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The Sanders Endorsement and the Political Revolution


The Sanders Endorsement and the Political Revolution

Robert Borosage

Even as Bernie Sanders was endorsing Hillary Clinton Tuesday in New Hampshire, expressions of dismay and outrage from his supporters flooded social media. Naturally, Donald Trump piled on, tweeting that Bernie Sanders “has totally sold out to corrupt Hillary Clinton,” and that his supporters are “not happy that he is selling out.”


Politicians talk a good game. We love to hear what we want to hear.
Let us see bold action! …or any action.


There is a good summary on this topic by Kshama Sawant at counterpunch titled “Bernie abandons the revolution.”


Sorry, but I have been listening to this “vote for the lessor evil this time” argument every four years for over forty years. It has never worked in the past and it won’t work this time. The author does a disservice to the young people by promoting it. If you want real progressive change vote for real progressives - Jill Stein not Hillary.


What a bunch of horse manure. Hillary will not interfere with Wall Street shenanigans, she’ll not impede the military industrial complex and she will not face up to the immediate challenge of climate change. Let the oligarchy rein or vote Green.


“Those gathering under #selloutsanders are, of course, a small minority of activists. Polls show that 85 percent of Sanders voters are ready to support Hillary Clinton.”

Just exactly where do they get those numbers? But when your leader is a proven liar nothing can be trusted and only a fool believes what is said.


Here are some interesting links for your reading pleasure. A bit of pre-election history that might seem relevant at this time:
From 2014—

from above link— “There were more than 200 state legislators in attendance. The inaugural meeting of the State Innovation Exchange (SiX), featured addresses by Senior Administration officials, members of Congress and prominent progressive leaders including Sen. Bernie Sanders, Howard Dean, Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, activist Saru Jayaraman and former White House s Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Van Jones.”

This, an early cynical, yet insightful, critical analysis of the proposed SiX:

link that includes information about the SiX 2015 agenda preceding this election cycle:


“A Clinton presidency will be a reform presidency”

The writer is clearly delusional.


And this is why CAF needs to get shut down. Gems like this:

“The next step in building that movement is defeating Donald Trump and electing Hillary Clinton as president.”

It takes a special kind of cad to parade around as a 'scholar" and then offer up this nugget of portfolio self-preservation. Any grad student in the social sciences knows full well that Borosage’s advice kills movements; it doesn’t advance them. And that is what he (and the rest of his ilk at CAF) are doing here. No different than the courtiers at the Heritage Foundation.

This is everything wrong with upscale, yuppie liberalism in one article. Privilege masquerading as friendship. Selfishness disguised as sage counsel. This is what Democratic money has done to “independents”.

His poll numbers, also, are self-serving: as is everything CAF and its henchmen do. 85%?! No credible poll has anything close to that number. I suspect it’s a tidbit handed out by the DNC. Most place the percentage of Sanders’ “surrenderistas” at between 40-55%. They’re scared that Sanders people might, in fact, actually have minds of their own–something they’re clearly not used to.

For those of you new to this dance, this is the most dangerous part of the rebellion: Where the Borosage’s of the world pretend friendship and persuade you to hang up your “fightin’ spurs” in order to give the system “another chance to work”. This brother doesn’t get paid if you reject his advice. He only gets paid if he can help get you to vote Democratic.

Surprise these imperial liberal clowns! Do the unexpected. Save your movement and your lives by not falling for this shtick any more. Support the Greens this cycle. Make them a player. Maybe then Borosage and his ilk will start taking paychecks from ordinary folks to work for them, instead of the Clintons and Pelosis of the world.


Face it folks, it’s going to be Trump or Clinton, Jill Stein does not stand a chance in hell of winning. Clinton will not select far right wing nuts to the supreme court. The next president will probably be in the position to select 2 or more supreme court justices. We don’t need any more Antonin Scalias. Trump for sure would stack the court with right wingers. Obama, for all his faults, did not appoint right wingers to the court. We’re always voting for the lesser evil, even if a Green had a chance of winning. Sorry, this isn’t Europe in which the Green Party does have substantial clout. I was/am for Sanders, voted for Sanders but he didn’t win. However, if you feel so inclined vote Jill Stein who is courting Bernie, by the way, or don’t vote.


I am disappointed that Sanders endorsed Clinton, but I do not feel that he is a lackey or sheepdog as some have stated when posting here on Common Dreams. Sanders has been a champion of common people all his life, and perhaps he feels he can effect change better by working within the Democratic establishment.
Outside of some of us who have heard Sanders speaking on Fridays on the Thom Hartmann program or follow politics very closely, most people had never heard of Sanders until he announced he was seeking the Democratic nomination. If he had run outside one of the two major political parties, very few people would have paid any attention to him since the mainstream media give little, if any, coverage to third party candidates.
In 2012 I cast my ballot for Stein and will do so again this autumn. Still, I have high regard for Sanders and thank him for bringing many vital issue to the attention of the American people.


More Hillary B.S.
So if Trump is president
“We will spend the next four years fighting against reaction – austerity budgets, massive increases in defense spending, attacks on choice, civil rights, environmental protection. They’ll seek to repeal Obamacare, financial reform and President Obama’s climate initiatives”.
Maybe I missed something but aren’t those the same things we are fighting for under Obama? It really galls me that everyone assumes Obama has been great on these issues. On choice and Obama care he is all in. On the rest he’s terrible. We have more bombings, a kill list, spying gone wild, financial reform weakened, and climate he’s been terrible. Clinton will be worse. Who needs Republican’s when we have Democrats willing to the same things and expecting a pass. I’m not buying it and I don’t blame Bernie, I just won’t go there. I’m voting Green, there’s no question what they are about.


Exactly the kind of sheep dogging tripe I expected from Borosage.


Is Bernie intentionally or unintentionally building the Green Party?


Absolute nonsense. Clinton is the most dangerous presidential candidate since Goldwater. As far as I can tell, she’s a sociopathic, pathological liar and perhaps borderline psychotic. Throughout her career everything she has touched has turned to shit, from healthcare reform to supporting her husband’s welfare, prison and finance “reforms” to Iraq, Honduras, Libya and Syria. Name something else she has supported and there’s a good chance she screwed it up. On foreign policy alone she makes Trump look like a pacifist. Stein, Trump, Johnson, Clinton is my order of preference.


This is a quote from a song by Jackson Browne that clearly relates to today even though it’s older. It’s worth finding: “Lives in the Balance”
“A government lies to it’s people and the country is drifting to war” “They sell us our presidents the same way, they sell us our clothes and our cars. They sell us everything from youth to religion and sometimes they sell us our wars”. “I wanna know who the men in the shadows are, I want to hear somebody asking them why
they can be counted on to tell us who our enemies are but they’re never the one’s to fight and to die”.It gives me chills it is so spot on.


My wife handed me an ultimatum a while back that if voting for Hillary ever becomes an issue, I must vote for Trump. So these days I find myself campaigning for the 3rd party pair over the major party pair. How convenient it is that Hillary gets the privilege of a novelty opponent who’s capable of diluting her very serious failings.

In effect, the Sanders endorsement of Clinton legitimizes a vote for Trump, because he’s really saying it’s perfectly reasonable to overlook a candidate’s flaws when the goal is to defeat pure evil - it works both ways. Forget that whole story, vote Stein or Johnson. Either of them at least has their priorities straight.


Polls show that 85 percent of Sanders voters are ready to support Hillary Clinton…

How sad if true. Vote your conscience.


In a Guardian poll of Sanders supporters Jill Stein got the majority of votes.


Sorry Borosage, but I don’t see why I should be more interested in defeating Trump than the DNC. Although some polls have showed Clinton losing to Trump, and all polls showed Sanders doing better against Trump than Clinton, the DNC insisted on advancing the weaker candidate and attacking the stronger one.

So why should my top priority be defeating the bigot to elect the war monger?

No, I think I’ll bypass that stinking swamp entirely and vote for the Good Doctor.

Stein 2016!