a few years.

From what I have seen, the PNAC plan might as well have been holy writ, and it wont be stopped without the empire's collapse, which is not due any moment yet.

I also don’t doubt Washington's superior weapons technology, superior numbers or its ability to pull its satellite nations such as UK, France, Canada and Australia into the war.

After watching Syria be slowly destroyed, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, moved his rook onto the Syrian chessboard.

Yes, but Vladimir has only two rooks, and not a dozen. This is a very one sided game of chess.

Go to Google maps, and take a close look at Russia's supply route to Syria. The sea route goes directly through Turkey's capital, Istanbul. NATO's member Turkey wont allow the sea route. (The other sea route is a long way - longer than the distance to the USA.) The overland routes go directly through Turkey or through Iraq. Some of that may be Kurdish controlled territory. All of them may be regarded as USA controlled territory, covered with U.S. military bases.

China's supply route to Syria is probably through Russia.

The supply route of the USA is much longer, but other than that, it does not have similar supply problems.

What you say does not seen self evident at all, but I will happily have you improve my understanding on this matter.


Mike Whitney has a somewhat different take on Russia's action. He seems to think it was a brilliant move by Putin, that it negates the idea of a no fly zone, and that the Russians with the Syrians and Iranians and others are going to mop up.



I am not talking about Syria. I am talking about Eurasia and the advanatge of geography there. It a reason General MacCarthur said the US must never allow itself eo engage in a land war in Asia. It is why Brzezinski wrote "The Grand chessboard"

There a reason the USA is so concerned about the great Silk Road project. It because it will ensure Russian and Chinese dominance in Eurasia and Putin AND China have many more cards to play than just Military assets.


I think Saddam Hussein and Manuel Noriega probably asked themselves the same question.


China hasn't sent units yet, but when it does it would be a huge political black eye for the neocon-zionist axis.


Someone forgot to tell Mr. Putin that the US government and it's gray haired vampire blood sucker don't like competition!