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The Sanders Movement Is Only Just Beginning


The Sanders Movement Is Only Just Beginning

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Here they come. While the media focuses on the spectacle of Donald Trump’s implosion, what Jane Sanders calls the “next chapter” of the Sanders political revolution is already beginning.


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Pay attention Katrina, the real "Our Revolution" has moved to the Green Party.


And if Trump drops out, as is now a distinct possibility? Will we see Katrina and Bernie encourage voters
to support Jill? So much turns on this question...


The next chapter in the Sanders political "revolution" is a desperate, pathetic attempt by Sanders and company to convince his followers that he didn't sell out, when it is so painfully obvious that he did. I like the man and am grateful that he did bring some progressive issues to the table, but this obvious attempt to shill for Clinton and the Democratic party and label it as progressive is fraudulent. To call it a revolution is shameful. Clinton and her current pursuit of neoliberal champions and money is already making a mockery of it all.


Katrina is a long-time, consistent, very mild progressive Democrat. Really, I don't see how she gets off writing about the "Sanders Movement" as an insider after she did virtually nothing in support of Bernie's primary campaign. Now that Bernie has capitulated to HillRod, Katrina is suddenly a staunch supporter of his "Movement." The fact is, Katrina is one of the Wicked Witch's flying monkeys, and her only purpose in writing this article is to keep progressives from leaving the Dems altogether. Overthrowing the entrenched corporate Dems is the real REVOLUTION, not this phoney "Sanders Movement" the DNC is trying to create.


Like so many she doesn't get it! We are not playing by the same rules any longer. Corporate lobbyists that make all the laws(especially after they push through TPP), also control the militarized police forcs and media; dissent will not be tolerated!
As far as the American people staging a revolution- they're down for it until 'oh look a puppy'!
By capitulating at the precipice of the upheaval of the established order (and the DNC is the quintisential representation of established order), Sanders did more to deflate any revolutionary spirit in America than he did to progress it! A whole generation made cynical about any prospect of change in their lifetime, which unfortunately is the Era of devastating climate change upheaval!
To think that small electoral victories will upset the established order is non-sense. Yeah maybe it would have made a difference in the 1960s or 70s, but it didn't (Tom Hayden, John Lewis, Jesse Jackson ,Jerry Brown and other 'liberal' politicians endorsing Clinton is testament to that) and so how even more unlikely is it now with the corporate grip on power all the more entrenched! Does anybody even remember the near revolutionary times from which their political carreers were birthed! I had the naive hope that Bernie was a representation of the old guard come to revive that revolutionary spirit which once prevailed in the American citizenry! But alas I think that Eugene Debbs is rolling in his grave, who in fact did continue the fight even from his prison cell and all the way to his grave. But hey Bernies got a book coming out in November(when he had time to write a book is beyond me) and then we can all read about the 'Little Revolution that Could Have Been'.
The Sanders campaign gave people the courage to directly confront power and suddenly poof, gone- hell, turns out the pope is more revolutionary than Bernie Sanders! Probably because he lived in a military junta, similar to the one being created in the U.S. now! And I'm not referring to Donald 'straw-man' Trump being elected, which he won't it's not the plan!!!
For good or for ill, people look to a leader, it WAS Bernies moment to lead and he walked away! And I'm not sure why, I doubt it was only because of the Trump phenomenon?


Any Berniecrat, to be endorsed by Bernie Sanders, will have to support other Democratic Party candidates, like Hillary Clinton. Don't be fooled again.Berniecrats will all sell out in the end.


" Revolutions don't come from inside corrupt political systems."

Yes, and even though I said this a long time ago, I was hoping that I was wrong because Bernie had a track record for honesty and integrity. Boy! Was I wrong!

If nothing else, Bernie proved your quote for all time. Dr. Jill Stein has my support and I will never support any candidate again for POTUS, that is part of the corrupt, oligarchies, duopoly!


Even before Sanders got into this Democrats in the House were becoming more progressive just as the Republicans were getting more conservative. This seems to be the result of demographic changes as people prefer to move to areas where people with like political views live and also extreme gerrymandering. Because senators represent entire states this trend does not seem to be occurring in the Senate.


Well, the Long Island aging debutante and Junior League club is in a tizzy! The princesses of privilege are shocked, I tell you shocked, at developments! President Obama and Hillary gave the Bernie person a good talking to at the White House and promised to pretend they were other than what they were and the Bernie person promised to endorse and campaign for our Princess of Privilege all grown up to become the Queen of Mean, Hillary.

Then all the little Berniebots would bring their votes to her majesty, the historic Democratic nominee for president, and that would be that. Well, Obama, Hillary, and even the Bernie person did their parts and now those sniveling Berniebots are looking to the Libertarians and Green Party and some have even committed the political blasphemy (oh shudder!) of supporting the dreadful Donald rather than our serene (and historic!) royal highness Queen Hillary.

Over truffles and pate foi gras and supplemented by a generous helping of extra-stiff Mimosas, the ladies of privilege have decided that Katrina will reprise that wonderful old Carpenters song, "We've only just Begun" and pretend that none of this is happening. Bring out the rainbow colored unicorns and let's see a chukar of polo.


Trump 2016!


Would Corbyn have gotten anywhere outside of the Labour Party?

Building a new effective organization from scratch is an enormous amount of work. Better to infiltrate and transform an existing organization.


I don't think Bernie will encourage people to vote for Jill, though he should if he is serious about revolution. I believe he gave establishment Democrats a real scare with his movement, which was a serious threat to their power. To counter that threat, they have pressured, coerced and pandered to him behind the scenes into believing that they will work with him to accomplish their goals and he will have real power within the system. They won't, and he won't, and they will continue to perpetuate the sellout system that benefits most of them, especially the more powerful members, who have almost without exception become very rich, at the people's expense. It is impossible to fight such widespread greed from within a culture that makes selling out the norm, and excuses it with a thousand reasons why it is good for the country. Bernie has around 30 years invested in this system, and I can see how he feels that he can best be effective there, but it's a shame. I feel he is being deceived, and is also being self deceiving, probably with the aid of people close to him in his campaign, who may have been planted there for that purpose. He has let real power slip away. By all reports, he is a stubborn man who listens to no one after he has made up his mind, so I don't believe he is even paying attention to his supporters now that he is on his new track. So sad for Bernie, and us, that he never realized that he could quickly change the system. Screw "pragmatism" and "incremental." Real change never happens that way. Back Jill Stein. She is trying and could succeed if people don't give up to apathy again.


Very well said!


All this proves is the Democratic Party has cut the heart out of the Sanders Movement and now is attempting to take it over and castrate it.


Why have any organizations at all. Organizations through their inevitable hierarchies are all coruptable.


It is not possible to work within the corporate and military owned Democratic party. The DNC stole the election from Bernie Sanders and he failed to call their hand. I will support and vote Green from this point.


I hope you are correct and Bernie supporters are not snookered into "going along to get along".


"Our Revolution". More Orwellian double think. Bernie surrenders to the corruption of the DNC political machine. Bernie loudly endorse a corrupt establishment candidate that his constituency mostly despises and he proclaims that she now supports his agenda, even though her stripes do not change as she selects a right winger as her VP. Then Bernie announces that his "movement" will henceforth be called "Our Revolution".

#1. There is no "movement", Bernie. There is a large group of people who are hurting and want to get out from under the debt peonage of student loans. You got them fired up and then tried to sell them on more business-as-usual. #2 "Revolution" means to overturn the status quo, not cave in to it. You have caved big time, Bernie. And you Katrina vanden Heuvel endorse this type of craven behavior and try to justify it by saying it is politically effective. But guess what? Things are going to have to get much worse before any real revolutionary potential develops. And I have no doubt there will be some difficult days ahead, and I hope a real leader emerges. You are not that leader, Bernie.