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'The Saddest Thing Is That It Won't Be Breaking News': Concentration of CO2 Hits Record High of 416 ppm

They need to be better at it. I think that there is a poorer quality of trolls than what existed years ago. Why back in my day there were trolls who were really trolls…! Lol. Trolls used to know the facts that they denied admitting that they knew. Now those were a better quality trolls! Many were in the fossil fuel field and felt it awkward that ‘someone’ might find our that they were disloyal to their hefty pay checks. Now we have mostly the ‘know nuthin’ and don’t wanna know nuthin’ trolls! I guess I miss the good old days when you had to know your stuff to win the argument.

Back then we had the ‘coming ice age’ type of troll, for example. No one actually believed that nonsense but the game was in trying to see if they were CIA or industry ‘paid volunteers’ lol. Even as only a few years ago there was palpable enthusiasm for just telling the lies. The field of global warming denial was growing passé and it got harder to find arguing that better educated class of trolls then you find today. Now denying global warming has gone so mainstream in troll world that it is taken for granted at Trump rallies. No enthusiasm, ya’ know? Same old same old denial. This person at least tried that what about the volcano dodge or tried to. Sigh. I grow nostalgic for those who knew better but weren’t going to admit it type of trolls. No all you encounter are the voluntarily uninformed troll - those who don’t know and know that they don’t want to know type of troll. The ‘I don’t want to know’ troll glorifies in their not ever learning the facts. If necessary, they pretend those facts are not facts. For them - denial is its own excuse.

I responded simply because I have a problem letting incorrect facts stand. I feel compelled to present the truth almost automatically. I am the kind of person who will tell you if your fly is open or that there is a booger in your nose rather than laughing behind your back or letting you walk around like that all day. I know that powerful people do not have to lie to their subordinates but it is the other way around for those subordinates. Subordinates have to lie, kiss up, kiss ass and play the game for the boss etc. I choose facts as my high ground and they do the fighting for me.

The person who knows what is true and what is false always has the home court advantage. The truth is the truth and that is that. Lies on the other hand could be anything and everything. There are those who will, of course, say that all truth is subjective. Opinions are subjective not facts. Facts are facts that have nothing to do with opinions. That cup of coffee that burns your lips is hot. A subjective opinion? Yep. It may not be as hot as molten lava but the truth that molten lava is hot is not an opinion. We can always say that everything is subjective but we have a reference point perspective. To human lips the coffee is hot but it won’t set you aflame like will lava. Verifiable science does its best to avoid subjectivity.

Facts are my friends not my enemies like it is for trolls. Trolls know and know that they don’t want to know. I can’t be like that. I personally liked the better informed troll of yore myself (the fossil fuel geologist and what have you) but these days there has been a noticeable decline in overall ability among the current crop of trolls. You almost never find any that still don’t know the truth already. The newer trolls actually have more of a kiss up/kiss ass mentality. They know global warming exists. They aren’t really that stupid. They just want to identify with what they think their betters feel about things. The ‘I am just like the rich guy except for all that money’ person who doesn’t want to think of themself as being among the losers (as defined as not being rich or at least well off)!True believer trolls are afraid to find out that they were wrong all this time. They realize then that their fly was open or they had a booger in their nose all this time. Some people can’t handle that much reality. They work two jobs, have no benefits and no pension to retire on but nevertheless they identify with the rich and try to be what they think rich people are like. Most rich people already know about global warming as they are usually educated for the most part but they don’t care (or they want somebody else to pay to fix it just not them. Oil is still profitable!

Mostly I couldn’t sleep earlier lol and so now I felt that I had to re-answer them.


It was Louis XV who said that. He died before the 1789 French Revolution. You may be thinking that it was said by Louis XVI-----who was indeed guillotined.

Yes - I remember too, when I used to blog on Richard Black’s environmental column for the BBC World News - pretty serious stuff then - but even now - they just need to bring up talking points to give the populace at large something, anything - to cling to.

I’ve just a few minutes ago finished Rachel Maddow’s truly outstanding book “Blowout” - WoW !

She claims at the end she will never write another book like this one again - but I used to say that after a mountain trip had really trashed me - she NEEDS to write again - there are so few who have her passion and knowledge coupled with the uncanny ability to tell a story that just can’t be put down - and with human faces really made clear - like the movie we just watched last night about Stephen Hawking - “The Theory of Everything”.

Ciao Wereflea, from Calgary.


Yes, I agree with your thrust: !0 years ago it was ‘the little ice age’, ‘the warming period’, ‘it hasn’t warmed since 1998’ etc with some attempt at evidence, the good old days!
Now it’s become rhetoric- the last refuge of the scoundral or scoundrals so to speak. Witness Boris Johnson in UK and Donald Trump speech after his ‘aquital’ last week.
The problem is that rhetoric appeals, and those who use it instead of evidence know it, for long enough, and then do it again.

You should know that back in the early seventies, the idea of a coming ice age was floated by a fringe (ancient aliens ate my homework types) media story line but it went nowhere. Nevertheless, decades later, it was claimed that the story had been believed ‘by everybody’ and that proved that ‘nobody’ should believe in global warming now.

Back in the 70’s this was a story first planted by select journalists believed to be working for the CIA. When you look at global warming today, you can see just how long it has been known about global warming. If you google coming ice age stories that were back in the 70’s you get nothing. It was just another crank story that no one took seriously back then. At least they didn’t until decades later when denialists insisted that everyone had believed it. They didn’t.

When you take all the disinformation/misinformation stories then and now, they add up to … 69.3F in Antarctica today by a math that everyone can understand.

There are some who think that the fossil fuel industry wouldn’t buy a journalist or editor to hype a little believed claim like a coming ice age but scientific journals and elsewhere were already pointing out the inevitability of global warming. Moreover, people read ‘coming ice age’ but fail to consider that the phrase meant in would occur another 20,000 years in the future.

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Well CD won’t let me post a link to some facts about the Antartica hit spot.
I agree about the importance of FACTS but what are the real facts and what are the manipulated facts? If we can’t cite sources here on CD, then all we have is a lot of words and opinions and no facts and not even phony facts. None of us can figure why any of us think the way we do. Perhaps the purpose – all rhetoric/emotion and NO FACTS!

One of the thoughts that has occurred to me about all these climate facts, especially the recent ones, is that we are measuring things that have never been measured before until most recently, like the Pacific warm blob floating about, and La Nina and El Nino. Our short lifetimes are not even equivalent to a second in the earth’s lifetime, yet we think we know a lot about earth’s climate – big ? Gopherit

Gopherit ,what happens to your body when your temperature changes by a few degrees ?

So what about the planet ,is it not alive ,life itself ! .Lets call it the big self and us the little self .
It’s absurd and extraordinary arrogant that humans can keep doing to nature what we are doing and there be no consequences .
We have a conscience no , we have the ability to end life on this planet in one afternoon.
Do we not have a responsibility to keep life in balance ,being good stewards over what we have been given stewardship. To pass on to the next generation what we hold dear and wish to be sustained .

If humans do not make the adaption that life is asking us to make . Life will adapt for us ,and we may not like the outcome . It could become Hell on Earth for humans .
The mistake we make is we think (us) the little self is bigger than the big self. We are a part ,no more ,no less .
Can we not follow the Precautionary Principle as our scientists ( the finest minds on the planet ) are telling us Nay…Yelling at us to do.

We have reached conscious evolution a very important time for our species . I have read some call it our birthing moment .
As a fine metaphysician once said …” to be or not to be .”

Does the human race wish to Be ?
You just can’t continue to change the atmosphere without any consequences . It’s all connected .

It’s good to converse and discuss here at CD .
In the end All is One

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One non manipulated fact is the amount of increase of carbon that has been burned on this planet since about 1800.
In 1960, 10 GTs, 1990 or so, 20GTs and 2019, 38GTs. I.e 2% growth equals doubling every 2/3 years or so.IE exponential growth (I’m not sure if one can be more factual than mathematics).
From carbon burning comes CO2, you probably know the rest, as you do the latter. After all, these facts are freely available.

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Correction, doubling every 32 years or so

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