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The Sanders Corporate Tax Reform Plan


The Sanders Corporate Tax Reform Plan

Dave Johnson

In the recent post, “How The Clinton and Sanders Infrastructure Plans Measure Up,” I mistakenly wrote that candidate Bernie Sanders does not yet have a corporate tax proposal:


All well and good but what happens if any of the three "T" agreements get passed. They gut everything!

Corporate thugs will not allow this to happen which means what?


I don't fear for the actual backlash of such a plan, but more so the perceived threat that will be exploited for political gain of the trickle down folks who worship the "creators". Bernie is the best presidential candidate that I have seen in my lifetime. How can this informative article be presented to the general public? This is what needs to be solved, but I am not sure how to accomplish this given that one needs to search for this type of information instead of it being presented to the public on corporate TV. I spread the news to those who are willing to listen. I know it's not enough though, and hope that this nation doesn't pass up the opportunity to have a great leader once more.


You don't have to be a born again Christian to recognize that sometimes Biblical Scripture gets it right. And so to this idea that one cannot serve two masters... it answers Mr. Johnson's "Let's see" question.

Mrs. Clinton cannot serve both the Wall St corporate overlords, assorted industry behemoths & banksters, AND that elusive, "We, The People."


To get this (Bernie's plan) we will need a full scale political revolution because the Regressives & Corpratists in Congress will never vote for any of this. This is why I'm working as diligently as I can for Bernie every day.


Well, guess you haven't seen too many Pres. candidates, have you?


Well, well - now you don't even have to go to Sander's official website to see his platform - CD will serve it up to you, over and over - does CD report this as a "donation in kind" to his campaign?


Thank you for seeing corporate media for what it is. Corporate economists is another good description for war criminal creeps pushing infinite growth on our little blue dot.


At some point, there's gonna be a showdown.

Or, as AndoArike keeps pointing out, we continue to devolve into Corporate NeoFeudalism.


Astonishing, in a way, to think back and recall that the corporatist rollback of FDR's New Deal actually got that huge boost under JFK. Kind of forgotten under the mythology, thanks for the reminder.

(Not that i actually "recall" it, i was an infant when JFK's tax rollback was passed...)


"I spread the news to those who are willing to listen."

That's hugely important work.


i take 'em at their word when they say they are 100% reader funded. Maybe i'm naive.


Loopholes aren't always created as loopholes for the big corporations. But what happens is that other things occur and then the corporations twist them to their advantage, find tricks to make them work for them and over time they work the system.

It's like having a mowed yard. You have to keep cutting the grass because lawns keep growing. So loopholes need to be looked at again and again and again.


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I do not doubt they are "reader funded" ....


But Sanders has called himself a "progressive", as has, i do believe, Clinton - there are as many definitions of "progressive" as there are "socialist" (smile) - some folks are "progressive Dems" some are "Dem progressives" - the question is, of course, in either case, which is more important to them - the "Dem" or the "progressive" part - Having been here a number of years, it seems rather clear to me it is the former - given a choice between a "prog" Dem and a real prog, the site, and a good many, if not most, commenters pick the former, no matter who it is - which was the basis for my original comment ... I think there should be honesty about that, silly me ...

Pointing out the hypocrisy of condemning the "duopoly" while pushing one of its representatives is fair game, it seems to me ...


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Absolutely true that any media organ can (and will) advocate for, herd the sheep towards, or shamelessly promote, any damned position the ownership pleases. I applaud CD for giving us anything and everything Bernie. As flawed as anyone posting here, Sanders is saying things about issues none of the other absolutely corrupt candidates would touch with a ten foot pole if he hadn't injected them into the debate.

A local perennial crank like myself contacted me several years ago to tell me how outraged he was that the local paper was so completely GOP partisan and ultra-conservative. And I reminded him that it was their newspaper and they could print any damned nonsense that suited their whims.


The biggest New Deal rollback in the income tax category was 1986 "tax reform" that totally eliminated or effectively eliminated scores of tax deductions previously available to the 99% while adding more tax advantages for the 1% and corporations.

Three decades later Democrats continue to tout 1986 "tax reform" as bipartisan, as Obama reminds us that "tax reform in the spirit of 1986" is one of his highest second term priorities, along with TPP, TTIP and TISA.