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'The Saddest Thing Is That It Won't Be Breaking News': Concentration of CO2 Hits Record High of 416 ppm

Unfortunately true! And many like Trump are elderly and do not have long to live so are insouciant to the coming climate crisis and their thinking goes like this: " WE WILL BE GONE BEFORE LONG SO WHY SHOULD WE WORRY! ABOUT THE FUTURE GENERATIONS THEY WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT."


“rate of rise of CO2 in the atmosphere is affected more by the strength of ecosystem carbon sinks and sources than year-to-year changes in human-induced emissions,”

Mother Nature always maintains balance in all things. What goes up must come down. To battle against climate change/extinction event, we humans have to give a hand to Mother and rebuild/save the carbon sinks of the oceans, soils, forests, etc. That means the end to industrial ag, forestry, and using the oceans as a garbage dump.


Population growth also needs to be reduced to zero. Every one of us is a nail in the biosphere’s coffin, especially if we live the typical obesely consumerist North American lifestyle.
Anthropogenic mass extinction is happening right now, and will erase most life on this planet, including us.
But humans aren’t engineered to care about the future, non-human organisms, ecosystems, or public health.
We’re an amazingly smart and powerful species, but an abysmally selfish and destructive one too.


Yes. We have to start calling them out for what they are: nihilists. Some, maybe most, resent those who will outlive them, and seem to take perverse pleasure in their mindless consumption.

Remember what happened to the guy who said “Apres moi, le deluge?”


Upward atmospheric CO2 has held to steady accelleration since 1958, when the Keeling instruments were installed on Mauna Loa. When it keeps going faster and faster, it fails to shock that we find, once again, it’s faster than ever before. That’s what exponential increase looks like.

One of my very favorite sites for looking at this stuff is NOAA’s ESRL Global Monitoring Division.


That should take you to the station in Barrow, where you might be interested in taking a look at the CH4 (methane) trend. The red dots are preliminary, unconfirmed readings – but an impressive cloud of them is pulling the CH4 trend markedly upward since late 2018.


This can only happen when we transcend religion and give girls and women education and freedom to self determin.

Beliefs create behaviours .

Anything that can be made from hydrocarbons in oil can just as easily be made from carbohydrates in vegetable crops like Hemp.

You can have all the paper you need without ever cutting down another tree ever again. Just plant and use Hemp no chemicals required to.

But will we do it ,or will self interest take us down ?


Had the Extraordinary Pleasure to work with a large group of Scientists at NOAA.
Tuning their computers was a trip.

This was during the 90’s when full climate denial was being sown. Even science publications were eating their own. Usually it was because of fossil fuel funding behind the scenes. It was like JAMA denying Cancer.

The one thing that always struck me was the fact that all the computer generated models projected the same end scenario.

There was NO divergence on the modeling.
The only difference was in decimal points of acuity.

The only variables, were time to cascade effects, and effectiveness of mitigating efforts, and targeting unknown catalytic effects that could/would issue in magnitudes of new effects.

As we have seen, modeling has shown the estimates to cascading events, have not been harsh enough.

Thawing EVERYTHING has put a real accelerator in place
And Heating Oceans are way past the initial models


True.They can have no conscience or any empathy for the people like in Greta Thunberg’s generation.


A couple problems here, I think. The hundred monkeys of fate have shaken the bag of USA imperial structures into such a form that we find necrophillic maniacs filling all the chairs around the boardroom table. That’s one problem.

I always wonder how much can be gained from wondering what’s on the minds of mindless people. Once madness pries its way into that cranium, all manner of meaningless logical mayhem ensues, in limitless (ultimately boring) variation. There’s madness in the cracked crania of the Powers that Be, for sure. But there’s a lot of madness going around. Just look at the 2020 contest, so far.

(A little off-topic, on the 2020 contest: Iowa demonstrated to me that there are highly placed DNC kamikazis enlisted to destroy themselves if it will hurt Bernie. I don’t have a good feeling about their convention. They happily slit their own throats.)


Other than continuing to be a good steward of my environment, I think I’ll just wait until my CO2 detector goes off.

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Funny thing happened on the way to the farm Shan …

That’s my way of saying I’m close to finishing Maddow’s brilliant expose “Blowout”.

Long story short:

I’m going to research Bloomberg - I think he will be the next Pres.

Carney, leaving his post as Governor of the Bank of England, and before that, of my country, Canada, is now special envoy to the United Nations for Climate Change.

Bloomberg will understand Carney, and vice versa, as will Stern of Great Britain (The Stern Report - basically it’s cheaper to head climate chaos off at the pass…)

There is a lot of disinfo out there, and here on CD - why wouldn’t there be with the spooks in Russia, China and the U.S.

So we’ve got to learn to talk turkey.

The problem is not just Trump - it’s stupidity and ignorance, or if you prefer - an easily manipulated populace.

But the truth will out - it always does - because the truth is a-political.

EXAMPLE: CO2 at 416 ppmv & RISING !

I have more faith now, after Maddow - bet I surprised even myself heh ?

There is not going to be an orderly solution to the environmental and political crises afflicting us.

It is going to be downright ugly and thru the mud - which is actually fine with me - separates the wheat from the chaff you might say.

The voting half of the American electorate is unlikely to turn on a dime an elect a socialist, Warren is toast, as is Biden, Buttgieg - I think a failed experiment

That leaves Bloomberg - in my opinion.

Trump is mentally unstable - mentally ill - that is obvious.

That cannot stand.

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We found out about that over a month after it happened, and we lived about 30 miles from there here in western PA.
Imagine what else is being kept from us.

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The real numbers, especially concerning positive back loops, is absolutely frightening.
We are closer to an actual apocalypse more than most know.


The correct answer is that we need to drop fossil fuel emissions at least 90% (and 100% is fine) AND we need to restore the Arctic’s albedo so that we don’t release a potential 1.7 trillion tons of greenhouse gases that way AND we need to develop agricultural and other methods of enhanced carbon sequestration. If you only chose the first part, you only got partial credit. Sorry.

It would also help if we had mass extinction zoos to repopulate the planet later, and if we paid more attention to local humidity and temperature. Drought-resistant trees help. I have a fog pond that puts night fog onto local arid environments, improving the local carbon sequestration effort.

Typical brit humour. :))

But there won’t be any minions left to do their bidding.

Methane, CH4, is lighter per mole of molecules than air, about 78% N2 and 21% O2. A huge methane gas leak goes straight up in the air. Asphyxiation is quite unlikely.

As a matter of fact, Providence, RI had a natural gas main blowout, millions of cubic feet escaped and went pretty much straight up. No asphyxiation and fortunately no sparks to set it off.

Liquefied natural gas is a different animal entirely. The world’s first liquefied natural gas tank farm was in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1944, late in WWII, the tank farm had a small explosion and lots of LNG poured down into the sewers. That’s where it vaporized, in a rather enclosed area. Eventually a spark was found and one square mile of houses and factories exploded. 10,000 people lost their homes. Manhole covers were blasted upwards and landed several miles away. Because people ran in terror from the first smaller explosion, only perhaps 140 people died in the two kiloton blast.

I agree and the #1 kamikazi in my opinion, is Bloomberg to whom I would submit was allowed to illegally enter the debates. I think the DNC and it’s corrupt elites saw that Bernie could be threat to their corporate, Democratic choice Biden, so are using Bloomberg as a way to eliminate Bernie.


I hate like hell to say it, but if I was betting in Las Vegas on who the next POTUS will be…I would have to bet on Bloomberg.

Well, he took some green initiatives in NYC, says Wikipedia. On the other hand, Wikipedia looks like it has been diddled by political operatives to severely downplay the fact that he ran as a Republican for all three of his elections.

We have no idea where Mr. Bloomberg got all that money!! Best guess, he somehow got himself a cut every time somebody traded in the stock market, and it added up fast. We know that premium stock market players get to buy and sell a fraction of a second faster than anyone else, so they look at whether other people want to buy or sell and then they get to go first, and then the original buyer or seller learns that the market suddenly jumped away from him or her so they have to pay extra or else no sale.