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The Savings and Stability of Public Banking


The Savings and Stability of Public Banking

Ralph Nader

As a society obsessed by money, we pay a gigantic price for not educating high school and college students about money and banking. The ways of the giant global banks – both commercial and investment operations – are as mysterious as they are damaging to the people. Big banks use the Federal Reserve to maximize their influence and profits.


Great to see--at long last--recognition for Ellen Brown's call-from-the-wilderness work.

Should California adopt public banking, many, many other states will soon follow.


Yes we just have to overcome the derogatory billions of dollars spent by big banks and corporate overlapping boards to kill these initiatives. They did it in Oregon five/six years ago. Again this year as a bill to raise taxes on corporations and they are out in force telling the public that it would be a sales tax on products and services. They will stop at nothing to kill these kind of bills. Corporations not paying taxes is killing us slowly.

Have you read "Occupy Money creating an economy where everybody wins by Margaret Kennedy. It really up ends the the corrupt interest/compound interest schemes that transfer wealth to a few. Of course, I believe first step would be state banks.


Ralph Nader is brilliant as always. Here in Oregon I'm frustrated we can't get a state bank, or state single-payer health insurance either, but the prospect of California or Washington doing it first is exciting. Maybe Oregon would then join, or copy. I wonder if state banks would be better separately within each state, or if they would be better combined, like a California, Oregon, and Washington combined Pacific region bank.