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The Saddest Story of All: The Imperial Debris of War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/20/saddest-story-all-imperial-debris-war

What’s so hard to understand? We humans kill for profit, not necessarily for survival.
Plowshares anyone?


Oh Gandolf, I think that much of this nation is infected with killer-itis, even when Americans are killed. I was reading about one of the government land departments, where some awful exploding bombs are planted to kill animals which are considered pests. However, these government people have put these animal land mines on private property with no concern, and several people have been injured. I don’t know why this happens, but frequently certain government workers seem to feel that they are all powerful and above it all. Often it is the low level workers, but it is horrifying when a government not only destroys other nations and their people, but it seems that even in America---------American lives don’t seem to matter much ether. : (


The photograph is in itself a meme unveiling of the toxicity of the imperial corporate trashing cum USA / NATO/ OIL/ MINING/ GENOCIDAL/KNUCKLE DRAGGING worthy of award. I’d entitle it “Framed by the Junk of Toxic Masculinity”
Some deluded young man wearing “camouflage” MANufactured by extractive paid if not slave labor. When not in camouflage, in “fatigue(s)”. Ever wonder why a killing machine in service to lies and larceny on a grand scale must make and manipulate the mind to accept the clothing bearing the same name as the psychological condition?

The framing of the shot : innocent children, the treasure of humanity and the planet, seen under the “junk” of the aforementioned delusional semi-conscious male who has been through “boot camp” and the dehumanizing psychic breakdown machinery to render mindless the roboticized body there to kill when ordered. How did he get there? The same system, which could not exist without organized criminal fraud of an entire planet, in constant marketing - to the tune of BILLIONS from the taxes and resources utilized for what could otherwise be healthy human and planetary society. The insanity veiled by institutional alphabet fabric of Bannons, Pompeoes, Bolton and the entire cadre of monsters carved by a system THAT IS DESIGNED NOT TO FUNCTION IN A HEALTHY MANNER and having been so carved, know only one thing: how to perpetuate that insane destructive redundancy in a nightmare groundhog day. The only meaning they have in life. The entire system is a “false flag” manufacturing its tail so it can eat it.

These are 21st century monsters on the scale of human mythos. If you think that we today have nothing to learn the vast aggregate of human oral transmission from the rich breadth of human societies, so disparagingly referred to as myth, I would encourage you to think again. Each heart knows reality, but that knowledge must be consciously cultivated and it is even richer when done in community.


A remarkable book on the topic of mines created to look like toys, so they can attract children…and other similar macabre issues, was written by Gino Strada, a remarkable Italian medical doctor with Emergency, who actually lived in Afghanistan for years. The book is titled Green Parrots. It is a must read to understand better the abuse of Afghanistan, but mostly how the world runs.

Visiting Afghanistan, shocks one’s conscience, most gentle, dedicated, and hungry for knowledge students I have ever encounter. Gentle populace too. The imperial funding, in addition to other miracles that it has accomplished there, it has also lined well the pockets of so many western based private entities and consultancies. It is a big industry there.


A little over a decade ago I was fortunate to visit Laos, the most bombed country in the world. A beautiful country who’s citizenry were victim to more than two million tons of ordnance dropped illegally by US planes. I remember thinking this is the future for Iraq and Afghanistan.
Amerikan imperialist wars past and present are disgusting. The war planers care not who is killed now or will be killed in the distant future.

  • Over 20,000 people have been killed or injured by UXO in Laos since the bombing ceased

  • Estimated some 80 million unexploded bombs and air-dropped cluster munitions

  • More bombs than were dropped on Laos than on Iraq in 1991, 1998 and 2006 combined

50 years later, US bombs still kill
Secret war against Laos

Wouldn’t it be great, war torn nations who America has bombed , wouldn’t it be great if the nation who dropped all the bombs had to go back and clean them all out, if America was said to have won. Besides, if you don’t clean those bombs up, then people will be dying forever----and wars shouldn’t go on forever, even though war is what is making American corporations richer----it’ s just making the Planet a very poor and dangerous place! : (