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The Sanders Campaign – From Sea to Shining Sea


The Sanders Campaign – From Sea to Shining Sea

Tom Gallagher

Really, you can’t fault Hillary Clinton’s campaign for trying to get Bernie Sanders out of the race. It’s a campaign – that’s what you do. They want to win the nomination. We on the Sanders side want it too and we’d love to see Clinton out. But we’re also campaigning to change the nation by ending the corporate stranglehold on Washington. And as more and more people come to understand what that's all about, we think we’re winning that campaign.


No matter the outcome, Bernie is a hero for helping to awaken the people to how things really are and how they could be.


The golden path to coronation day is being sanctified by the holy will, and the anointed one shall enter the palace to jubilant accolades in celebration of triumph.
I do solemnly swear or affirm that I will faithfully point the cannon at YOU!


Oh, I have been supporting the Sanders campaign for many months, well before he had the secret service people at the rallies.

"I ain't no fortunate son." Or daughter.


I would make one change in the article--and it would be to disabuse readers of this idea that the Clintons don't understand what Bernie Sanders is all about. They certainly DO understand; and while they may be shocked that he actually attracted lots of financial campaign support from everyday people, they definitely GET why this is.

Of course, playing dumb and answering questions with glib answers is one way not to demonstrate accountability for one's choices. I'm talking about the way Mrs. Clinton downplayed the hefty sums paid to her by Wall St. firms for giving talks.


Conversely, the Sanders campaign never seemed to understand the Clinton campaigns appeal to minorities, particularly African Americans and Hispanics. Since there were a lot more minorities voting than young people Sanders never had a chance of winning. Once the primaries reached South Carolina the Sanders campaign was on the way downhill and after getting clobbered on Super Tuesday and then again on the next Tuesday after all southern states except Kentucky had voted for all intent and purposes the race was over. It sad to say the Sanders campaign still doesn't get it. Instead of explanations of why they failed to reach minority voters the campaign has whined about closed primaries, voter fraud (with no evidence), super delegates, and pretty much everything except facing the truth about why they lost. Until the campaign understands that it needs more support from minority voters to win and to understand how to get that support it will never be able to successfully challenge the Democratic establishment.


Most people in this camp respond to two memes:

  1. The media's LIE that Sanders is not a viable candidate. Therefore, rather than risk a racist KKK type as President, the "choice" becomes a Clinton.
  2. The media's insistence that the Clintons were GOOD to Black citizens.

No mention is made of Sanders' actual Civil Rights' record.

Minorities are up against a wall. They think the choice is a goon like Ted Cruz, a brown shirt zealot like Trump, OR The Clintons.

That is not the same thing as "appealing to minorities."

It's how a captured corporate media SEDUCES those who don't have alternative sources of factual information into marching lockstep with the Establishment Choice.


Ah yes. But whether the Clintonistas understand what the Sanders phenomenon is about or not is almost irrelevant at this point. HRC is acting as if she has it nailed and can dismissively blow off opposition from within the Democratic Party. If only some whistleblower could grab up the transcripts of her speeches to the bankers and put them out there so mainstream news would despite their deeply embedded gulping reluctance have to ask her some questions about what's in them.

Clinton-Trump stump speeches and possible debates (it wouldn't surprise me if there weren't any and the campaign degenerated further into dueling commercials and sound bytes) could be entertaining if there wasn't so much riding on the outcome of this election like the immediate future fate and continuing survival of human civilization.


Bernie cautions us to not be fooled by top down incremental change, which is all the Hillary can come up with.
If we let them scare us into voting for her we are vindicating her and the other Republicans in Democrat clothes. They are the reason the Republicans have gotten so strong and they are the one's that will continue this rightward march.
Don't blame us when we vote for our values and not blindly be led into a vote for her. We have to stop this charade the Dems have been playing and refuse to vote for her.


"Bernie Sanders, to the consternation of critics in the Democratic Party, pundits in the corporate media, and purists on the hard left, has accomplished an amazing thing. Up against Hillary Clinton, surely the biggest, best-funded corporate-backed candidate the Democratic leadership has run since Walter Mondale lost to Ronald Reagan in 1984 over three decades ago, the once obscure independent Vermont senator has battled Clinton to almost a draw, down by only some 319 delegates with nearly 900 to go (not counting the corrupt “super delegates” chosen for their fealty to party leaders, not by primary or caucus voting.)"

"Sanders has exposed not just his opponent, Hillary Clinton, but the entire Democratic Party leadership and most of its elected officials as nothing but hired corporate tools posing as progressive advocates of the people."


Yes, very true. Finally, some one to vote for besides third party candidates, but we may have to wait until 2020, unless Bernie runs with Jill Stein. Bernie has energized so many with his campaign that anything can happen yet.


There goes that "separation of the disciplines" factoring in to separate political analysis from ecological reality.

Do you honestly think--with volcanoes popping anew each week, droughts and floods spreading, refugees pouring into Europe, and so much damage to so many of the world's children--that there IS another 4 years to "wait"?

I don't.


At this point the more Bernie stays the less respect I have left for him and I had a lot of respect.

No one is forcing him out but at some point one need to wake up and realize he lost electoral vote he lost popular vote and he lost anti democratic superdelegates vote. His chances for election win are described as miracle (to be translated from polite language) , I am past puberty to believe in miracles.



He already have supported her



"But between now and then, there are 14 primaries and caucuses, including the biggest of them all in California, and millions of voters to go. So it's on to California – and New Jersey, and Indiana, and ..." then President Bernie Sanders in the White House!


Sanders is championing a movement, not just an election campaign. The longer he stays in the race, the better chance of the movement lasting beyond the campaign. He's keeping people engaged and actively invested in the process. As many of those people don't normally vote, Sanders staying in the race gives the Democratic party an opportunity to reach out to them and gain their support. If he were to drop out now and just fall in line and endorse Clinton, those people would also drop out and they would tune out. It's up to Clinton and the party to decide if they want to take advantage of the opportunity to reach out to new voters that Sanders is giving them. Thus far, it appears that in their arrogance Clinton and the party aren't all that interested in doing anything more than Sanders giving them his email and donor lists. So, Sanders will soldier on as long as his donors want him to continue.


Trust me, someone in the GOP has the transcripts of those talks. I am morally certain that at least one individual among the money boys in the GOP was sitting in the audience when HRC gave one of ear many her a little kiss up talks to Goldman Sachs. And from the snippets of the one that we have actually been privileged to see in which she lauded their contributions to the world of finance, some of the more explicitly laudatory talks will make exceptionally good reading.

It's just a shame that we won't get to read them during the primary because the GOP would seriously prefer to run against Hillary then to have to run against Bernie. They have decades worth of dirt on her, and while her campaign claims that she has learned how to cope with their attacks, i'm willing to bet that they ain't seen nothing yet. Bernie has been a gentleman but Donald will not be.


Sorry about the few pieces of awkward sentence structure - blame the voice recognition software and the clumsy editor.


Your sentence structure got your meaning across clearly, and you're right. I notice people's syntactical lapses but I don't ever call them on It. That would be an unnecessary display of smartypantsism.

HRC only thinks she's prepared to be Trumped. If he can goad her into a shrill response, and he's good at that, her dreams of being queen will end right there. Maybe someone who hates her beyond political operational motives will kick loose with the transcripts just for being the one who did her presidential run in.

I wonder why the Green Party couldn't just decide to make Bernie their candidate without asking him. His positions aren't really all that "green" -- I wish global warming were higher on his list of priority issues -- but this election needs some more shaking up and he'll keep on doing it till the Demos need him to fall back in line.


I hope Brock is giving you $15 an hour...or is it by the post?