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The Same Republicans Who Pushed For Invasive Surveillance Are Complaining About It Now


The Same Republicans Who Pushed For Invasive Surveillance Are Complaining About It Now

Elizabeth Goitein

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, is not particularly concerned by the fact that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn discussed sanctions against Russia with the Russian ambassador during the transition.


The nation is about to become a police state that even the politicians will have to fear. Midnight is approaching....the serpents egg is about to hatch.


The Same Republicans Who Pushed For Invasive Surveillance Are Complaining About It Now - Elizabeth Goitein

True. Also true is the fact that the same Democrat Party leadership, and a good deal of the mainstream media, that vilified the whistle blowing, and characterized Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, etc. as traitors, are now unquestionably supportive of the leaking of negative information about Donald Trump. They also have been showing support of the leakers. Despite their new found enlightenment there are no Democrat leaders, no mainstream media outlets, who supported zero-tolerance of whistle blowers in the past, calling for an end to zero tolerance of whistle blowers such as Snowden and Manning. No Democrat leaders, no mainstream media outlets, who vilified whistle blowers but are now favorable of anti-Trump leaks, are calling for exoneration of Snowden, Manning, etc.

More evidence of why progressives need to focus on grassroots community organizing and movement building rather than on the plutocrat friendly, war/espionage focused Democrat/Republican Party.


Liberals are sounding like conservatives, and conservatives like liberals. Elizabeth Goitein is correct, Nunes appears to have switched places and is now with those defending civil liberties, just as progressives engage in a New McCarthyism. See Daniel Lazare:



This is a very good point. I support people who try to get the truth to the American people...facts that are otherwise withheld by the govt that takes money from us each time we get paid to fund themselves by sticking it to us as they are now so smugly doing.


When the "GOP" noses are thrust up between their butt cheeks, they can't stand the stench......wow, like tough shit "snowflakes". Just can't take what you 'dish out'?


Progressives are absolutely not engaging in a "New McCartryism." Please replace the word "progressives" with "the Democrat Establishment." We Democrat Progressives do not support the neoliberals of the party because of their status quo agenda. Instead we are focusing on a deliberate proactive march toward a future America of which we can all be proud again.


He js not defending civil liberties,he is upset that the laws he helped get passed are hurting his people. He isn't going to complain about some liberal getting spied on.


It's just more doublespeak, like immigrants are bad unless the immigrant is the presidents wife or parents.


But when they have conflicting positions, maybe it is an opportunity! Maybe folk can choose. the side they support and more easily hold them to it as their plan.


Expecting consistency (or a moral sense) from a Republican politician is a losing game.