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The Saudi Royals — Unchained


The Saudi Royals — Unchained

Joe Lauria

Saudi Arabia’s relations with the United Nations have hit rock bottom after a series of incidents that has left a humbled Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon furious with Riyadh, two U.N. officials close to the U.N. chief have told me.

The relationship matters because only the United Nations has the reputation of neutrality necessary to forge a power-sharing deal that can finally end the conflict in Yemen.


The House of Saud keeps buying U.S. weapons and munitions by the ship load. Paranoid religious fanatics are so predictable, now days. Anyone foolish enough to think the relations between the MIC and The House of Saud is somehow on the ropes is dreaming ( our nightmares, notwithstanding ). They have way more way money than righteousness in their cause, too ( same as our partners-in-crime, the Israelis, too ). Too, too bad the U.N. is as captured as our own gov’t by The Oily Boys. " See something Say something ": to whom, exactly? " Ain’t nobody here but us chickens, ain’t nobody here at all. "


When Hitler’s aggression galvanized a true coalition to thwart the Third Reich’s dark, imperial ambitions, it worked.

Unfortunately, the U.S. military and its NATO allies acted AS the aggressors in the Middle East. A very dangerous precedent was set in showing that Power need not account to the U.N or the Rule of Law.

No wonder that Israel follows by using inordinate muscle against the Palestinian State, and now its new ally Saudi Arabia does likewise to an impoverished people incapable of actually fighting back.

The U.S. under what MANY conceive as a False Flag trigger let loose on Iraq, unapologetically sends drones to murder civilians in Afghanistan, and plays a role in the destabilization of Libya, Syria, Yemen, and other Middle Eastern nations bludgeoned by those who operate on the atavistic premise that Might alone, makes right.

Millions of people around the world oppose the ways of militarism. This dis-ease, like a Cancer has crept into too many places and like a gigantic octopus, uses its tentacles to hold otherwise just nations, hostage.


The Saudis could not do any of this without the blessing of the US Government , a Government which is helping to enforce the blockade and which is refueling Saudi aircraft in the air when they make those airstrikes. It is also a government which is continously providing the bombs that are being dropped.

When it comes to the UN and countries that thumb their noses at it , Israel is another that treats the organization with disdain and Israel is also supported in its ventures by the USA.

This article is crap. Ban Ki-moon is under the thumb of the US Government and is their man. The Saudis would stop their bombing in an instant if the US stopped providing those refuelers, the data of where to bomb and who to bomb and all those munitions yet there no admonishment of the same. He plays at being furious at the Saudis so as to deflect attention from the warmongers that sit in power in the US Government.

This very much the same thing that happens in Africa when Western Countries complain of its corrupt governments even as they are responsible for putting those governments in power while sponsoring coups of those that might not be so “corrupt”. It is how Colonialism works in the modern world and Ban Ki-moon is a part of it.


This is one of the worst articulated pieces I’ve seen in recent memory. It’s hard to even take a stance pro or con toward this because it seems more a screed against Ban Ki-Moon than an analytical argument. Why not develop the aspects related to effective policy or ethical stance more. This doesn’t appear to reveal a great depth of understanding.


I found this article to be informative, but unfortunately the US media is virtually ignoring the ongoing slaughter in Yemen. Ban Ki Moon appears to be a well-intentioned man in an impossible situation, and of course he has been continuously undermined by the USG. As many others have observed, Saudi Arabia is battling hard against the only viable opponents of Al Queda in Yemen, and has been very active in providing support to ISIS.


Yes, the Saudi Royal family, including their cousins the bin Laden family (business partners of the Bushes, lest we forget), are the magically invisible elephant in the room. It’s not just the US and Israel that conspire, it’s the third part of the global triumvirate of “evil” in the middle east - the Saudi Royals


Saudi Arabia has one of the most evil and corrupt regimes in the world! And Amerika needs to bring that deceitful, faithless, nihlistic and sybarite government, regime change. Oh wait! That will not ever happen until we have regime change here in the good old U.S.A.