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The Sanders Campaign Was About "Us"—Not Bernie—Remember?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/14/sanders-campaign-was-about-us-not-bernie-remember


a jug of red Kool-aid or the jug of blue Kool-aid??..


So the motivation for progressives is to “get appreciable leverage over convention decisions?”
Crumbs amounting to meaningless window dressing designed to hoodwink progressives to vote LOTE?

I think progressives should gain leverage over the entire d-party by not voting for the d-party. Period.
The d-party is a center right organization, Norman. Go work on that constituency.

Meanwhile, I’ll look to Our Revolution Los Angeles for the best example:



In many ways these pundits for the DNC are like Donald Trump. Trump just repeats the same nonsense over and over again until the people think it must be true.

This guy doing the same thing with the “hold their feet to the fire and having leverage at the convention”.

Once they have your vote there is no leverage. You can see that at play now as the so called progressives in the party had little to no influence over the Democratic parties bills to address COVID.

Trillions are going to the Corporations and the lobbyists. Those people have leverage.


It’s time to get past this and time to reveal the truth about Sanders, he is a fraud and a liar, full stop. For those who sent their hard earned money to this movement, you were conned and robbed. For those who supported his campaign and voted for him (myself included), we were shepherded to the dem party, to kill our progressive ideas.
I appreciate the progressive topics brought into the mainstream by his campaign, but I’m pissed beyond belief that 8 years were wasted, at a time in history when we have so little time to address the monumental issues we face as a society and as a world.
The link below discuses how all of the “progressive” congressional members are compromised to the party and the corporate state. We have seen first hand with their votes during this pandemic, how true this is.

“How Bernie & Squad Actually Support Corporate State w/Chris Hedges”

The link below explains how the campaign was taking billionaire money, and hiding this fact from his supporters. The staffer, Nick Brana, has started a third party “The People’s party”. I contacted the party and explained I wanted to join but first wanted to know what their plan was to fight to destroy the corrupt voting machines used to kill off progressive candidates…I never received a response.

“Bernie Secretly Agreed To Take Billionaire Money Says Former Staffer”


Sorry Skeptic, accidentally hit your “reply” button instead of the CD “reply” button.


The single largest problem with those that suggest they are progressives is you can not be a progressive and be against something and then two months later be for the same things.

Warren and Sanders both campaigned on themselves as being a progressive voice within the Democratic party both wanting change on the behalf of the people. They now throw their support to Biden who is opposed to those things. You can not get there from here unless the here was just saying what the people wanted to hear.

Now at the end of the day this the reality of Party Politics. The members of the party rally around the leader no matter that leaders Political position but that loyalty is part of the problem. The Corporate lackies rely on that thus enabling them to ignore those voices.


It seems that nothing can be done to nueter the huge machine of the democrat elite wealthy machine who are right of center and want status quo for themselves and their wealthy donors.


For the first time in my life I actually donated money to a campaign, namely Bernie’s. I feel defrauded now. Bernie is nothing but another conman in Washington DC. I actually called him a sheepdog last time around, but fell for the fear mongering of how Trump must be removed, yada, yada, yada. I no longer care who “wins” as the rest of us will all lose. I actually believe another four years of Trump may be the best thing for the future, assuming we have one which I doubt. At least Trump will burn things to the ground faster than a neoliberal Democrat might, which would give us a chance to rebuild something better before we all go extinct. A Democrat will only kick the can further down the road until it is actually too late to change anything. We simply do not have the time to waste with the Democrats and their sweet nothings that they keep whispering in our ears. I probably despise them even more than the Republicans at this point and that is saying something.


I have to agree, I too have concluded the only choice now, is to burn the whole dam system to the ground, and start over.


I also got interested in this movement and have been poking around the website (~peoplesparty.org) and podcasts/youtube shows discussing it. There is a recent interview of Brana by Kim Iversen which I liked at ~https://youtu.be/w9f1izqMtnI . They need to get a forum started and a whole lot of other stuff done to met some of their timelines (a convention in July). Don’t expect a reply, I doubt they are staffed to that degree that they can reply to everyone, and I imagine they are getting a lot of queries lately.

If you are really interested, they have a podcast which records their once a month organizing call and you can get on the next call - see ~https://peoplesparty.org/national-calls/ (I got it as a podcast feed and have listened to a few).

Though I like the idea of a populist left right alliance (I watch a lot of Rising, though their format is starting to tire on me) if there are enough populist right voters who are against war and understand Medicare for All well enough to not be against it. I’m skeptical that is true, but I have no doubt at all that the populist right is not going to be on the same page as the current people’s party platform on immigration. Brana says he wants to reach out to disaffected Republican voters, but I don’t see that coming through anywhere on the website and without that effort, they will just pull a few votes from the Greens and fizzle out.

Getting leverage on the Democratic party is not an easy problem.


There is something like 6.9-8.0% of American individuals and families who are millionaires. Or, in rare instances, mega-millionaires and billionaires. Lets face it, that is quite a strong base of economic, and in this current atmosphere in America, muscular and raw political power. That’s the reality on the ground in the 2020 Democratic primary and upcoming ( possibly ) Federal general election. The courts have made this situation what it is.
It’s probably a very good thing that Sen. Sanders had some billionaires and millionaires giving to his campaign. It shows not all wealthy, and extremely wealthy families ( Bloomberg was a different story ), are in political alignment on domestic and foreign policy matters. If they were,; well, socialists, greens, progressives and left-leaning populists, et al, would really find themselves in dire straits right now.
I don’t like that Sen. Sanders, if it’s true, took billionaire bucks without full disclosure. But, I thought suspending his campaign was a disastrous political blunder, too. Even given these once in a lifetime ( my lifetime, anyway ), off the charts, circumstances.
Your valid concerns about corrupted voting machines, like many election problems, is one that really starts on a local and regional level. The Feds may fund the purchase of these machines, but they don’t maintain and service them, under normal ( new normal? ) circumstances.
As the old activist veterans say, the battle is over but the wars go on.

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If what you say about their staffing levels, and inability to respond to every correspondence is true, I understand that, but without some type of plan to fight the use of the machines moving forward, the rest is just “window dressing” by a outside party. I hope this organization addresses this issue in the near future, lord knows we need a 3rd, I mean 2nd party.
I agree with you about “disaffected Republican voters”, seems to me there that’s a rare animal indeed. IMHO they would have much more success targeting disaffected independents, now that’s a huge pool of voters.
Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

“It’s probably a very good thing that Sanders had some billionaires and millionaires giving to his campaign.”

In small amounts I agree, but as Brana points out that wasn’t the case, and they didn’t need it. The campaign was doing very well financially without betraying their small donor supporters.

I did a quick search of voting machines site:peoplesparty.org and see:

~https://peoplesparty.org/event/election-security-rigging-forum-w-tim-canova/ (it would be nice if they’d record these events - at least audio and put them up on the same page after the event happens)

~https://peoplesparty.org/defend-and-uphold-democracy/ (click SECURE AND TRANSPARENT ELECTIONS)

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Thanks for that, as soon as I have time, I’ll check out these links.

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There is something faintly ridiculous about these exhortations.


Yes, the Sanders campaign was about “us” and not him. That is why Bernie should have stayed an active candidate and fought all the way to the convention, prepared to bolt the party and take his supporters and their money with him. The millions who gave money to Bernie did so because they were totally fed-up with the establishment party and wanted to overthrow it’s “leadership” and start over with real progressives who would not be influenced by, or take money from wealthy, or corporate interests. Bernie has tried to play an inside game, hoping to work within the system to reform it. That strategy has not and will not work. Power never yields without a fight to the death. Pelosi, Steny, Chucky and company will never give up their gravy train. It must be ripped out from under them. I’m afraid Bernie was not the one to do that. It clearly is not in the nature of this good and decent man to be that way. It’s going to take a real bastard who doesn’t care about being hated by the haves to do it. Hopefully, such a person will emerge in the near future with enough strength of character to take them on, but I couldn’t name them right now.


strong textBINGO! I saw through the DNC con in 2016, so knew Bernie was just being used again by the DNC in 2020, which I posted on CD many times, and guess who is next? That’s right…AOC!.


…or openly contemptuous…