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The Saudis’ Hurt Feelings


The Saudis’ Hurt Feelings

Jonathan Marshall

The biggest news about President Barack Obama’s summit this week with Gulf leaders has been who’s not coming. Pundits and critics alike have described Saudi King Salman’s no-show as a diplomatic slap in the face at the Obama administration.

Various commentators speculated that the king was displeased with President Obama’s negotiations to curb Iran’s nuclear capabilities, his failures to intervene decisively in Syria, and his call for domestic reforms in the Arab world. Somehow — left unexplained — those concerns did not stop Salman from greeting Obama warmly in January.


A note to all amerikan citizens, don’t forget to send President Slick Oily, your congressional representative and both of your senators a Saudi and Israeli lapel flag pins, and don’t forget to remind them that both Israel and Saudi Arabia expect them to wear their flags above the amerikan flag, especially when in public! Just the way John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Robert Menendez and Slick Oily do! Be proud of your triple citizenship, you rats asses!


How about we quit selling them guns and turn the guns on them? They are worse human rights violators than a lot of countries we consider enemies (of course those countries don’t have half the oil in the World). Seriously, this country is governed by a cruel, Mafia-like crime family dictatorship posing as “Royalty”. They don’t allow free speech; open, real elections; equal rights for women - or really any rights for women, except to be chattel slaves for the men in their families; and you have to be Muslim if you permanently live there, or you could be executed for Blasphemy. I mean, why do we bow down to these savages? Oh, yeah, they can turn off the oil spigot on us and collapse our economy. How do we get out of this mess?