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The Russians Did It!


The Russians Did It!

John Atcheson

It's much easier for Democrats to play the blame game than it is to fix what ails them


Fairly obvious at this point; but true enough.


I get what the author is saying, yet will we truly come to grips with Russian collusion? Most Trump lovers think it’s all BS. Even many on the left have agreed with that. If we don’t investigate and hammer this endlessly, then it will simply disappear down the rabbit hole. I was also disappointed by the characterization of Hillary as “openly deceptive” in quickly changing to a progressive opinion. Hillary’s record as a Senator was far more liberal than the vast majority of Senators. For instance, contrast that with Biden’s totally centrist voting record as a Senator. Personally, I would have been very happy with Hillary or the “socialist,” Sanders. Now we are stuck with the horror that will keep on giving, in so many ways, for decades.


You apparently are more willing to overlook HRC’s mendacity, her any-way-the-wind-blows positioning, than much of the rest of the electorate. Thank goodness. Yes, Trump sucks. So does Hillary. The whole election sucked, from beginning to end. The whole Clinton clan just needs to get the fuck over the horizon and stay there. Good riddance. Did you know that the president of the local Steelworker’s Union here told Bill Clinton, during the last weeks of the campaign, that he and his kind weren’t welcome here? That about says it all for what the Clintons have done for the Democratic Party.


Many do not forgive Bill for trade agreements such as NAFTA. It did hurt a lot of union workers. That said, trade agreements are POTENTIALLY a good thing for most people in the world. I also think it is troubling to blame Hillary for NAFTA. Don’t forget that, as I alluded, we could have been stuck with a far more conservative candidate than Hillary…Biden. I get that Hillary does not meet your purity threshold. Not voting for the better choice may someday end the great American experiment.


I hope that the investigators gets to the bottom of how Hillary’s campaign paid over $9 million for the Steele Dossier, filled with dirt on Trump supplied by operatives inside The Kremlin.

That sounds like Russian collusion to me.


OK, now I know you are a republican or Russian or simply totally misinformed. Republicans opened that investigation and democrats wisely decided to not end it. How do you get your ideas so twisted?


The Veteran Intelligence Professionals concluded the “hack” of the DNC server was not a “hack” but a leak, by comparing the timestamps on the files with the size of the files and concluding that no internet connection on the planet was fast enough to move that much data that fast, conclusively determining the materials could only have been downloaded to a memory device directly from the servers.

They also pointed out that IF the data had travelled over the internet the NSA would have had a record of it, where it was routed, and where it ended up.

And in his final press conference Jan 18 Obama himself called it a leak, not a hack.

“The Russians did it” was just a convenient cover for the leak, as well as the Dems loss.

And possibly the cause of premature balding and athletes foot and every other problem Our Republic faces.


I live in true blue connecticut and the democrat brand is so bad they are in danger of losing the state legislature that they have controlled for decades


You can pretend that the VIPs are always correct, but no one ever is always correct. Your statement concerning leak/hack use is just silly.


Learning the truth is not bad simply because it comes from a foreign power.


" Their commitment ( the dems.) to running corporate- friendly candidates ( like HRC ) who represent the oligarchy, not the people."

Bingo! If the democratic party was truthful, instead of saying the Russians did it what they would say is: HILLARY LOST BECAUSE THE OLIGARCHS DID IT! They selected a corporate whore instead of Bernie who was no doubt an anathema to Wall Street and was not corporate-friendly.


The MSM is more interested in maintaining their billion dollar Wall Street Democrat income than in telling the truth. After all, Progressive Democrats want to get the money out of politics, most of which goes to the MSM.

Direct Democracy



So why don’t you reply to the substance of my post instead of engaging in dismissive ad hominems? If you had a valid point you’d make it, right?


No, the VIPS assessment is an assessment shared by many IT professionals. And you provide, of course, no refutation, just derision.

And also of course, Assange (who actually knows) states that Wikileaks DID NOT receive the materials from any Russian source.

Feel free to continue to play superior, while providing no substance.


Just to throw it out there, you are aware that several VIPS memo signatories have now withdrawn their concurrence from that early assessment and others oringinally disagreed with the memo altogether, right? Here’s how the Nation describes it after the editors note they added to update the article on the “leak” published by Patrick Lawrence a few months ago:

“We have also learned since publication, from longtime VIPS member Thomas Drake, that there is a dispute among VIPS members themselves about the July 24 memo. This is not the first time a VIPS report has been internally disputed, but it is the first time one has been released over the substantive objections of several VIPS members.”

The key concern was over this:

“The third-party analysis of the “Guccifer 2.0” claims (including from Adam Carter and the Forensicator) analyzed in the VIPS memo directly contradict these conclusions (while raising legitimate questions), but the VIPS memo asserts as a “slam dunk” fact the categorical conclusion of a local leak that is not supported by the third-party analysis either. There is also no evidence from the available metadata that can definitively state when the transfer or copying of the data took place, nor does the data prove that “Guccifer 2.0” had direct access to the DNC server or that the data was located on the DNC system when it was allegedly copied on July 5, 2016.

The implications of this leap-to-conclusions analysis of the VIPS memo—which centers on claiming as an unassailable and immutable fact that the DNC “hack” was committed by an insider with direct access to the DNC server, who then deliberately doctored data and documents to look like a Russian or Russia-affiliated actor was involved, and therefore no hack occurred (consequently, ipso facto, the Russians did not do it)—are contingent on a fallacy.

Data-transfer speeds across networks and the Internet measured in megabits per second (or megabytes per second) can easily achieve rates that greatly exceed the cited reference in the VIPS memo of 1,976 megabytes in 87 seconds (∼22.71 megabytes per second or ∼181.7 megabits per second), and well beyond 50 megabytes, depending on the capacity of the network and the method of access to that network. Speeds across the network vary greatly, and sustained write speeds copied out to local devices are often quite a bit slower.”

I’m not an IT person or computer whiz. But I don’t think it’s fair to disregard the disagreeing parties or those who withdrew their previous concurrence to the VIPS memo. Notably, they also note that Foresicator has also been equivocal about it’s own analysis, on which the memo is based.

Take it for what you will.

CIA Director Met Advocate of Disputed DNC Hack Theory - At Trump's Request

Care to explain what you mean by the “great American experiment”? To my mind-- with an eye on the history of the USA with its foundations firmly set in genocide of the First Nations people, enslavement of Africans and continuous interference in other nations’ affairs and wars across the globe, dropping two atomic bombs thus ushering in a nuclear nightmare, the largest stockpile of WMDs in the world, the exploitive economic system, racism–I would think we would welcome the end of this “great American experiment” that rightly should have occurred in England not on the shores of Turtle Island and all the while claiming a “Christian” ethos.


The Assange knows stuff is ridiculous. He has NO clue where something actually came from. You and I do not know exactly where any one thing came from. We do know that certain Russians who have been in touch at least to some degree (moneywise) with Putin, did work surreptitiously to elect Trump.


Horrors and empire seem to go together. Which ever nation takes over next, or multiple nations with their own dominions, bad things will happen. I’ve always felt that a democracy is usually slightly better than other forms of government. A benign dictatorship would be better, but sooner or later someone awful would come to power. A democracy has a chance to limit the extent of horror.


Hilliary was clearly NOT “the better choice” — she was the obviously somewhat lesser of two great evils foisted upon us by the utter corruption of both major parties.   The U.S.S. Constitution would have continued to slowly sink into the Sea of Oligarchy with Hilliary at the helm, whereas Tweetle-Dumb is likely to run us straight onto the rocks if not scuttle the ship by blowing up the boiler room.