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The Same Old Scare Tactic About Socialism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/10/same-old-scare-tactic-about-socialism

There he goes again, conflating progressivism and socialism.


Please when describing socialism helping the people, everyone not just a few, please tells us $$$$$$$$ amounts of socialism is going to military, private contractors, list subsidies of all the corporations that us taxpayers pay. List all socialism that we taxpayers give corporations and the rich and powerful. Of course policies of repugs and dimwits have given tax breaks to these individual.

Never ever forget to mention those social programs for rich and powerful that we all pay for.


It should be easy to show the difference between greed, and need. We really cannot afford to play to individual wants, because there are too many social needs.
An example would be to google China’s engineering.They get infrastructure on steroids and we get potholes.
So where are all our tax dollars going? Unless you want to say they are going to support our socialized military, or our socialized MIC.

And what is up with this insane pissing contest with Iran. Anybody seriously hinting that Iran wants to bloody our nose so we will crush them? NO, they aren’t that stupid. But it makes me wonder if WE are.


I think there’s a generation gap here. The same old scare tactic may still work on the rapidly-aging Fox audience, but younger people aren’t buying it (thanks in large part to Bernie Sanders).


Not sure I really want Bobby Reich out front “defending” socialism on our behalf. Especially since he’s going to concern-troll it all into “enlightened capitalism”.

With friends like these…


It comes down to a simple choice, really. The socialism we have right now, which is corporate socialism: more subsidies than you can shake a stick at (Big ag, oil, Wall Street, pork for the military industrial complex, tax cuts, subsidizing outsourcing, etc.). Or the socialism we could have: the socialism for people who NEED it. Free college, Medicare for all, tax breaks for the working class, etc. Those people crying about socialism right now are the fat cats benefiting from it. Don’t fall for their crocodile tears.


If they are so worried about socialism, then they should talk about getting rid of the Trump tax bill. It’s nothing but social welfare for the wealthy and corporations.

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Actually corporate welfare is NOT socialism…it is fascism and one of the biggest components of candidate Trump’s swamp culture mantra. With the Trump family being second to none in benefiting from swamp culture for decades it is no surprise that President Trump has enhanced corporate welfare and the rest of the swamp culture at ever greater expense to the 99%.


Socialism is when wealth-addicts are forced to share some of their drug of choice with the riff-raff.


Clearly and accurately put.

Progressivism depends upon compelling evidenciary support to establish, monitor and test public policy. If the evidence indicates that social programs are the most effective and efficient ways to address society’s problems and issues, then those are the programs that true Progressives will advocate for and support. If you want the support of Progressives for any program, you must show them compelling evidence that the particular program is the best (most effective and efficient) way to address and resolve the problem that program is designed around.

Exactly, why are we not parading around with socialism banners saying NO MORE Bankruptcies due to healthcare bills, no more bankruptcies due to USURIOUS interest rates and fees. Socialism means GOOD ROADS AND BRIDGES, GOOD POLICE, GOOD EDUCATION, GOOD WATER…

You mean the scare tactic where Stalin and Mao killed 100 million of their OWN people to implement socialism?