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The Savage Sickos Among Us


The Savage Sickos Among Us

Amidst the last week's searing drama, heroes have arisen: the extraordinary Parkland kids with their eloquent fury, their parents, fellow-advocates for sanity. The ghouls have crawled out too: Wingnut cynics; a Grifter-In-Chief who needed a cheat sheet to feign empathy, blamed mentally ill "sickos" and urged we arm "gun adept" teachers to keep the blood flowing; and a soulless NRA now feverishly blaming the media, which "loves mass shootings."


Anybody want to hazard a guess as to whose handwriting that is?


Someone needs to explain to these half-wits that kids go to _SCHOOL, not armed camps. There is no need to arm teachers or have armed guards stationed. It’s a School not a military installation. Besides that, the Clantons are dead, as is Jack McCall–Wild Bill Hickock’s assassin–and Frank Miller and the Man With No Name are fictional characters. I’m sorry Trump, Pence La Pierre et al., were all born 150 years too late. That’s neither our fault nor our problem.


Thank You Abby for the photo of djt at his desk. I have posted it to the front page of my site.


Never mind. Spouse told me I might get in trouble with the extended family for posting what I did.:scream_cat::smirk_cat:


A terrible sickness has engulfed the State of Florida. And yes, it’s the worship of bloody money.


Not our fault as you say, but yeah, it is kinda our problem.


The state of FLORIDA?? No, a sickness of PATHOLOGICAL GREED of the people running this country for MANY DECADES is the real problem. They knew how to get endless money, and devised the BIGGEST SCAM EVER, and started getting that money back in the 70’s. https://whatifitoldyouthis.blogspot.com/2018/02/privatization-biggest-scam-web-of-lies.html


GO ABBY! lol Yes. Yes! “Grifter-In-chief!” Or grifter-and-thief. Morality will win the day. We the Poor People, say: “Forward!” “Not one step back!” (quoting from The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival) We be Jahmin’!


By repealing that law HE is the one responsible for the killing of those 17 children! This retarded phuque doesn’t need to be impeached, he needs to be charged with murder and GUILLOTINED for those 17 deaths!


Seeing Trump’s notes - reminding him to say “I hear you” among other reminders - reminds me of the time George HW Bush was giving a speech, and accidentally read into the microphone directly from his reminders: “Message: I care.”

Just as Trump needs his reminder because in fact he does not hear what anyone says (unless they are congratulating him or stroking his ego), so GHWB needed his reminder because in fact he did not care.

Authentic people do not require such reminders to act human. Only the inhuman need them.


To clue U N, you’re right. B specific.
Study FBI ignoring warnings question.
Did it happen that way or the opposite?
Did Florida misinform the FBI on the warnings?
Can’t rule that question out.


Abby i have begged you repeatedly to get over your tromp fixation, and i again ask you to really try. also if you cannot stop writing about him. for the love of Goddess, please do not put his picture in your stories!


You tell it like it is Abby.
The pervasive social psychosis remains invisible in plain sight.
Be brave folks - tell it like it is.


Yes, the state of FL with stand your ground, but yes the pathological greed and scamming that left this nation in tatters after the recession of 2008 and before was all part of it. These pschos are demonstrating their psychosis more and more- their disease that does not stop.


Love the faux outrage, Abby.

Where was your anger when a deranged lunatic shot up a Republican politician playing softball? Or how about the illegal alien who killed an innocent girl in California? Do you get this outraged about the every weekend killing of blacks by blacks in Chicago and demand that the mayor actually do something? Or is this just another convenient horse to whip on your journey into a gun-free paradise?

I have a feeling that if a maniac shot the president, vice-president, and some Republican cabinet members, you would sit in your office and silently cheer. I think you are a four star hypocrite.


Florida? Try “the whole damn country”! If anything, it’s those brave Floridian high school kids who are showing us the way, what can be accomplished if only we want to. I’d say that it is Florida’s youth who have finally injected a note of sanity into this gawd-awful conversation.