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The Sanders Campaign Was About "Us"—Not Bernie—Remember?

It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible.

the hangup is the time frame people are willing to operate in.

to keep it as simple as possible: you have to be willing to trash an election for your party in order to maintain control over it. the GOP figured this out in 1992 and then really exercised that muscle with Romney.

As long as Democratic voters continue to leave themselves open to the high level of fear appeals, it’s hard to do the thing you must to bring your party, as HRC might say, “to heel”.

If you can beat the "Most Important Election Ever! ™ trick, you’re half way home.


More “perspective” BS from the sheepdog’s biggest cheerleader – hey, Norm, how about demanding something of the DNC, the corporate media, and political careerist criminals like Perez, Schumer, Pelosi, Hoyer, Manchin, Feinstein, et al.? Sell your pathetic, whining sales pitch to DNC-AIPAC operatives like two of my local Congressional sell-outs: Mike Thompson and Jared Huffman. It IS about “us,” not about voting for another career criminal and corporate fascist like Joe Biden! Bernie made a huge strategic error coming out for Joe Blow instead of forging a counter to the DNC for the duration of the campaign, and beyond. Bernie should be demanding even more now that’s he’s abdicated, unless his was just an act – I’ve seen no indication that he made any inroads into the corporate-managed obstinacy and betrayals of the Demogogues. I’ve voting Green or Peace & Freedom this November, as I have for 44 years.


Yes, Norman, it was and is about US. Sanders forgot that and apparently you did as well.

Many of US continue and will continue supporting the Revolution.

You and Sanders can return to the fold and continue your support for the neoliberal take-over of the government and the country.

US is not interested.


I have decided it is not about us… or the US… it is about me. My vote is about me.

And by that I mean if a party does not listen to my voice, disregards my input, and fails to acknowledge that I have a value in this country, they can go to hell. I do not think my voice alone is being ignored, but as one of many I am not going to pretend I feel represented by a party. I will vote for a Disney princess character before I will vote for corporate first parties.

I think we are being blinded to vote against our own best interests by parties who care nothing about us… just “blue no matter who” or whatever the other party(ies) might say.

I am sick of this shit. I am not going to play the game any more.

Edit to add: I now reply to everyone of the 100 emails I get everyday asking for money with the above response. Do they read it? Who cares. It is not about them. It is for me.


To add…

I am tired of a party that instead of standing up with bold ideas and DEMANDS that they be heard, asks only for table scraps…

It should be “I will settle for nothing less than these demands!”

Instead it is “Master, if you please, can I have that little bit of table scraps you are about to throw away?”

And master says “No, feed those to the dogs… they are too good for you.”

I spent a bit of time away to think. Not as easy now as you would think, when posting here and elsewhere was a daily ritual, and time has little meaning in a stay at home world.

But I realized I had always looked out for what was best for others, not just above myself, but also above those other-others who also had needs. As much as I preached about looking out for all of humanity, I realized I had sold out that idea hoping for a little progress for a few at a time. It seems the need is fractured into “You can have one thing, but don’t ask for more” when in reality they are from the same source, and always have been inter-related. They are a branch of the same root of a parasitic species.

To follow that analogy, we are just weeds in their yard.

I am changing the analogy I will be a part of. Hell, it all has to be a story… Time to start writing it and stop living the one we are told to be. Even with the best of intentions, this is less than useful. It maintains the status quo… of gradual shifts back and forth around a center that is defined for us.

This isn’t a “law of nature” type thing, like gravity or physics in general. It is what we choose to accept as being our reality. And there is no one answer for all.

That is part of the ruse, that we all need a common theme or method of rebellion. We don’t, it just has to be “All in their own way” and “Don’t step on each others toes” as a method.

Don’t look for a savior or a cause. Be your own!


If the Democrats have any sesne they would risk a real and sincere human-being (Bernie) against Trump. And that Sanders expose Trump as the (very) Empty Sociopath he is! Bernie’s usually too nice for this, but he knows that the futur of the world is at stake!
The electorate seem to want a bit of a bad guy, but not at the moment, I amsure
YOU MUST ALL TALK TO WOULD-BE REPUBLICAN VOTERS, make an effort to go out of your comfort zones and show them what the Trump is! No good in talking to like-minds, or people who would never vote for him…

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Apparently in the end the “Us’” that sanders was referring too was his establishment friends in Washington. As for we the people? We were just tools to him, as to all politicians. Sorry Bernie but if there is a progressive movement left in this country it will be without you, as it should have been all along.

Bernie was elected mayor of Burlington, Vermont, in 1981, and was reelected 3 times (1981-1989). He was elected to the US House in 1991, and served there until 2007, when he began serving in the US Senate and where he remains today.

Not including the 2 years, 1989-91, that’s 37 years of elected public service.

It’s been said that I would walk through a brick wall for Bernie Sanders, and I guess I’d give it my best shot.

Discredit all you want, but Bernie’s got an enviable track record, imo, of advocating and public policies for youth, the poor and lower and middle income citizens, minorities, for health care for all, for justice, for peace, that I admire, and am inspired to work toward with the best of my abilities to accomplish his and our mission.
Norman repeats what Bernie says to all: “Not me. Us.”


The Virus may be able to do a few things in that direction. Its already shown (via the 5th “care” package) that the Democrat wealthy elite don’t care, and that Biden and his campaign are clueless.


I think many many people feel the same way. And if Biden gets in, things get worse, the can gets kicked, the time gets wasted, those people will be even more pissed and will be even more apt to fall for some populist hate-monger fascist 4 years from now - and the odds are rather good whoever it is will be smarter than Trump.


The Justice Democrats line up to bend at the knee and serve Biden and the DNC, happily being co-opted into the task-forces…not tasked with actual change but simply to contemplate change.

Well worth a read

Supporting the People’s Party is fine, but please remember that getting their candidates on this November’s ballot will be almost impossible. Waiting two or four years for the People’s Party to get up to speed is foolish when progressives can help to elect one of their own this year. That one is Lisa Savage, who is running on the Green Party ticket for the Senate seat now occupied by Republican Susan Collins in Maine. Maine uses ranked choice voting, so a third party candidate doesn’t have to deal with the “wasted vote” issue that usually drains their support.

Commenters here often complain about their experiences with their local Green Party, but please remember that you’re not electing your local Greens, or even the Maine Greens, to the Senate - you’re supporting Lisa Savage. Read her bio, and you’ll certainly conclude that she is a sincere progressive who deserves your support. A Green Party win in Maine would be a huge breakthrough for all third parties, whether they are Greens, People’s, or something else. You can support a Green Party candidate in Maine and the People’s Party elsewhere - they are not mutually exclusive. Getting a progressive third party candidate into the US Senate is much more important than which progressive third party nominated the candidate.

Lisa’s campaign needs volunteers and money. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste!

Website: ~www.LisaforMaine.org


From the article:

“If the total number of Sanders delegates goes over the 25 percent threshold required by party rules—a goal that’s within reach—progressives will get appreciable leverage over convention decisions.”

Remember that the DNC changed the debate rules to admit Bloomberg and to exclude Tulsi. Remember that the DP establishment is re-allocating Bernie’s delegates to keep their number under 25%. If Bernie gets more than 25%, they’ll raise the minimum to 30%.

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There are tactics to win battles and strategies to win wars. We all know the dilemma. Do we struggle to win a stronger progressive base in the DP even if that is divisive, or do we cede strategy to win a battle…beating Trump.

Solomon’s first priority is to move the progressive agenda even if his actions negatively effect ridding us of Trump.

People should vote their best interests in primaries. Sadly, they usually vote their fears rather than their hopes and are shaped more by TV punditry than facts. Had Sanders not suspended his campaign the tide would have swung his way given the realities of the pandemic and the obvious weakness of Biden, Sanders sadly again demonstrated that he wasn’t serious about winning. Is he even bothering to have people make calls or to run commercials?

Having influence with the DNC or helping to shape a “platform” that always disappears the day after elections are delusional goals. Yes, the struggle has always been about us, not Bernie. He did us the great favor of forming “Our Revolution” people’s pac and we must us it to elect progressives where we can. We must also work to defeat Trump and then to push hard for progress on vital issues from the streets to congressional offices and internet after the selection. Biden is a doddering demented corporate stooge but Dems will be more pushable on issues than Trump and empowered fascist repugs. We also need a bloc of elected progressives as the basis for a break away progressive Peoples Party post election.

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Bern me once, shame on you. I was initially hesitant to support him again but I did, seeing no other choice. Twice Berned now.

There’s something vey miserable, cold and calculated going on within the Dimocratic Party Leadership and the various unions who are activists in this coalition, called progressive.
The best example of this currently is the fight among the unions regarding using the COBRA v. expanding Medicare in the next legislation proposed, called the HEROES bill. It really does explain the fissures being created within the party. The path forward for the Democrats, if there is one, lies in settling the dissonance found in large disconnect. Exacerbated by Pelosi’s bunch and their inability ( unwillingness ) to stand up to the Corporations
A CD writer called it ( referencing a Politico article ) a mashup of very bizarre alliances. Worth the deep dive into this fractured mess called the Democratic Party. I’‘d recommend reading and analyzing this particular COBRA v. Expanding Medicare fight as responsible COVID-19 legislation develops.
Just sayin’.

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Democrats won’t be “pushable” at all if we keep electing DP establishment types to Congress. That’s why the Senate race in Maine is so important. Ranked choice voting gives the Green Party candidate, Lisa Savage, a real chance of winning - but only if progressives nationwide will support her.

Website: ~www.LisaforMaine.org

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We progressives will never have what Cicero’s definition said: “that Democracy is participation in political power” until we realize the dems. con game! I support what Bernie says, but to me, even if Bernie means right, as long as Bernie stays in the corrupt Democratic, Party, he will always be used as shill to con progressives, to tell them what they want to hear.


Yes, way, way,way past time. Bernie tells progressives what they want to hear, but it is mostly empty, specious, rhetoric. I posted the same thing after I supported Bernie financially in 2016 when I said Bernie sold me and many other progressives out. I even said Bernie was a fraud and I wanted my financial contributions returned to me. Thank goodness Bernie was seen as a con by me in 2020, saved me a lot of $$$$$!

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